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1 She isn't very clever. You are ____________than her.

2 He isn't very tall. You're _______________than_______________.

3 She isn't very old. You're _____________than______________.

4 I don't work very hard. You work _____________than_______________.

5 He doesn't smoke very much. You smoke _____________than__________.

6 I'm not a very good cook. You cook ____________than______________.

7 We don't know many people. You know _______________than______________.

8 They haven't got much money. You've got _____________than_____________.

9 I can't run very fast. You can run ____________than_______________.

10 I didn't get up very early. You got up ___________than____________.

Final del formulario


1 George has travelled a lot. He _________________speak many languages.

2 I can hear you quite well. You _________________not shout.

3 I'm not sure where I go for my holidays but I _____________go to Italy.

4 She __________________ride her bike at night without lights. It's forbidden.

5 She _____________not eat so much chocolate because it's bad for her figure.

6 I __________________understand him.

7 It's later than I thought. I ____________________go now.

8 You __________________a better trainer if you want to become good.

9 Talk to Ann about your problems. I'm sure she _________________help you.

10 You ___________________not hoover the carpets, Carol has already done it.

11 You ____________________be tired because you have worked very hard.

12 He _____________________come to my party because he is ill.

13 He ____________________go to the dentist when he has toothache.

PASSIVE VOICE (take the personal pronoun to start the sentence)

1 He has lent her the umbrella.
2 He gave me a good advice.
3 Dad promised us some money.
4 She hasn't sold him the jewels.
5 They'll give him a reward.
6 He told me the whole story.
7 They have sent her the bill.
8 She'll show us the way.
9 He has paid her a lot of money.
10 She doesn't give them any pocket money.
11 Peter wrote it down correctly.
12 A noise kept him awake.


  • If he doesn't work harder, he'll lose his job.

  • I didn't go out yesterday because it was very cold.

  • Anthony was dirty because he had fallen in the mud.

  • Anthony is dirty because he has fallen in the mud.

  • I can't telephone Susan because I haven't got her number.

  • I don't do that because I'm not in your place.

  • I can't go out because I failed my English exam.

  • If Mary doesn't help me; I won't pass the exam

  • People carelessly throw rubbish away, so the nearby forest is a mess.

  • My friend is not at the party because she had an accident yesterday.

  • He was late because he missed the first train.

  • Tom gets such good marks because he studies hard.

  • Unless you pay him regularly, he will not work for you.

  • I can't type this letter because I haven't got a typewriter.

  • He makes so many mistakes because he doesn't work more slowly.


  • “I took a lot of English classes”, Janet said.

  • “Susan and Jack liked the movie”, Terry told me.

  • “I have finished my composition”, Alana said.

  • “I can't go with you to the theatre”, Barry told her.

  • “I'll talk to you on Saturday”, she said.

  • “It may rain tomorrow”, Kate told me.

  • “I must save my money for my trip to California” he told me.

  • “We are busy”, they said.

  • She said, “I woke up early this morning”

  • “I will ring you tomorrow” he told us.

  • “We have just arrived”, they said.

  • “I didn't say that”, she said.

  • “I won't tell anyone”, she said.

  • “I'm cleaning the dishes”, my mum said.

  • “I didn't sell the chickens last week” Terry told me.

  • “I've done my best to help you” Sandy told him.

  • “I will study very hard tonight” he said.

  • “I am going to the cinema with my girlfriend” he said.

  • “You have bought yourself a lovely new dress!” he told her.

  • “They are waiting outside.” My mum told us.


    - “We'll arrive at the next stop in five minutes”, the conductor said.

    The conductor said…

    - Betty said she couldn't remember her aunt's telephone number.

    “I ……

    - Mr Green is repairing the car.

    The car…

    - My mother said, “I enjoyed myself very much in my youth”.

    My mother said…

    - Remember to post this letter.

    Don't ….

    - Steve started learning the violin a month ago.

    Steve has…

    - The last time Nancy came here was in 1986.

    Nancy hasn't…

    - “You can't park here”, the police officer told Jack.

    The police officer…

    - It is believed that he has got divorced twice.


    - It is said that Miss Green has ten cats in her flat.

    Miss Green is …

    - I would like you to be here!

    I wish…

    - What a pity we didn't see the match.

    I wish…

    - The milkman brings the milk to my door but the postman leaves the letters in the hall.

    The milk…

    - Alan is said to have stolen a lot of money.

    It is

    - Although he tried really hard, he didn't get it.

    In spite

    - I met a beautiful girl this morning. She asked me to give you this letter.

    A beautiful girl

    - “Don't take more than two of these pills at once”, said the doctor.

    The doctor told…

    - Jack's car had broken down. He had to take a bus.


    - The pie was so salty that I couldn't eat it.

    It was….

    - Without Jack's help, I wouldn't have been able to move the table.


    - Serials bore me.

    I find

    - Someone must clean this mess before the teacher arrives.

    This mess

    - You may have problems at the frontier, so take this letter with you.

    Take this letter with you, in

    - They have already repaired the car.


    -She prefers to go for a walk this afternoon.

    She would


    1. I'm sorry I haven't got a washing machine.

    2. I'm sorry I don't live near my work.

    3. I'm sorry our garden doesn't get any sun.

    4. I'm sorry I called him a liar.

    5. I'm sorry I don't know Finnish.

    6. I'm sorry I didn't book a seat.

    7. I'm sorry I haven't got a car.

    8. I'm sorry I can't drive.

    9. I'd like Tom to drive more slowly (but I haven't any great hopes of this).

    10. I'd like you to keep quiet. (You're making so much noise that I cant think.)

    11. I'm sorry we accepted the invitation.

    12. I'm sorry that theatre tickets cost so much.

    13. It's a pity that shops here shut on Saturday afternoon.

    14. It's a pity he didn't work harder during the term.

    15. I'm sorry you didn't see it.

    16. It's a pity you are going tonight.

    17. It's a pity I haven't got a work permit.

    18. I would like it to stop raining (but I'm not very hopeful).

    19. I'd like you to wait for me (even though you are ready to start now).

    20. I'm sorry I didn't bring a map.

    21. I'm sorry I ever came to this country.

    22. I'm sorry I left my last job.

    23. I'm sorry I didn't stay in my last job.

    24. I'd like him to cut his hair (but I don't suppose he will).

    25. I'd like him to stop smoking in bed (but I haven't any great hopes).

    26. I'm sorry he goes to bed so late.

    27. Motorist in fog: It's a pity we don't know where we are.

    28. It's a pity we haven't a torch.

    29. I'm sorry I didn't know you were coming.

    30. I'm sorry you told Jack.

    31. I'm sorry I didn't ask the fishmonger to open these oysters.

    32. I'm sorry I can't swim.

    33. I'm sorry you aren't coming with us.

    34. I'm sorry you aren't going to a job where you could use your English.

    35. It's a pity you didn't ask him how to get there.

    36. I would like every country to stop killing whales (but have no real hope of this).

    1.Children's meals are free if they are under five.

    Children under five ..............

    2. There is plenty to choose from the menu.

    There is plenty of ..................

    3.We have special seats for very young children.

    There ................

    4. There is a new menu daily.

    Every .........

    5. Hot and cold dishes are included on the menu.

    The menu ...........

    6. Family tables can be reserved.

    You ................

    7.A new sports centre was opened by the mayor last week.

    The president .................

    8. There are two separate swimming pools in Liverpool Arena

    Liverpool Arena ......................

    9.The main pool is just for adults.

    Only adults .................

    10. Entry is free if you are under 18.

    You .......................

    11. Golf equipment can be hired at any time.

    You ................

    12. Swimming is very good for your health.

    Swimming keeps .......................

    13. Air travel can be delayed by fog.

    Fog ..............

    14. Air travel is faster than any other kind of transport.

    Air travel is the ............

    15. You usually have to wait a long time at the airport.

    There are usually ................

    16. Plane tickets are also quite expensive.

    You have to pay ......................

    17. Cheaper tickets are available from some travel agents.

    Some travel agents .................

    18. If you are a student you can always get special reduced prices.

    Unless you are a student ......................

    19. Over 30000 cars are stolen every year.

    Thieves ..............

    20. If possible, a car should be kept in a garage at night.

    If possible you .............

    21. Always take the car keys with you when you park the car.

    Don't ................

    1. Some stolen cars are driven by young people just for fun.

    Young people ........................

    2. This behaviour is considered to be criminal.

    People .............

    3. There is a great danger in driving too fast.

    Driving too fast is ..................

    4. Courses are organized by Grettons Holidays.

    Grettons Holidays .....................

    5. Students must be at least sixteen years old.

    Students have ..............

    6. Each course lasts two weeks.

    Each course is ............

    7. Every tenth student goes free.

    There is no charge ...................

    8. All students visit museums and galleries.

    There are visits ....................

    9. Food and transport are included in the price.

    The price ...................

    10. You don't have to pay for secondary education in Spain.

    Secondary education ...............

    11. Children cannot start school until they are five years old.

    Children are ...................

    12. The number of children in a primary school is usually quite small.

    A primary school ..................

    13. Secondary schools are much bigger than primary schools.

    Primary schools ..................

    14. Most secondary schools are for boys and girls.

    Nearly ..................

    15. The system has both private and state schools.

    There .......................

    16. It was the hottest summer they had ever had.

    They had ....................

    17. Weather conditions influence most people's lives.

    Most people's lives ............

    18. Sunny weather can always be depended on in southern countries.

    People can always .......................

    19. There's usually plenty of sunshine in southern countries.

    It s usually ....................

    20. In countries like Britain the weather changes all the time.

    In countries like Britain the weather is very ..................

    21. Some visitors to Britain find the weather very depressing.

    Some visitors to Britain get ............................

    1. They will not improve if you don't tell them to work harder.

    1.- Unless ...

    2. Mary hasn't done the work I asked her to do.

    2.- The work ...

    3. I regret that I didn't stay longer in London.

    3.- I wish ...

    4. First Sam read information about the country he wanted to visit. Then he booked his flight.

    4.- After ...

    5. The builder insisted that he had completed the renovations the day before.

    5.- “The renovations...”

    6. Drinking alcohol while you drive is prohibited by law.

    6.- (modal) You ...

    7. Perhaps I will go to the cinema.

    7.- (modal) I ...

    8. It´s a pity we didn't spend our last holiday in the country.

    8.- (modal) We …

    9. I haven't got enough time to see you today.

    9.- (busy)

    10. I haven't got the time. I haven't got the patience to speak to her today. I am too busy.

    10.- (neither … nor)

    11."Answer the question,” the judge ordered the witness.

    11.- The judge ...

    12. “Let's postpone the trip to next week”, Mike said.

    12.- Mike ...

    13. Her employer pays her the minimum wage.


    14. People believe that apples are good for health.

    14.- Apples

    15. I started studying at 5 o'clock. It is now 7 o'clock and I am still studying.

    15.- (for)

    16. I am sure I told you the news.

    16.- (modal )

    17. I was given a brochure about Africa by the travel agent.

    18. My sister didn't complete the computer training course so she couldn't find a job.

    18.- If …

    19. Anna might travel to Hungary. She would enjoy the trip.

    19.- If …

    20. You are always bothering me. I am trying to study.

    20.- I wish……

    21. Although he lacks training, he is a very talented musician.

    21.- Despite …

    22. Our car is not working very well. We had just finished paying for it.

    22.- (relative)

    23. The town is small and quiet. My grandmother was born there.

    23.- (relative)

    24. The party will be in my flat. It isn't very big.

    24.- (relative)

    25. We arrived late at he wedding. The ceremony began before we arrived.

    25.- By the time ...

    ð They are serving Mary's car today.

    Mary's car is being served today.

    ð I haven't been to a Mexican restaurant for ages.

    It's ages since I went to a Mexican restaurant.

    ð This is my first visit to Wales.

    This is the first time I've been to Wales.

    ð How long have Alice and Bob been married ?

    When did Alice and Bob get married ?

    ð We put up a notice about the trip on the notice board yesterday.

    A notice about the trip was put up on the notice board yesterday.

    ð If I were you, Sam, I wouldn't take the job !

    Tom advised Sam not to take the job.

    ð I lent you a book. It was written by a friend of mine.

    The book I lent you was written by a friend of mine.

    10.You are not allowed to park here.

    Parking is not allowed here.

    ð Is it necessary for me to bring my passport ?

    Do I have to bring my passport ?

    ð You needn't come with me if you don't want to.

    You don't have to come with me if you don't want to.

    ð How much does this umbrella cost ?

    Could you tell me how much this umbrella cost.

    ð It was difficult but she managed to swim across the river.

    It was difficult but she was able to swim across the river.

    ð Finding the way to the old mansion wasn't easy for us.

    We found it difficult to find the way to the old mansion .


    ð Adams began playing the piano ten years ago

    Adam has been playing the piano for ten years.

    Adam played the piano for ten years.

    ð Jennifer regretted her foolish behaviour.

    Jenniufer wished she hadn't behavied in such a foolish way.

    ð It would be wise for us to take our raincoats.

    We'd better take our raincoats.

    ð We took more clothes than we needed on holiday last summer.

    We needn't have taken so many clothes for holiday/ last summer.

    ð You cannot go into that restaurant without a jacket and tie.

    Unless you are wearing/ wear a jacket and tie, you won't be able to go into that restaurant.

    ð I'm sure that Liz hasn't met Harry before.

    Liz can't have met Harry before.

    ð Two new suits are being made for him.

    He is having two new suits made.

    ð In spite of all our efforts, we failed.

    Although we made an effort, we failed.

    ð I would like you to put these chairs away.

    Do you mind putting these chairs away ?


    ð In prison they fed us on dry bread. Most of it was mouldy.

    In prison they fed us on dry bread most which was mouldy.

    ð Romeo and Juliet were two lovers. Their parents hated each other.

    Romeo and Juliet were two lovers whose parents hated each other.

    ð I was waiting for a man. He didn't turn up.

    The man I was waiting for dind't turn up.


    Without using the verbs say, tell, ask.

    ð « I'll definetly take you the park on Sunday, children », Tom said.

    Tom promised to take the children to the park on Sunday.

    Tom promised the children that he would take them to the park on Sunday.

    ð « Let's go out to the pub for lunch, shall we ? », my uncle said.

    My uncle suggested going out to the pub for lunch.

    My uncle suggested we went / we should go to the pub for lunch.

    ð « It's not true ! I have never been arrested » Tim said.

    Tim denied ever having been arrested.


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