Análisis de texto en Inglés # English text analysing




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'Análisis de texto en Inglés # English text analysing'

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Not all serious driving problems are caused by accidents. One lady will never forget the time she thought that she wasn't going to survive.

She was in her car late at night, stuck in a traffic jam when suddenly the radio announced that the jam had been caused by an accident further along the road. Outside the rain was as heavy as she'd ever seen it. It was a terrible storm with thunder and lightning.

After a while the water began to rise; first just a few centimetres and then quickly up to the car door. The woman thought it wouldn't keep rising, but if she opened the car door the water might start to come in. so, she sat in the traffic jam and waited. There was still no movement. The water continued to rise and there was nothing she could do.

She put the window down and looked out, immediately feeling scared. The water was already half a metre deep. She wouldn't be able to open the door now even if she had wanted to do. Gradually, the water reached the open window. She pressed the button to put it up.

Nothing worked! The water was starting to flow into the car! The terrified lady decided there was only one thing to do - get out!

She climbed onto the roof of the car, thinking ´What will happen if nobody comes to rescue me? It wouldn't have been such a problem if I'd learnt to swim when I was young! ´

Then suddenly the rain stopped. Twenty minutes later the water level started to go down. ´We're going to be all right! ´ somebody shouted from another car. Nobody was hurt although many cars were damaged. It was an experience the woman would never forget.

  • Why was the car not moving?

  • Why couldn't she open her car door?

  • When did she start to get scared?

  • What did she do to escape from the rising water?

  • What happened to the cars and the people in the end?

    • (3 point)

              • (3 point)

      a. Hundred of football fans watch the European cup every year.

      - The European cup______________________________________

      b. The weather didn't affect the film shoot.

      - The film shoot_________________________________________

      c. If I work hard, I'll (be able to / can) pass my exams.

      d. By the time. I go to Rick's house. He_________(finish) surfing the net.

      e. Jane looked terrified. She looked as if she____________(just/see) a ghost.(verb tenses)

      f. In the summer Barcelona is cooler than Madrid.

      - In the summer Madrid_________________________________

      g. Madonna is richer than Janet Jackson.

      - Janet Jackson isn't ____________________________________

      h. Daniel lives in the centre __ Paris. He lives__the top floor of an appartament not far__a park.

      i. At the weekends, I love going for a walk(under/through) the woods near my house.

      j. He put the suitcase (under/down) to kiss his girlfriend goodbye.

      k. If I (have/had) a ticket, I'd go to the concert.

      l. (will/would) you let me use your computer if I'm careful with it?

    • Have you ever been to a foreign country? Which one?

    • How environmentally-friendly are you?

      • (3 point)

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