(School's Name) English Partial Test

(Teacher' Name) Second Midterm

Total points: __________________ Points Obtained: ______

Percentage: ________________ Percentage %: _________

Level: _________ Score:

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Name: ____________________________________________________

Date: _____________________________________________________

Part I. Listening. (4 points)

  • Listen to the paragraph. Write next to each action, the name or names that correspond. (4 points)

  • 1. Watching T.V _______________ 2. Rollerblading ______________

    3. Making lunch _______________ 4. Playing cards _____________

    Part II. Vocabulary. (10 points)

  • Complete the conversation. Use the expressions Let's or How about…? (4 pts)

  • Andy: Hi, Susan. How are you?

    Susan: Fine thank you.

    Andy: What are you doing?

    Susan: Well, I'm studying for tomorrow's test.

    Andy: _______________________ go rollerblading.

    Susan: Sorry, but I'm busy.

    Andy: _______________________ watching T.V.? There's an interesting program on National Geographic.

    Susan: Maybe another time

    Andy: _______________________ making dinner?

    Susan: Sorry, but I have to study.

    Andy: _______________________ listen some music.

    Susan: I'm so sorry Andy. Let me finish and then we can watch a movie.

  • Look at the number and circle the best option. (6 points)

  • 1) 24 a. twenty four 2) 1st a. twelfth

    b. Twentieth b. first

    c. seventy four c. third

    3) 2 a. secondary 4) 65 a. sixth

    b. Second b. sixty five

    c. two c. sixtieth

    5) 32 a. thirty two 5) 7th a. seven

    b. thirty second b. seventy

    c. Thirtieth c. seventh

    Part III. Language. (16 points)

  • Complete the sentences with the correct verb tense. Use the present continuous form. (6 points)

  • Ben and Karen __________________________ (do) karate at the academy.

  • Susan ____________________ (make) lunch for her family.

  • Brad _____________________ (read) a postcard to Jason.

  • Stacey and Annie ______________________ (shop) at the mall, they have a party tonight.

  • They _________________ (go) to the movies with Jason and Brad.

  • Annie _________________ (eat) Susan's lunch.

  • Complete the sentences with the correct verb tense. Use the present continuous form. (6 points)

  • __________________________________________ (working at the office)

  • Yes, she is.

  • ______________________________________ (watching a horror movie)

  • No, they aren't. They're watching a comedy.

  • _______________________________________ (rollerblading in the park)

  • Yes, he is.

  • _____________________________________________ (helping his mother)

  • No, we aren't. We're rollerblading in the street.

  • ______________________________________________ (asking permission)

  • Yes, she is.

  • Read the descriptions. Write the name of the correct action verb. (5 points)

  • You need a bat, small ball, two teams and a field to play: _______________________

  • She practices this sport with a bathing suit, special glasses, and a pool: __________________

  • If you seat in front of the T.V. with a bowl of popcorn and a soda, push the Play bottom of your VCR, you are: _______________________

  • C.R. loses its match with Germany; they're playing the world cup. In this country, you need a ball and twelve player for each tem: _______________________

  • If you put a CD on your tape recorder and push play, you are: _______________________

  • Reading Comprehension. (6 points)

  • Read the following e-mail.

  • Answer the questions. Using yes/no questions. (6 points)

  • Is this e-mail from a friend? ____________________________________________________

  • Is Jackie reading a report? ____________________________________________________

  • Are they going to meet at eight o'clock? ____________________________________________________

  • Is the number of the flight 432? ____________________________________________________

  • Is Mr. Buinot arriving at El Coco Airport? ____________________________________________________

  • Is Mr. Buinot schedule's ready? ____________________________________________________

  • General Instructions

  • Make sure you write date and name.

  • Use only blue or black pen.

  • If you have a mistake do not use liquid paper. Put the word between brackets ( ).

  • Use your own materials. You're not allowed to borrow materials.

  • Read carefully each instruction.

  • Listen carefully, do not repeat after teacher.

  • Raise your hand if you have a doubt.

  • When you finish, turn your test upside down.

  • Good luck!

  • Alice,

    I'm reading your report now. How about meeting at six o'clock. I'll wait for you at El Chicote restaurant. It's located near La Sabana. We can discuss about your report in there.

    By the way, for tomorrow Mr. Buinot will be arriving at Santamaria's Airport, the flight number is 432 from France. Take him at San José Palacio's Hotel. Tell him that his schedule is ready.



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