The price of peace

Sebastián Mohor


The Mackay School

Resúmen de: “The Price of Peace”
  1. The truly married woman (pages 1-14)

This story is about Ayo and Ajayi, an unmarried couple that lived together. One day, Ajayi, the man, had been visited by 3 men that work for the WGCA (World Gospel Crusading Alliance). They were religious men. These visit made Ajayi realize it was time to marry Ayo (his woman lover). When they finally marry, Ayo says to Ajayi, that now she is a “truly married woman”, and she deserves a little more respect.

  1. The road to Migowi (pages 15-21)

A bus conductor is hoping to have a radical change in his boring life. He tells details about his family: parents died, brother worked in a mine in South Africa, once send letters, but in the next years he stopped.

  1. Two Sisters (pages 22-39)

Mercy is a 23 year-old woman who works as a typist in an office. She receives very little money with her job. So she searches for a boyfriend that has plenty of money. Her new boyfriend is a very important government man called Mensar-Arthur. Mercy’s sister, Connie, tries to warn Mercy from any danger the relation with Mensar-Arthur could give her. Connie is 6 years older than Mercy. She is married to James, and she is now pregnant of her 2ndchild. Connie lets Mercy to live with her and James.

Connie knows about Mensar-Arthur having lots of girlfriends and lovers, so she tells Mercy to stop seeing him, but Mercy got angry and disappeared for a while. At the end, Mercy arrived at Connie’s house and presented her new boyfriend. The new boyfriend was, too, an important person (was an Army officer). He was called, “Captain Ashley”, and he too had lots of lovers.

  1. Blood Feuds (pages 40-54) ESTE ESTÁ MAS O MENOS (INCOMPLETO)

The story is about two families that are exiled from their home country. Uncle Phala and “Father” (the narrator’s father), are two great friends and leaders. They formed part of different political groups, which objectives were to get new rights for their people. They fought long time. Then Uncle Phala returned to the place he was before.

  1. The Miracle Worker (pages 55-72)

This story is about Makinde, a man who has his own lot where he works as a mechanic. His wife is Bisi, a very religious woman. She went to church every Sunday, and gave plenty of money to the church. (Tithes) This turned Makinde angry, because they hadn’t too much money, even to have both lunch and dinner. One day, Makinde, who didn’t believed in god’s miracles, received the visit of groups of religious people who stayed at Makinde’s lot. So Makinde started asking for money (the money was called “nairas”), in exchange of staying at his lot. Days later, a tax assessor came to him asking for taxes. Makinde talked to him in a rude way, so the tax assessor promised to come back with some helpers to take Makinde’s money. Makinde, worried about the situation, went to a man called Rasaki, and nicknamed “The King”. This man was a corrupt man; his job was to help people in difficult situations with government or police people.

So Rasaki suggested to Makinde to pay the money, but Makinde refused, so Rasaki thought in play pools (this is the name of football sports bets), and win 10 times certain money Makinde would give him. He accepted. Makinde never knew any word about “The King”. When Bisi came from her mother’s house, she discovered what happened.

Then she suggested Makinde to go to the church to ask for a miracle. Makinde accepted. Finally, the miracle was that Makinde went to the church.

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