Rebecca; Daphne du Maurier



The narrator, the second mrs de Winter is telling us what she dreamt the night before. She dreamt she went to Manderley again. In her dream the gates were closed but she could pass. The house was very beautiful.

She woke up and she saw she was in the hotel room. Manderley had been her and Maxim's house but they would not ever live there again. There had bad thoughts from the past (Rebecca).

Now they lived in a hotel in a Mediterranean island.

I meet Maxim de Winter

I was young and shy. I lived with mrs Van Hopper, who was not a pleasant woman, but she paid for my companion.

As every summer we went to the best hotel in Monte Carlo. Mrs Van Hopper wanted to find well-known persons.

That day we saw Max de Winter. His wife had died the year before. I knew he was mrs Van Hopper's next victim.

Mrs Van Hopper was waiting for Maxim in the hotel lounge. I went up stairs to get a photo of her nephew Billy who knew Maxim. Went I came back they were sitting together. They had met in a party in London.

That afternoon there were some of mrs Can Hopper's companions to tea. I didn't like them but I had to be with them. Lit their cigarettes and tidy the room. Then a waiter came in with a note from Maxim it was for me and it was an excuse.

A day out together

Next day mrs Van Hopper was ill. She would have to stay in bed for 1-2 weeks. She needed a nurse to take care of her. I was free. I went down to the dinning room. Maxim was there. I dropped the flowers so Maxim said that I could sit with him. They talked a lot. They had things in common, they were both alone.

That afternoon they went to sketch. I felt well with Max. we stopped in on edge where max had been many times before (Rebecca tells the truth). He left and I kept one of his books which said “max from Rebecca”.

Everybody thought Rebecca has drowned in the sea.

In love

I was 21 And max was the first man I had loved. When mrs Van Hopper asked me what I did I didn't tell anything about Max.

One they when we were talking about the memories I asked him why he asked me to go out everyday. I told him I was not an interesting person. I wanted to know more about his life and his wife.

He just told me that something unhappy happened some time ago and that he wanted to forget. That's why he had come to Monte Carlo.

He staied bc he liked me. Rebecca was very pretty and Mrs Van Hopper talked about her.

I live Monte Carlo

Helen's child, Mrs Van Hopper's daughter, was ill so she wanted to leave to NY. I was unhappy because I had to say goodbye to Max. I packed everything and I didn't see Max that day. I went up to Max's room and explained him what was happening. He asked me to marry him. I would be Mrs de Winter. Max went down to talk to Mrs Van Hopper. When I saw her she told me that he wasn't marring me because he loved me, he was marring me because he felt lonely in Manderley.

I come to Manderley

We came to Manderley in may. It was easy for Max bc he was going home but for me everything was strange. I was Max's second wife. At last I could see Manderley. There were two high iron gates and beside them a small lodge. The gates were opened. Everybody was looking at me. I was shy. The old house was perfect. Beyond the lawns were gardens and beyond the gardens there was the sea.

When we arrived the hall was full of people. It was Mrs Danver's idea, she was an old housekeeper. Max told me that I didn't have to say anything. An old man, Frith, came and asked us how we were. Inside the servants stood in two lines. We went into the library for tea. A dog, Jasper, came to greet us. I was glad of the friendly welcome.

Tea was served by Frith. There was a special table for tea. The teapot and kettle were of silver and the china was very fine. There was too much food for two people. But this was the same every day.

Mrs Danver wanted to show me my room. They had been getting the room in the east wing ready for us. There was a lovely view of the rose-garden from there. I didn't want to be alone with mrs Danver. I was afraid of her. She showed me my room witch was very charming but Max had never used it. I couldn't see the sea from there. She told me she had came to Manderley when the first mrs de Winter was a bride. And told her that I wanted to be friends. She explained me that when Rebecca was alive there were a lot of parties in Manderley and that she took care of everything. They used to sleep in the west wing. Then Maxim came into the room. He wanted to show me Manderley.

After dinner we sat in the library. He picked up the paper and lit a cigarrette. He always did that. I was sitting in Rebecca's chair.

In the morning room

Life at Manderley was carefully planned. Things happened at the same time every day. There was always too much food. Maxim's sister, Beatrice was coming to lunch. I thought we would spend our first morning together but Max had thing to do. I didn't know what to do and Frith told me that Rebecca used to use the morning room before lunch. She wrote letters and phoned. I didn't know the way so Frith showed me.

It was a woman's room. Someone had chosen everything. There was a drawer and inside the drawer there was a flat leather book “Guests at Manderley”. It was Rebecca's desk. The phone rung (confusion) and it was mrs Danver to ask if I had seen the menus. I thought of writing to mrs Van Hoper in NY. I didn't like my handwriting.

You are so very different

Maxim hadn't come back and Beatrice and her husband had arrived. I run out of the morning room. I got lost and I went to the west wing corridor. I could hear the sea. I herad a door and Mrs Danver was behind me. She told me that if I wanted to see the rooms in the west wing I could tell her. She also told me that mr and mrs Lacy had arrived.

When I went down Max was already there. I met Beatrice, Giles and Frank Crawley, our agent. Beatrice was tall, broad-shoulders, and much like Max. She said that I was very different from what she expected, I was so different from Rebecca. She seemed friendly. I had to answer to a lot of questions. I didn't know the story of Rebecca, max had never told me. Beatrice also told me about mrs Danver, she said that she could make me unhappy, she adored Rebecca.

The Happy Valley

Maxim want to go for a walk so Robert gave me a raincoat. Maxim was tired, he soon got tired of his family. He asked me what did we talk about after lunch and I explained that we were talking about me and about how she expected I was going to be. There were two paths going in opposites ways. Japer took the right one bc he used to go there. That path was the way to the bay were they had a boat. We went the other way and we arrived to a place called the Happy Valley which was very beautiful.

The cottage in the bay

We came to the end of the path and the sea was almost at our feet. Maxim threw a stone across the beach for Jasper but he didn't come back. I heart a sharp bark and I thought I had to get him. I climbed a rock and I arrived to another bay. There was a buoy but no boat. There was also a cottage or a boat-house. There was a man, Ben, who was a bit mad but would not do anything to me. Jasper didn't want to came to me so I went in the cottage house to look for some string. The house was full of books and all covered with dust. Ben talked me about Rebecca but without saying her name Then I went back with Maxim who wasn't happy. He said that he didn't want to go there again. He also said that we should had stayed in Italy. I tried not to cry. Maxim told me that he loved me and wanted me to be happy. The raincoat that I was wearing was Rebecca's bc it had a handkerchief with an “R” and it smell like the flowers in the Happy Valley.

Questions and answers

We didn't go down to the beach again. Sometimes I thought about the cottage down in the bay. I had so many questions to ask maxim. I did not want anyone to talk about the sea or boats. When we had visitors I was shy and I knew they were comparing me with Rebecca.

One afternoon a woman asked me if there was going to be a Fancy Dress Ball. And I said I would ask Max. the woman explain me things about the ball that Rebecca organized every year. She was very beautiful. I would like to have a ball.

When Frank came I asked him about the ball and told him to tell Maxim to do one this year. We also talked about the cottage. Everything in there was Rebecca's. there was no boat bc it was the boat that sank and she died in. Maxim had to identify the body. He told me that Manderley needed a person like me, young, fresh and charming.

The China Cupid

I didn't see much mrs Danver. She found me a maid, Clarice who thought I was an important person. I didn't want to think about Rebecca I wanted to be happy.

As Beatrice had promised me she sent me some sketching books as a wedding present. It was the first thing that was mine in Manderley. I was looking where to put them when I broke a little china ornament. I hide all the pieces and didn't say anything but mrs Danver thought that Robert had steel the ornament. I had to tell max that I had broken it. It was very valuable and it was a weeding present. Maxim was angry.

In the west wing

Maxim had gone to London and I was sure something bad was going to happen but I was wrong. I went for a walk with Jasper. I walked to the bay. The name of the boat was “I'll come back”. I went to the cottage. I saw Ben inside. He was crying and saying that he hadn't tell anyone. He said that she came there at night.

I went back home and there was a green sports car parked. It was Favell, mrs Danver's friend, it was a cousin of Rebecca. Maxim didn't like him and didn't want him to come to Manderley. Only he and Rebecca called Maxim “Max”.

I went to the west wing. There was a room full of furniture. It was clean. It was beautiful. I had seen mrs Danver and Favell in that room. On the bed there was a nightdress. It was Rebecca's room. Then mrs Danver came in. she explained me that she was out the night that Rebecca had the accident. She came to her room and cleaned every day. I went back to my room.

More about Jack Favell

Maxim rang up the next morning but we didn't talk. Beatrice came to lunh that day. I wanted maxim to come home. I began to fell that mrs Danver was watching me. I didn't look very well and Beatrice thought I was going to have a baby.

I asked Beatrice about mr Favell she told me he was Rebecca's cousin. I went for a walk and when I came back Maxim had arrived. I heard him talking with mrs Danver, he was angry. He told her to keep mr Favell away from Manderley.

My life in Manderely was turning me into a woman.

Preparation for the ball

Frank had come to lunch and more visitors stayed to tea. One asked maxim if there was going to be a ball and he accepted. The ball was going to be for me. For the new bride. I had to think what to wear but it was going to be a surprise.

The preparations went on but I didn't know what to wear. Mrs Danvers told me that I could wear the dress that was in the picture of Caroline de Winter. She suggested me to have my costumes made in London. I was very excited. The house was getting very nice. There were flowers everywhere.

Miss Caroline de Winter

On the day of the ball we had lunch with Frank. The dress had arrived and everything was ready. Beatrice and Giles had arrived. Maxim was not dressing in a special way.

I went to change. I put on my dress and my wig and I was almost beautiful.

I went down and when Max saw me he got very angry. I had to get changed. It was the same dress that Rebecca had wore in her last Ball. Max thought I did it as a joke. Mrs Danver had planed that to happen.

I put on a blue dress and went down. I remember very little of my first and my last party at Manderley. I went tobed but Maxim didn't come that night.

Why don't you jump?

When I woke up next morning maxim had left. I thought that maxim didn't love me that he belonged to Rebecca. I went down stairs and I had breakfast. I phoned Frank bc I needed to talk with Max but he didn't know where he was.

Maxim thought I dress up as Rebecca as a joke but I didn't do it. I told Frank that Maxim didn't love me, that he loved Rebecca. I thought I was not going to see Max again.

I walked out of the house. I saw that one of the shutters in the west wing had been pulled back. Mrs Danver was in that room. She had planed all that to happen. It was her and Rebecca's triumph.

I went trough the house to Rebecca's room. Mrs Danver was still in the window. She turned to me and I saw that see was crying. She said that I shouldn't have came to Manderley. That nobody wanted me. That I was trying to take Rebecca's place. And that max didn't love me and he was not happy.

I was angry and not afraid of mrs Danver. She had made me wear that dress. It was difficult for her to see everybody call me Mrs de Winter. She had looked after Rebecca while she was a child. He hated me.

I told her to go to her room but she didn't leave. She said that all the men fell in love with Rebecca, that's why Max was jealous of Favell. She pushed me towards the window and asked me to jump out. She said that was the best thing I could do bc I was not happy. If I jumped the fall would kill me. I was thinking of jumping when we heard a loud explosion. Its was rockets. There was a ship in trouble on the bay. I hear that Max was in the terrace below us.

Rebecca has won

I went out to the terrace. I realized that Maxim hadn't gone away. He was down on the bay. Nothing else mattered if maxim was safe. I went to the bay and I saw the ship. Maxim had gone to take a sailor to the hospital. I sat down on the cliffs watching what was happening. I saw Ben. He told me that the big ship wouldn't go down as the little one did. I didn't know what that meant.

I went back into the house which for the first time I thought it was my home. I went into the library and Captain Searle phoned. He wanted to talk to Maxim. He had bad news. He came to talk to me. He explained me that when they had sent a driver down to look at the ship they had found a little sailing boat. It was Rebecca's boat. The cabin of that boat ha d the door and the windows closed but there was a body in three. They had to call the police. Thought that someone had been in the boat with Rebecca that night.

Then Maxim came in. I told him that I wanted to start again and that I was not a child. I wanted to help. He told me that Rebecca had won. He said that the body on the floor was Rebecca's. the body buried in the church was not Rebecca's. she was not drowned. Maxim had killed her. He shot Rebecca in the cottage and carried her body to the boat and sank it. He asked me if I could love him again.

The truth about Rebecca

Maxim took my hands and began to kiss me. He told me he loved me. I answered that I also loved him. Maxim was afraid. They had found the boat and Rebecca's body. They would know that Maxim had killed her. But nobody had seen them.

He expalind me everything. Ha hated Rebecca. They never loved each other. She just loved herself. Everybody thought that she was charming, and perfect, but he discovered the truth 5 days after the wedding. They were at Monte Carlo, in the same place we went, they were sitting in the car and she started to tell me horrible things that she had done. She knew Max would never divorce her.

First Rebecca had a flat in London and invited her friends there. After some time they all came to Manderley and I told Rebecca that Manderley was mine. Frank wanted to leave bc Rebecca always went behind him. Favell also came when Max was away. Beatrice and Giles never stood at Manderley Max could never trust Rebecca.

Rebecca and Favell stayed down at the cottage. He was a dab man. He had been in trouble with the police.

The day Max killed Rebecca she had came back from London very late. She went to the cottage and Max thought that she was with Favell. Max went down to the cottage. He took a gun to frighten them. But Rebecca was alone. She said to max that if she had a child everybody would think it was his. Then he shoot her. she was smiling. Max cleaned the place and put Rebecca's body in the boat. The boat sank.

Max told me that they were going to get the boat up the next morning and then they would find out that it was Rebecca's body. The only thing that Max could do is say that he maid a mistake when the identified the other body.

Then the phone rang.

Colonel Julyan

He was the local magistrate and had to be there when the boat was taken up. After some reporters called too. The news would be in all the papers.

Next morning the morning-room was all untidy so I got angry. The menus were the same as the day before. I went to cut some roses and then mrs Danver came. She said that went mrs de Winter wanted something she called her. I answered that I was the new mrs de Winter and that I did things in my way. She also asked me about the bout but I didn't say anything.

Maxim, Frank and Colonel Julyan came to lunch. The colonel said that an inquest was necessary. Max would have to say that the body in the boat is Rebecca's. then the boat-builder would have to say that the boat was in a good order when he last saw it.

The colonel thought that Rebecca had gone down to the cabin. Then the door had closed and after the boat sank.

Maxim told me that he was glad he killed Rebecca but he was unhappy for me. I had lose my young and sweet look.

The inquest

The inquest was at 2 o'clock. And I went with Maxim but I waited in the car. Then a police man came and said that I could go in if I wanted. The boat-builder was talking in that moment. Finally I went in with max but I sat near the door.

The boat-builder said that there were some holes in the boat and that the rocks couldn't made it. The sea-cocks were open too and they must be closed while you are sailing. In his opinion it hadn't been an accident. They asked Max if he knew something about the boat. The colonel asked Max if they were happily married but in that moment I had to leave. Frank took me back to Manderley.

A visit from Jack Favell

It was after 6 when I heard Maxim's car. The verdict was suicide. They thought that Rebecca had killed herself.

Max had to go to the burial of Rebecca. He told me he wanted to have children.

While Max was at the burial mr Favell came to see us. This had been a shock for him bc he was very fond of Rebecca. When Max came back he told Favell to leave but he didn't want. He said that he had a not that would interest him. It was a note that Rebecca had left him before coming back from London that day. It said that there was something important that she had to tell him. He asked Max for money or he would tell the police. Maxim phoned Colonel Julyan. Colonel came in ten minutes. He read the note and Favell explained that he thought it had been a murder. He said that maxim killed her because he was jealous of him because Rebecca loved him.

Rebecca's diary

Favell started to laugh so the Colonel said that he was drunk and didn't belive him. He wanted a proof. Favell said that a proof could be Ben. They made Ben come and said that he had never seen Favell and that he didn't see anything that night. So Favell couldn't prove his story. They asked mrs Danver if Rebecca loved Favell and she answered that she didn't love anyone just herself. She wasn't afraid of anything just of illness.

Then they wanted to know how she spent her day in London so they went to found her diary. She had went to the hairdresser and then had lunch with Baker. Baker was a doctor. Maxim phoned the doctor and we all went to London.

Dr. Baker

We left Manderley very early and we arrived at dr Baker's house at 5. we explained to him what had happened and he said that he had never visited someone called mrs de Winter. But that day he had visited someone called mrs Danver. Rebecca had used a false name. The woman was very ill. In six months she was going to die. She could never had have a child.

The return to Manderley

Maxim and I were happy. Nothing could hurt us anymore. Maxim thought that Colonel Julyan knew the truth of Rebecca's death but he would never say anything.

In Manderley mrs Danver had recived a long distance phone call and she had left. We drove back to Manderley and when we arrived we saw the ashes of Manderley.

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