Listening Evaluation

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Neck ready fashioned them agree put

Dolores: What should I ____________ for tonight's pop concert?

Grace: Well, let's _____________ a _____________ at your closet. Oh, my! _____________ at this! You

Have ___________ many clothes to _______________...

Dolores: Yes, I do, but I'm ___________________many of ________________ are old- ________________.

Nelly: I'm sorry to say __________, but I ________________ With Dolores. Mmm... why don't you try

______________ _________________ and this ___________________?

Leo: The material in the __________________ is not very _________________, I'm _______________.

Grace: Yes, but if you _____________ a _________________ around your _______________, it will cover

It up and will __________________ just _________________!

Nelly: And why don't you _________________ a hat too?

Leo: I guess with our _______________________ , you're all set.

Dolores: Thank you, ________________. Now, I'm __________________ to hit the __________________


Listening Evaluation

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With good teach playing bet them beach little life me everything time sure here

Joseph: _______________ on! Let's practice the ________________ for tonight's __________________

Andrew: ____________ you going to play the ___________________?

Joseph: Of ___________________! The girls always __________________ me to play my ______________

San Juan.

Andrew: That's because you're _________________ at _____________________ it

Joseph: And they _________________ it when I __________________ _______________ how to dance

Tango... So, let's take the ____________________, the tango ___________________, some rock

Classics... a ____________________ of __________________________.

Andrew: let's _______________ some latin American flavor into this ______________________.

Joseph: I _____________ it's going to be the best ________________ ___________________ ever.

Alice: I'm ____________________ the _________________ of my ____________________!

Joseph: It's _______________________ to be ____________________!

Andrew: Will you dance __________________ ______________?

Helen: __________________. I'll be ___________________ to.

Have a nice time!

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