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The drugs have become in the today` s world one of the worst vicious that affects to adults, youngsters, and even some children. Now that we have an advanced technology, and the communications are in every single house, we can see that unscrupulous people raise, process, distributes or sells without any control drugs.


This was chosen because it is a topic of present time that not only interests to young but to all the people in general


1st.-To explain what are THE DRUGS.

2nd. - To get a fully understanding that the consumption of drugs brings very bad consequences.

3rd.- Whit this presentation contribute to stop its consumption.


1: It drugs, substance with effects on the central nervous system (psychotropic) that believes addiction, taquifilaxia and squares of abstinence (sees you Toxic mania).

2: The term has lost its old meanings of chemical substance (drugstore), of fármaco (chemical substance with therapeutic activity) and of psychotropic (substance with pharmacological activity in the central nervous system).

3: The psychotropic effects of the drugs are complex and diverse, variables according to the environmental stimuli. They can be classified in euforizantes and exciting (cocaine, amphetamines, alcohol in their first phase, nicotine in their second phase), relajantes, sedative and depressors (opiate -heroine, morphine -, benzodiacepinas -ansiolíticos, muscular and hypnotic relajantes -, alcohol in their second phase, nicotine in their first phase, barbiturates, Cannabis -marihuana -, inhalants), and hallucinogens (LSD, peyote, phencyclidine).

4: Addiction is the imperious necessity to consume drug regularly (to not be able to moderate the consumption or to suppress it). She/he comes determined by psychic and physical phenomenon.

5: Taquifilaxia is the necessity to consume dose bigger every time to get the same effects. They present it many fármacos because the organism power their mechanisms of degradation of the substance, but to the drugs a phenomenon is added of ' tolerance ' psychological.

6: The squares of abstinence are always psychological and, in the case of some drugs, they are also physical syndromes that can be mortal (sees you Alcoholism). They can be controlled with symptomatic therapeutic measures or substitutive (less noxious substances, of similar effects that retire progressively).


The reasons that induce to the taking of drugs are complex and varied. They highlight among them the desire to find relief to frustrating social situations, you win of crossing for new experiences and the intent of modifying the personality.

The main damage that takes place with the consumption of drugs is that they get lost the spiritual and moral values. With the time, the tendency exists to go obtaining and proving drugs that are every time but you activate. , but but harmful.

They affect the physical and mental health of people notably making that they don't care losing the affection, respect and their relatives' affection, friends and of the society that surrounds them. When they don't have the economic means that it allows them to buy the drugs, they can arrive to the robbery ending up carrying out assaults inclusive to any person in any place. The drugs create adiction or dependence and not being able to obtain them can end up being fatal in some cases if they are not treated on time

If the consumption is constant, with the time it can leave losing the notion of the things, and it can end up affecting the part síquica of people gravely being been able to present the schizophrenia.

Certain drugs that can end up producing alterations cromosomicas exist and that they bring accidental consequences in the descendant.

Considering all dangers and damages that she/he brings gets the consumption of drugs, one can notice clearly that it should be avoided to all coast the use and consumption of the same ones. . Better alternatives should be looked for that motivate to maintain the soul and the healthy and clean body, achieving with this that, let us feel well with ourselves and that people that surround us feel same.


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