The illustrated mum; Jacqueline Wilson

The Illustrated mum


Was Marigold birthday, so Star made her a big card. And Dolphin also made her a card, but with all the things that Marigold like, such as flowers, stars, disc, etc.

But Marigold wanted a cake, although she doesn't like it. So Star went to bye a cake. When star was out, marigold changed her mind and decided to get a tattoo of a cross, because that the symbol of the mood that star was, cross with marigold. So both went to get marigold a new tattoo, from Steve.

Then marigold decided to go out at night, while the girls stayed at home sleeping.


The girl woke up and marigold wasn't home. Dolphin got really scary and star to thing of what had happened to her that haven't came home yet?.

So Star told her to be fine that marigold will come back when they come back from school, and dolphin did a note to inform marigold that they are fine.

At school dolphin had a bad day. She was catched her been hidden from Ronnie Churley (he was furious with her because she did't work in class when they must), So miss hill told here to get away of there that she must be on the playground instead of there. And Also spat at Kayleigh's book because they, Yvonne to, were saying bad things to marigold. Due to Dolphin was punished by miss hill.


When they got home, marigold was cooking same angel cookies and cakes to. Star didn't pay attention and went to his bedroom to do some homework. And Dolphin was cooking with marigold. They ate too much, and star decided to go to mc Donald. When she got home, Marigold was drunk, because of the vodka. The girl went to bed and marigold fold asleep in the kitchen.

Daisy Chain:

Marigold went to the school to met star at the exit. When they met, marigold wanted to talk with tasha, because the night before dolphin told her that wants tasha to be her friend. So marigold talked with tasha and her mother, and both tell her that Tasha wasn,t dolphin's friend and that she didn't want to go to dolphin's house. Dolphin didn't have any friend.

So they decided to go beech brook, where there was a lake with ducks, but when they got it there wasn't. So they decided to imagine that they where in a Fairiestories, and all that. When they were coming back they saw an advertisment in a buss of emerald city, the favourite band, and also Micky's, star's father.


When marigold and dolphin got home, star was like angry, because she didn't say a word.

At the following day at school Yvonne and Kayleigh started to bother dolphin again with had happened the day before about tasha. So she to hide in the library. There she met Oliver they get on each other, and started to be friend. He like the tattoo of marigold.

At night marigold decided to go to the concer of emerald city.


Star and dolphin went to mc Donald,because if not dolphin would be alone al night long. There star was going to meet with Mark, his new boyfriend. She was dressed up as an oldest girl, with colour in the eyes and things like that.

There star give her an ice-cream that Mark had buyed to star.

After that they went home to sleep. Marigold was at the concert already.


Marigold woke up the girls. She was with Micky. The girls were shocked. Micky was dressed as a rockstar, with black clouts. They order pizza to eat, Micky was really happy to be with his daughter, they talk to much that night. Marigold invited him to stay all the night long.

In the morning they went to have tea in a French tea house, because there wasn't food to have breakfast. Then they went to a toy shop, dolphin get a dolphin, star a toddy beard a tigger.

Then they go to have lunch, Chinese town he buyed to mari a green ruby, a black one to dolphin and a red to star.

Star and Micky were talking all the time, they were really happy.

After that Micky left, because it was late.


Micky send presents to the girls and also to marigold, such as a mobile phone. But one day, he send a letter to star with only 2 ticket of train. He want that the girl just go to for a few day to his house in Brighton. But marigold wanted to go with them to, but she couldn't because He was with her girlfriend Siân. Because marigold couldn't go dolphin refused to go, so star went alone.

But as soon as she left, marigold insisted to go. So she took dolphin and both went to brighton. However, they didn't know where he lives because he didn't tell to them also he didn't give them his phone number, the only one who knows that was star. That why they started to asked everyone if they know micky, also they catched a taxi and marigold told to the driver to get them to micky's house but he also didn't know.

Dolphin was really tired due to the fack that she hadn't eaten anything since the get there and because of the seaching. So marigold hitted her.After that she was really sorry, and dolphin forgave her and they turned back home.

When they got home the mobile phone was ringing, it was star asking where they been, she knew that they had gone to brighton.


When star back, marigold strted to act as a normal mother. She bought healthy food and also got up in time, she cooked to the girls.

Star told to his sister to come to live with them, at micky's house. But she didn't want to, she loves to much his mother and she won't leaved her alone.

Star ones, went to mc Donald to bought something to dolphin and when mark appeared she didn't listened to him, and because of that he started to insulted her but she was cool.Star was relly getting on with Oliver. They spended time together. She started to draw tattoos to his classmates, but miss hill punished the children for having that sort of things. Oliver also help her with her homework.

She invited oliver to her house, marigold made a cake and act as a normal mother.

A day before star was going to leave the house marigold insisted in going again. But star tell her that his father is going on with a woman.( 2 years)


Mariegold start to do thing such as bought cloths to her, dolphin and star so that when she comes back she would stay with micky to, but she didn't go to come back. Marigold started to paint the bedroom of the girls, all in blue, when they were painting, star phoned, marigold picked the phone from dolphin and started to asked to star when she was going to come back, but she didn't answer. Dolphin got Jealous because marigold always think of star. She throwed the mobilephone and broker it. Then she hit marigold because she think marigold was going to hit her first.

At school she tell everything to oliver and she started to cried and oliver helped her.

Marigold was drunk all day long. Suddenly star phoned to the receptionist and she told dolphin that star was at the phone. Dolphin lied to star telling that marigold hit her and that she was in a coma because she was really drunk and that she had broken the phone. But star asked again what had happened and realised that dolphin was lying, because when marigold talked to her she wasn't in coma.

Everything was a mess Dolphin felt really empty. And marigold painted her body all white.


Dolphin was really scared, she didn't know what top do, mariegold was on the floor, without saying a word, she was really bad. Dolphin tries to clean it but this didn't get off. So she decided to called an ambulance. The ambulance came and took marigold. Dolphin lied and told to the doctor that his dad was coming home soon, so that she don't have any trouble.

She dressed up went to the school. Miss Hill asked why she was like that all dirty, but she didn't answer.

She tell oliver what to do. So he said that they must found her daddy, because oliver's mother didn't allow h¡m to invite dolphin to his house an sleep there.

They phoned first to the hospital to know how marigold was, she wasn't there she was at the Tennyson Psychiatric Ward.

Then she told him everything she remember about marigold had told about him. He was called Micky and they meet in a swimming pool, and they met in city near London. So he looked for the numbers of all the mickys. After phoning someones they find him, his real name was Michael.


They decided to go and met Michael, where he was, New Barnes Leisure Pool. T hey went there going away from the school. When the got they him.

He was shocked, he was married with a woman called Meg, and he had 2 daughters. Dolphin and Michael don't have physical appearance like, hi has brown skin and dolphin white. He told her that he and marigold live together for nine moth, and she got away when she got pregnant, and he already knew that.

They decided to go to the warm where Mariegold was. They got oliver to his house in the way.

Mariegold was in a bed , she was being medicines, she was drawing tattoos with a biro in his body.

She didn't say a word, she was like not happy because micky didn't go to visited her, it was onle Michael.


Dolphin went to a foster home, lizzie is the social worker that help is responsible of her.

She live now in Aunty jane's house, she is like her nanny. Sheis really good with her.

The first night she dreamed that she was with dinosaurs and then she was running away from a bad one, when she woke up she was wet.

And also in the house there´s 2 babby and a big tv.

At school everething changed. Yvonne, Kayleigh and Tasha are now friend of dolphin. Miss hill also changed she is now a good person with her to. And Oliver is her best friend now.

Michael visit her all the Sundays. He and his daughter took dolphin to go to mc Donald for a couple of times.

T he full Picture:

Star and dolphin now live together in the foster house. Dolphin told her everything what had happened., since marigold painted her body in white.

At first dolphin was realy jealousy, because of this sister had come to the same house. Star was there because Micky was having some problem with Meg.

At the end, the girl go to visit Marigold. And there the three of them said sorry to the other. Now star and dolphin find his owns father, and thhe most important that the here of them were fine, al list the girl, because marigold stayed at the ward.

Illustrated mum

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