Dracula; Bram Stoker


Before Reading


Count Dracula is a Vampire. Yes

He lives in a castle in England. No

Jonathan Harker is going to marry Mina. Yes

He is enjoying his stay in castle Dracula. No

He meets three beautiful women there. No

Mina is also Staying in Transylvania. No

She gets a lot of letters of Jonathan. No

She is afraid that Dracula will hurt her. Yes


Jonathan Harker goes to Transylvania.

Jonathan Harker gets married.

Count Dracula comes to England.

Count Dracula Dies.

Mina nearly dies.

Mina becomes a Vampire.

Lucy dies.

Lucy kills somebody.


While Reading


1: Because he is going to get marry.

2: Because he says that he is near the dead.

3: Because he didn't saw the Count Dracula.

4: Because they want to drink his blood.

5: Because Count Dracula had close the doors and he was a prisoner.

6: Because the Count Dracula looked at him and smiled.

7: Because he thought that Dracula wanted to kill him.


1: dog

2: a white head

3: two little drops

4: to Budapest

5: staying at count Dracula's castle

6: Count Dracula

7: Lucy had die.


1: Yes, because the vampires have to kill to someone to eat.

2: She will be transformed in a vampire.


1: Was the doctor

2: He saw two strange little wounds.

3: Was the Jack Seward's teacher.

4: He said that Lucy had to wear a garlic flowers in the neck.

5: Because they were sleeping.

6: Because she wanted to drink his blood.

7: She became a vampire.

8: He had to drive the wood trough Lucy's heart.

9: They decided to kill the count Dracula.


1: Yes

2: No

3: Yes

4: Yes

5: No

6: No

7: No

8: Yes











After Reading

1.- A vampire is the body of a dead person that drinks the blood of living people. If you look a vampire in a mirror, you see nothing. During the day it lies quietly in its coffin, but al night it comes out and tries to catch people. It has long sharp teeth, and it bites into people's neck and leaves two small wounds there. After a time, the person will get ill and then become a vampire too.

You can frighten a vampire away if you wear a circle of garlic flowers around your neck. Or you can hold a holy cross, or put holy bread in its coffin. The best way to kill a vampire is to take a hammer and drive a long piece of wood trough the vampire's heart.

2.- Dracula is a tall person. His clothes are all black. His hair is black too and his face is white , but his mouth is too red. His teeth are big like animal teeth. He lives in Transylvania but his English is very good. He is very dangerous, because he can became in an animal, can fly, can disappear to the moment and he can drink your blood.

3.- Jonathan to Mr. Hawkin. The Count has asked me to stay here for another month. I hope that you will not need me in the office.

My work in Transylvania is finished and I am coming home. I'm at Bistritz already, and will see you soon. Jonathan to Mina.

We have a young Englishman here, who has given us your name. He still very ill and would like to see you, if you can make journey from England. Budapest Hospital to Mina.

Arthur to Dr Jack Seward. You're my oldest friend, and also a doctor, so perhaps you can help her and find out why she is so ill.

Jack to Professor Van Helsing. You helped me so much when I was your student. Now I need your help for a dear friend. Can you come?

Van Helsing to Jack. Don't forget - you must watch her all night! Don't leave her for a minute, or she'll be in great danger.

Jack and Van Helsing to Arthur and we are sorry to tell you that she is very weak. It won't be long now. Come as soon as you can.

I have some very sad news. You have lost a dear friend, and I have lost the girl loved it happened like this. Arthur to Mina.


The picture goes on page 23.

2:Lucy's mother, Lucy, Jack and the doctor Van Helsing.

3:Count Dracula just have killed Lucy's mother.4: Lucy became a vampire

Dracula; Bram Stoker


  • V. H.: Arthur, I have something terrible to tell you.

  • A. What could be worse than my Lucy's death?

  • V.H.: This is worse. Lucy was killed by a vampire, and she has now become a vampire herself.

  • A. What! Lucy a vampire? That's not possible!

  • V. H: I'm afraid it is possible. There is a vampire -a beautiful lady- who is catching small children at night.

  • A. How do you know she leaves her tomb?

  • V. H.: Because Jack and I have seen her empty coffin.

  • A.: How horrible! But it can't be Lucy! It can't be!!

  • V. H.: It is her, Arthur. She leaves her tomb at night.

  • A.: I can't believe this. I don't want to believe this But I'll come with you and see for myself

  • 6.- Stories about vampires are fun to read.

    The bodies of two women - Lucy and her mother - lay on the bed.

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