The great Gatsby; Francis Scott Fitzgerald


Title: The Great Gatsby.

Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Main characters:

  • Nick Caraway: he is a young man that moves to the east coast to get rich quick. He moves into a small house, he works in the bonds business; his neighbor is Jay Gatsby.

  • Jay Gatsby: an extravagant man that was a poor man and made his way to the top by hard work, but also, illegal bootlegging. The money that he had acquired meant nothing to him though, unless he could share it with a woman named Daisy Fay Buchanan, who was his lover.


In this classic American novel you can find four different settings: East Egg, West Egg, the Valley of Ashes, and New York where the story takes place; in the east egg it's where Nick lives, the west egg was a lower class area, New York meant the money and the business.


This novel goes around a mysterious man that's called Jay Gatsby, who once was poor but whit his hard work he could grew up into the society. This man used to make huge parties at his mansion in east egg hoping to see the love of his life, a woman called Daisy Fay Buchanan who was his lover in the past, but that relationship couldn't last because Jay was poor and her family was rich. The problem now was that daisy is married with Tom Buchanan.

When Nick arrives to the east egg he became a friend of the Buchanan's marriage and also in one of his big parties a friend of J. Gatsby, who uses him to get closer to daisy so they can be together again.

Besides that Gatsby was planning some illegal business for Nick with out his approbation and with out he knows about it; but J could not do was he had planned because he died.


This story it's based on the will of follow a dream, something that you really want to be true, this novel teach us that we must do all that we can to make our dreams come true because if we don't make them come true no one will do it for us.

The book wasn't just about following dreams but also about loyalty and to be honest to your friends. Other topic that was treated in this novel was the social prejudices and the importance that we give to the money instead of giving it to the things that are really have value.

Personal opinion:

I think this is a story that can really teach us something to live better our life because it tells us that you must work hard in what you really want and fight for what you really believe in; but it isn't the only one lesson that we can take from The Great Gatsby, we can also say that this teach us that loyalty it's important and that in the life you can not trust everybody.

In conclusion I would say that this is a wonderful book that can be useful to our life, with out forgetting that this is a great classic in the American literature.

The Great Gatsby

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