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Adolescents who marry

Some adolescents feel an impulse towards another person which takes to him to marry her, I mean for example a boy of 21 years old and a girl of 15 years can be married legally with the support of their parents, although that this seen very well by most of the actual society.

Although the love follows without having borders but for that reason it doesn´t let have problems that the situation entails (like the money necessary to be able to live).

How long time ago someone said, if you want something really bad it´s going to be hard to get it , but if you really want it , go for it.


A single idea to favour I can say is that you have to do what you heard say you throught the fealings.


The economic difficulties, the social treatment and the difficulty to obtain employment.

Enviado por:Luis Manuel López
Idioma: inglés
País: España

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