Listening Evaluation

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Beautiful country weekend

Mrs. Hobart: This is your ____________________ Amparo. Do you ____________ _______?

Amanda: Oh! It's ___________________! And the _______________ is excellent!

Mrs. Hobart: Let's get to ________________ each _______________ better. What time do you__________________ _____________ _________?

Amanda: Well it __________________. From Monday through Friday, I _____________ __________

at six, But on ___________________, I ________________ ________ ______ at 9:00. Is that ____________ _______________ with you?

Mrs. Hobart: That's perfect. We have ___________________ at 7:00, and then you can go to __________

Amanda: Mrs Hobart, don't ___________________ that I come _____________ from ____________

At 2:00 and eat lunch _______________.

Mrs. Hobart: O.K. You can ___________ your ____________________ then, and eat dinner with ______

At 6:00 p.m.

Amanda: At six? Wow! In my ________________ we ___________________ eat dinner at 8:00 p.m.

Have a nice time

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