The ghostly visitors; Henry James

The Ghostly Visitors - Questions on Text


1. According to Eleanor, what was especially frightening about the first ghost story?

The thing that was especially frightening about the first ghost story, was the fact that the ghost appeared first to the small child

2. How did Douglas know Catherine Blake, and when did they first meet?

Douglas knew Catherine Blake, because she was his sister's governess, and they first met one summer when Douglas came home from university.

3. What was the condition that came with the job of governess, and why did Lord Henry demand it?

The condition was that the person who would became governess to Miles and Flora would be completely responsible for them. Lord Henry demand it because he didn't want to be worried by any problems or questions about the children because he was a busy man.

Chapter 1

1. What was Catherine's first impression of little Flora?

That little Flora was like an angel, so beautiful that she was difficult to describe.

2. What two things were strange on Catherine's first evening at Bly?

One thing was Mrs Grose's happiness, the other strange thing was the cry of a child in the distance and the sound of footsteps that Catherine heard or thought she heard the first night at Bly.

Chapter 2

1. What did the headmaster say in his letter to Lord Henry, and what reason did he give for his decision?

The headmaster said that Miles can't return to school after holidays, but he didn't give any clear reason for his decision.

2. How do we know that Mrs Grose felt uncomfortable when she was talking about the previous governess?

Because her face turned red and there was something strange in the way she said those words.

3. What did Catherine notice about Miles when she first met him at the train station?

She loved him immediately and she saw that he had something angelic, that he was special.

4. How did Catherine feel about the two children and the place where she was living?

She was almost in love with the two children, and she felt very happy and free to live in such lovely surroundings.

Chapter 3

1. Describe Catherine's first meeting with the stranger at the top of the tower and say how she felt.

The stranger didn't move when he saw her, and he just continued to stare at Catherine while she was looking at him. She felt very cold.

2 .What two possible explanations did Catherine give for the man on the tower?

First she thought that was one of the servants and then that was a stranger who was curious about old mansions.

3. What did Catherine see when she went into the dining room to get her gloves?

She saw somebody was standing outside the window. It was the same stranger that she was in the tower.

4. How did Catherine describe the stranger to Mrs Grose?

Catherine said that he was very sinister, elegantly dressed but not like a real gentleman, with small eyes and a wide mouth with thin lips.

5. According to Mrs Grose, who was the stranger, what was his connection to Bly and what happened to him?

The stranger was Peter Quint. He was Lord Henry's assistant for years, he had been living the last year with Lord Henry at Bly, and then he stayed there and supervised some changes that Lord Henry wanted in the house. He was dead.

Chapter 4

1. Describe the relationship between Quint and Miss Jessel.

Miss Jessel loved Quint passionately, but he just laughed at her and finally he ended the relationship

2. How did Flora react after she saw the two figures at the lake? Why was this strange?

First she was stating at the figures but when Catherine asked her if she knew that people she acted like as if no one was there. This was strange because Catherine was still seeing the figures across the lake.

Chapter 5

1. In Catherine's opinion, who was the woman at the lake?

The woman was Miss Jessel.

2. How did Catherine describe Miss Jessel to Mrs Grose?

She was dressed all in black, and she looked frightening, like a ghost and she was evil.

3. Why did Quint go out with Miles so often?

Because Quint used excursions with Miles to be with Miss Jessel.

Chapter 6

1. What will Catherine do if there are any more “ghostly visits”?

She would try to stop Quint before he would visit Miles.

2. How did the children spend their days with Catherine?

They were spending the days very delightfully.

3. Why hadn't Catherine tried to find a new school for Miles?

For some reasons she didn't understand and because she was too busy with the mysterious events at Bly.

Chapter 7

1. What did Catherine understand after she looked into Quint's eyes?

She realised that if she could stand and stare at him for a whole minute without fear, she would never be afraid of him again.

2. What happened when Catherine returned to her room?

She saw that Flora was not in her bed and that she was looking out of the window outside in the garden.

3. Why didn't Catherine confront Flora about the ghosts?

Because she thought Flora would lie and deny everything.

Chapter 8

1. Describe what Flora was doing when Catherine woke up in the middle of the night.

She was standing behind the curtain again, looking out of the window and she was completely absorbed in something

2. Why was Catherine surprised when the moon moved from behind the cloud and se could see more clearly?

Because when the moon moved she saw that the person who was in the garden was Miles, not the woman at the lake.

3. What was Miles' explanation for his “little trick”?

He said that he wanted to show that he can be bad too.

Chapter 9

1. In Catherine's opinion, what did the ghosts want, and how were they trying to achieve it?

They wanted to possess Miles and Flora, and they would destroy them if they would have to.

2. What two decisions did Catherine make in order to help the children?

The first decision was that the children mustn't be allowed to communicate with their `ghostly visitors' anymore and the second, that their uncle must come and take them away from there.

3. On what occasion did Miles behave badly?

He behaved badly once before, when Mrs Grose said to him that he can't spend so much time with Quint. He reacted insulting Mrs Grose.

Chapter 10

1. What did Miles ask Catherine while they were walking to church together and what was her reply?

He asked when he would return to school, and Catherine answer that there aren't many people like him, and would be better for him if he would stay to Bly, Mrs Grose and she would protect him.

2. What did Miles suggest and why did it make Catherine feel cold?

He asked Catherine if his uncle would think the same, reading Catherine's mind.

3. Describe what Catherine saw when she went into her room. What was her first thought about it?

She saw that someone was sitting at her desk. She thought it was a servant taking opportunity of her absence to write a letter, but then she turned and Catherine saw that was the ghostly Miss Jessel, sad and tragic, dark as night in her black dress.

Chapter 11

1. When did the children try and `please' Catherine? What were they really trying to do?

They tried to please Catherine when they felt one of the ghosts was near or felt that Catherine was too close to their secret. It was their way to distract her

2. Catherine thought Miss Jessel `said things without words'. What were the things?

Catherine thought that she wanted to share her suffering with Flora, she didn't want to be alone with her pain.

3. What two decisions did Catherine make?

She decided that she was not going to leave Bly and that she was going to write a letter to Lord Henry and tell him everything.

4. In your opinion, was Catherine becoming possessed and imagining things, or were thing at Bly really as strange as she thought?

No she wasn't becoming possessed; the things were as strange as she thought.

5. Why do you think Miles wanted his uncle to take him away from Bly?

Because he didn't want to receive no more `ghostly visits' and that his life will be better.

Chapter 12

1. What happened after Miles started to play the piano, and what was the result of this?

He played so wonderfully that Catherine lost all sense of time, like she was under a spell. The result was that Flora was no longer in the room.

2. Why do you think Catherine was not frightened of Quint any more?

Because she knew that Miles wanted to get away from Quint.

3. Why didn't Mrs Grose believe that Flora had taken the boat?

Because Flora was just a child and the boat was a very heavy one.

Chapter 13

1. What did Flora do while Mrs Grose was embracing her, and what did Catherine understand from this?

Flora was staring at Catherine without saying a word. Catherine saw this like a silent battle, that Flora wouldn't explain anything.

2. Why was Catherine happy to see Miss Jessel at the lake?

Because she thought that at that moment Mrs Grose would see Miss Jessel ghost and would understand her.

3. Why did Catherine's happiness disappear so quickly?

Her happiness disappeared so quickly because she realised that Mrs Grose didn't saw Miss's Jessel ghost.

4. What finally made Catherine feel she had lost Flora?

The fact that Flora was denying everything.

Chapter 14

1. What suggestions did Catherine make to Mrs Grose?

She suggested that Mrs Grose should take Flora and leave Bly.

2. What happened to Catherine's letter to Lord Henry?

Miles stole it.

3. How will Mrs Grose help Catherine?

She would take Flora and leave Bly heading to London.

Chapter 15

1. Why was Miles anxious?

Because he was looking for the ghosts.

2. What happened after Catherine asked Miles about the letter?

After her question she realised that they were not alone.

Chapter 16

1. Who was the `final battle' between, and what did each side want?

The final battle was between Catherine and Quint, a demon, or a human soul.

2. Why did Quint come back?

He came back m make a final attempt to stop Miles speaking, to stop him confess everything to Catherine.

3. Why did Catherine think she had won and Quint had lost Miles forever?

Because Miles confessed everything.

4. Why had Catherine `done Miles no favour'? What had she really done to Miles in the end?

Because what she really did was kill him, Miles needed Quint's visits.


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