The picture of Dorian Gray; Oscar Wilde



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Through: a través de

Scent: aroma

Beyond: más allá

Portrait: retrato

Fair: dulce

Leaves: hojas

Sitter: modelo (posa para ser pintado)

To realize: darse cuenta

To introduce: presentar

Cared: importaba

Amused: entretener

Towards: hacia

Shook hands: dar la mano

Indeed: de verdad

Bright: brillantes

Wonder: pregunta

Fashionable: de moda

Won't suit you: no irá contigo (referente a “no va contigo”)

Among: entre

Warn: advertir

Softly: suavemente

Lit: encender

Ashamed: avergonzado

Stare: mirar fijamente

Frightening: asustadizo

Uglyness: fealdad

Locked door: puerta cerrada con llave

Dug: (pasado de “dig”) cavar

Fowards: hacia adelante

Onto: sobre

Drip: goteo

Fetch: ir por, ir a buscar

Shaking: tembloroso

Opium: opio

Low: baja, abatida

Backwards: hacia atrás

Edge: las afueras

Leaf: hoja

Plenty of: de sobra

Report: informar sobre


Basil Hallward was a talented painter. He was in his home with his friend Lord Henry Wottom. They were talking about the new portrait of the painter. Lord Henry told Basil that he should send his portrait to an important art gallery. But Basil refused because he has put too much of himself into the portrait.


Lord Henry and Basil, was in Basil's garden. They were talking quietly. They talked about the nice portrait of the beautiful Dorian Gray, that Basil had painted.

Lord Henry was trying to convince Basil that his portrait had to be exhibited in an important gallery, but Basil, didn't want to do it in case the people could see too many personal feelings in that portrait. There were hide feelings which Basil didn't want that had to be descovered.


In that moment, Dorian Gray appeared, and he was going to be painted by Basil. Lord Henry stayed in the room, he wants to know better Dorian Gray. As Basil was painting, Lord Henry went on talking. This facility of speech, made Dorian admire Lord Henry. In that moment, began a friendly relation between Basil and Henry.


Basil finished the portrait of Dorian Gray. That was, without doubt, the best of Basil's work.

Lord Henry insisted on buying it, but his intention was to give it away to young Dorian.

Later, while Dorian was looking the portrait, the young man remembered the words that Lord Henry had said. Lord Henry said to him that he would grow old, and that he would lose all his beauty. Dorian wished not to grow old ever, and that the picture grew old. Dorian was angry with Basil, because he had been painted. Now, Basil was angry with Dorian, he felt

frustrated, but Dorian tranquilazqd him.

Lord Henry invited two good friends to the theatre to tranquilaze the atmostfere, but Basil refused the invitation.


Lord Henry visited his Aunt Agatha. She knew Dorian's past. They had a long conversation.

Dorian's mother ran away from home to get married with a poor soldier. The mother died when Dorian was a little boy.

Lord Henry began to get interested about Dorian Gray's life.

In the dinner in Agatha's home, Dorian was invited. Henry talked longly about many interesting things. Dorian was marvelled and he wanted to go walking with Lord Henry. He wanted to listen to Henry's words.


One month later, Dorian visited Lord Henry. There, Dorian confesed that he was in love. He said that he was in love with a beautiful and young actress, her name was Sybil Vane. Dorian described Sybil with his bright eyes. Dorian and Sybil saw each other every day, and he went to see all her actuations. A few days later, Lord Henry found a letter in his home from Dorian. In the letter, Dorian said to Lord Henry, that he soon, would get married to Sybil Vane.


Sybil Vane was talking with her mother, and she told her mum that she and a beautiful man soon would get married. Sybil spoke a lot of her “Prince Charming”. Sybil's mother tried to warn her daughter about the dangerous of love. In that moment, Sybil's brother entered to the room. He asked her sister who man was that.

The next day, James Vane would go to Australia as a sailor, and he wanted that his sister was in good hands. James promised that if that man hurt his sister, he'd find him, and kill him like a dog.


One day, Basil and Lord Henry were talking about Dorian's marriage plans. Basil was very unhappy. But when Dorian told Basil his love story, he began to be a little more happy.

Basil, Lord Henry and Dorian, went to the theatre to see Sybil Vane play her part as Julieta. She spoke Julieta's words, but there were not feeling in them. That night, Sybil was horrible as an actress, and Lord Henry and Basil, decided to leave the theatre. After the end, Dorian went to see Sybil. “You were terrible” said Dorian to Sybil. And Dorian told Sybil that he didn't want to see her again. Sybil stayed on the floor depressed.

When he went home, he sawsomething different in his face in his portrait, something unkind and cruel. In that moment, he remembered his wish that told Lord Henry. He decided to try it again with Sybil.


The next morning, Dorian checked if the picture had changed. The portrait had really changed. He was sick, he didn't know what to do.

Then, he decided to write a long letter to Sybil. He wrote wild words of love. In that moment, Lord Henry appeared in the room. There, Dorian was informed about the Sybil's death. She killed herself at the theatre last night.


Next day, Basil went to Dorian's home to tell him that he was very sorry about Sybil's death. Dorian seemed very strange, he had changed.

Basil tried to see his own work, he wanted to see the portrait which was covered, but Dorian, ran between Basil and the portrait. He was very angry, he didn't want to let Basil see the picture. Later, Dorian carried the portrait and put it in the room, at the top of the house, then he locked the door.


The years passed, but the time kept Dorian's beauty, and the picture of Dorian Gray grew older every year.

People began to speak about him, they told terrible stories about him.

Dorian's picture grew more frightful, and he became afraid that someone would discover his secret.


It was the evening before Dorian's thirty-eighth birthday. He was walking, when someone called out his name, it was Basil. Basil would go that night to Paris, and he wanted to see Dorian. They both went to Dorian's home.

Basil told Dorian that the people in England were saying very bad things about him. Basil said that he must see his soul, and Dorian said to Basil to come with him. Dorian showed the picture to Basil. After, Dorian picked up a knife, and dug it into Basil's neck. Dorian killed Basil.

Dorian thought about Alan Campbell, an old friend.


The next morning of Basil's murder, Dorian wrote two letters and sent one to Alan Campbell.

Alan and Dorian met at Dorian's home. Dorian asked for help, but Alan refused. In that moment, Dorian showed Alan a paper and Alan's face went white. Alan accepted.

They both went upstairs to the room where Basil's dead body was lying.

Five hours later, Basil's dead body wasn't a problem.


Dorian left home searching opium, he needed to forget it all and have a pleasant dreams.

He entered a room and among the people that were there, was a sailor, James Vane. One of women reconized Dorian, and she called him “Prince Charming”, in that moment, Dorian went home and behind him, went the sailor. James Vane took him around the neck, and put him against the wall, and with a gun in his hand, tried to kill him. James Vane (sailor) was Sybil's brother. Dorian convinced James that he wasn't the man that he was searching because he was a young man, and her sister died 18 years ago. Dorian convinved James, and let him go. When James returned home, the girl that met Dorian, promised James that That man was Dorian Gray.

James left home and began to run, but Dorian wasn't in the street.


A week after, Dorian was at his house in the country, where he had invited Lord Henry and several other friends.

They were in the garden, when Dorian fell on the floor. He had seen James Vane.

On the third day, Dorian joined his friends on a shooting-party. Suddenly, someone screamed, it was acray of pain. A man's body was pulled from the trees. The man was dead, it was Jemes Vane.


Lord Henry and Dorian begane to talk about Alan Campbell's suicide, and about Basil's disapparence. Dorian asked Lord Henry if someone had said that Basil was murdered. Henry answered that the newspapers had said it. They both met for a lunch the next day.


Dorian was thinking about his exterior beauty. He had kept his youth and beauty, but he had paid a terrible price for it.

He was in the room beside the portrait. He took a knife, and killed the “picture”. He wanted to kill the past for be free, but the horrible dead man was left outside, and the young and beautiful Dorian, was left inside.


-Read Chapters 1 and 2, and then answer these questions.

  • Why didn't Basil Hallward want to exhibit the portrait? Because in the portrait had a lot of intim feeling of himself, and Basil didn't want people to know that feeling.

  • Why did Basil prefer not to be beautiful? Because Basil thinks that the beauty only bring problems to people, and he prefers to have a good soul.

  • Why did Basil now see art in a different way? Because since he met Dorian and fell in love, he began to draw the pictures with love and feelings.

  • Why didn't Basil want Lord Henry to meet Dorian? Because Lord Henry was bad influence to Dorian.

  • -Read Chapters 3 to 5. Who said this, and to whom?

  • “I'm afraid I must ask you to go away” Basil said these words to Lord Henry.

  • “I'd like you to talk to me” Dorian said these words to Lord Henry.

  • “You have a wonderfully beautiful face...” Lord Henry said these words to Dorian.

  • “It's your best work” Lord Henry said these words to Basil.

  • “I wish the picture could change, and I could stay as I am” Dorian said these words to Basil and Lord Henry.

  • “You're my dearest friend” Basil said these words to Dorian.

  • -Read Chapters 6 to 8. Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)? Rewrite the false ones with the correct information.

  • Dorian fell in love with an actress called Sybil Vane. TRUE

  • Sybil Vane's family was rich. FALSE: Sybil's family was a poor family.

  • James Vane didn't worry about his sister and Dorian. FALSE: James Vane told his mother that if Dorian hurt Sybil, he would kill him like a dog.

  • Lord Henry thought that Sybil was a good actress. FALSE: Lord Henry saw Sybil performing, and he thought that she wasn't a good actress.

  • Dorian loved Sybil for her beauty. FALSE: Dorian fell in love with Sybil for her art.

  • Dorian said that he never wanted to see Sybil again. TRUE

  • -Before you read Chapters 9 and 10 (The Death of Love), can you guess what happens? Choose one of these answers.

  • Sybil kill herself and dorian is very sorry.

  • -Read Chapter 11. Use these words to complete this paragraph about Dorian Gray. Then find words in the chapter that mean the opposite of the words given.

    “Dorian Gray was in love with the beauty of his face. Strange stories were told about his secret, dangerous life. But people did not belive the evil stories because Dorian's face was young and good-looking. The portrait was the only thing that showed the real Dorian. It became more and more terrible and ugly, and Dorian grew more and more afraid of it, but he love it too.


    Beauty: uglyness

    Dangerous: safe

    Evil: pleasant

    Good-looking: ugly

    Loved: hated

    Terrible: good

    Ugly: beautiful/ good-looking

    Young: old

    -Read Chapters 12 and 13. Choose the best question-word for these questions and then answer them.

  • Where was Basil going? Basil would go to Paris, but that night, Dorian killed him.

  • What had Basil heard about Dorian? Basil heard terrible things about Dorian.

  • Where did Dorian take Basil? He took Basil to his home.

  • How did Basil feel when he saw the picture? He felt afraid, because the picture had changed.

  • Why did Dorian hate Basil? Because Basil painted the portrait of him.

  • How did Basil die? He was killed by Dorian. He was killed with a knife dug in his neck.

  • How did Alan Campbell feel about Dorian? He didn't want to know anything about Dorian.

  • What did Dorian want Alan to do? He wanted Alan to destroy Basil's dead body.

  • Why did Alan agree to help Dorian? Because Dorian showed Alan a paper with something written on it.

  • What did Dorian see when he looked at the picture? He saw himself old, ugly and evil, and his hands full of blood.

  • -Before you read Chapters 14 and 15 (The sailor), can you guess what happend? For each sentence, circle Y (yes) or N (no).

  • James Vane comes back and finds Dorian. YES

  • James Vane tries to shoot Dorian. YES

  • Dorian runs away to America because he is afraid of James Vane. NO

  • Dorian kills James Vane. NO

  • -Read Chapters 16 and 17, and then answer these questions.

  • How did Dorian try to change his life? Trying to do good actions.

  • Why didn't Lord Henry want to think about Basil? Because he didn't want to think that Basil was dead

  • What was the difference between Lord Henry and Dorian? The difference was that Lord Henry was more older than Dorian, Lord Henry was 10 years more.

  • What did Dorian see when he looked in the mirror? He saw himself, and his beauty in his face.

  • Why did he break the mirror? He broke the mirror because he saw his face in the mirror, and he hated himself and his beauty.

  • What did Dorian hope had happened to the picture? He hoped that the portrait would improve if he did good actions.

  • Why did he dig a knife into the picture? Because he want dead his past.

  • How did people recognize Dorian when he was dead? Because of his rings.

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