Sense and Sensibility

Sense and Sensibility

“Sense and sensibility” is an appealing story, the protagonists are three Dashwood sisters and three young men. It shows the fight between love and money. The thoughtful and repressed Elinor (Emma Thompson) and the poetic and risk-talking Marianne (Kate Winslet).

When their father dies leaves them, a younger sister, and their mother (Gemma Jones) without much in the way of funds, the family is forced to move to a large and imposing “cottage” on a relative's estate.

To illustrate further their different personalities, the woman are draw to very different men. Elinor likes the very polite and confused Edward (Hugh Grant). Marianne, on the other (sensibility) hand, is smitten in a grand style, when she turns her ankle during a rainstorm and is rescued by the dashing Willoughby (Greg Wise), who literally enters on a white horse.

The ensuing plot consists of errors in etiquette and embarrassments, as the women discover that the men have lees that perfect pasts. As they sort well-behaved Colonel Brandon.

This story begins that Mrs Dashwood and her daughter must leave Norland, their old large house, and move to a small house in another part of the country. They have very little money now, so must live a modest life. Just a few days, Miss Marianne Dashwoods meets a handsome young man called Willoughby. They soon fell in love. Her older sister, Elinor, is more serious. She prefers a quiet, sensible young man called Edward.

But Willoughby suddenly leaves for London. He doesn't seem interested in Marianne now.

That's because Willoughby can't live without money, so he just goes away to marry another lady who has lots of money. On the other hand, Edwars's mother doesn't like a poor girl like Elinor, so she wants Edward to marry another rich lady. If he marries Elinor, his mother will give him no money. However, Edward still loves Elinor, then they finally get married.

Marianne finnaly falls in love with Colonel, who has loved her since he ever met her. Marianne gets married too.

After watching the movie, we realize once more that there are much more important things in life that money, things that are deep and real like it is a family and deep love, those are the things that feed the soul of men. We feel sorry for people who love money so hard. Like Willoughby, he chose welfare instead of love, and in fact he still loves Marrianne, but he couldn't live without money. That's why he marries Miss Gray (a rich lady), in order to get the property from his aunt. But he isn't happy with his wife, he lives in sadness. People who choose love they live according to their feelings and their lives is fulfilled with true love.

Like the saying “ A contented mind is perpetual feast” We know that money isn't that important, and only when there is real love and your life is full of happiness, it can be a rich life.

So at the end of our days what we have got and stays with us is our life experience, the people we have loved, our feelings, our most tender and beloved memories.


John Dashwood

James Fleet

Mr Dashwood

Tom Wilkinson

Fanny Dashwood

Harriet Walter

Marianne Dashwood

Kate Winslet

Elinor Dashwood

Emma Thompson

Mrs. Dashwood

Gemma Jones

Edward Ferrars

Hugh Grant

Margaret Dashwood

Emile Francois

Mrs. Jennings

Elizabeth Spriggs

Sir John Middleton

Robert Hardy


Ian Brimble


Isabelle Amyes

Colonel Brandon

Alan Rickman

John Willoughby

Greg Wise


Alexander John

Charlotte Palmer

Imelda Staunton

Lucy Steele

Imogen Stubbs

Mr. Palmer

Hugh Laurie


Allan Mitchell

Maid to Mrs. Jennings

Josephine Gradwell

Robert Ferrars

Richard Lumsden

Miss Grey

Lone Vidahl

Doctor Harris

Oliver Ford Davies

Mrs. Bunting

Eleanor McCready


Francisca Cantone

Josefina Garcés

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