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Neal Alden Armstrong

He was born in Wapakoneta, Ohio in 1930. He was the oldest of the three sons of Vila and Stephen Armstrong, who was tall and handsome and he was the Ohio state's Judge-advocate and all the time he took the family from one municipality to other.

His mother was a nice woman, she likes music, she was a woman of letters and her best quality was the modesty.

He grown up in the middle of the country meanwhile an economy crisis was happening. So that he was taught with rigidity and tenacity; he must work a lot, smile, to avoid, gave thanks to heaven (the life could be worst) and praise a lot (to improve the situation). Then he realize that science was the salvation of the mankind and the laziness was his worst danger.

Since the first years of Neal all knew that he love airplanes and all that stuff. When he was a child he often dreamed that he could float in the air holding his breath, he always remembers all this like a beautiful childhood.

Since he was 9 years old, he used to be obsessed watching all kind of plains fly, the years pass and when he was 14 years old, he began to make airplane's models. His family was in Wapakoneta, Ohio, a poblation with 7000 souls, proud to has been harbor the astronaut, there has been celebrated four “Neal Armstrong's days”, and for this Autumn they are going to make another. Besides the local airport and one street have his name, and everywhere there are pictures of him.

In 1944 he worked in a pharmacy, in his break of school. With the money that he won he paid a flight lesson of one hour in Wapak Flying Service. In August fifth he got his pilot license, he still doesn't receive his car license.

In 1947 he was running to his house to tell to her mom that he has got a scholarship for the Marine. The lady was so surprised that she left fall a small bottle to his foot and she broke it.

He studied aeronautics engineering in Pudue's University for two years, then he moved to Pensacola, Florida to take an aviation curse of the Marine. He begins to fly Panher's reactors, in Korea war.

He won 78 combat missions, then gave him 3 condecorations. Since those times he has to survive in different occasions like the dangerous flight with the Gemini 8, a midnight fire in his house and the fall of a flight training of landing.

The people who decide sent him to the moon thought:

  • That he is on of the best pilot of the world

  • It's already had happen to him every possible thing.

In 1955 he unit to the NASA (National aeronautics space administration), like a civil pilot in the Edwards test base of the army in Lancaster, California. In 1962 he became in the first civil who enter in the formation program of astronauts. In 1966 in March he was designed to be the pilot in the mission Gemini 8 who was the first in have physic contact with another space ship in orbit, all knew that he was the best pay man at the time for an astronaut even now, he win 27.000 dollars to the year..

His best success was when he touches the moon in July 20st of 1969 in the mission Apollo 11.


We thinks that he is the most important man in the contemporanean history, because like we said before, he was the first man who touch the moon's surface. We'll tell you all about that mission and their results.

It was in 1969. The ship left in July 16th and all the humanity dreams all the time with that great event. The ship's name was APOLLO 11. The crew was Edwin E. Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins.

The ship land in the moon in July 20th, in the “calm sea”. Hours after Armstrong go down of the ship and he put his foot in the moon. His first word for all the mankind were: “A small step for a man, A huge leak for humanity”. The next was Aldrin and both astronaut were walking more than two hours by the moon. The pick up 21 kl of ground sample, took photos and put artifact to detect and measure the solar wind. They stick in a north-American flag and spoke with the president, who was Richard Nixon in the White House. They prove that walk and run in the moon, you can do it but with a gravity of 1,6 compare with the Earth. Millions of people watch them meanwhile they were in the moon.

But where was Collins? Well, he was turning around the moon in the command modular, after this he come back to look out for the rest of the crew. Then they go back to the Earth. The ship fall in to the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii, in July 24th and they were recognize for all the world like the first who touch the moon.

The personal life of Neil

He fall in love all his life with airplanes, not with people. He talk of airplanes, aeronautics and aerodynamic with a lot of conviction. If you change the subject he just make silence.

Neal thinks that the people are less efficient than a plain and usually they actuate with out used all the capacity they have.

He says that he don't have a lot of time, and always have to run from one site to another, he thinks that the deluxe is for others peoples. His works is so intensive in all appearance that he arrive to his home so tired than he take the dinner quickly, look the last NASA's report and with out take breakfast he come back hurry to work.

Actually this great man is married. Neil and Janet Shearon meet in Purdue, when he come back from Korea. The used to have their encounter in the university just at dawn. To pay his monthly payment Neil promised that he will deliver the university's news all the days and Janet, who was studying domestic economy and she loves swimming, goes to class at 6:00 a.m., so they can join together meanwhile they walked.

After three years of hikes Neil decided to invite her to a stroll. At last, he married with Janet, a Illinois doctor's daughter, in January, 1956.

One of the first residence was a rustic mackerel to 1500 meters of altitude and to 80 kilometers from the Edwars Air Base, where Neal works as a investigation pilot. The house was so comfortless that Janet's son, Ricky, has to take a bath in the courtyard, with a solar bathing. But the lonely and the view were splendid and Neil can say hello to Janet from his airplanes when he was near the house. In the same base hi learned to handle a glider, and until now his hobby is fly in completed silence and with out motor.

His interesting never were in team sports, and for an astronaut that's really weird. He never go out to run or make exercise, he says that he believe that all human being has a finite number of pulsation, and he doesn't want to waste it running for some sport.

If we talk about his marital relationship we can say that he is a quiet person, when he go out to Kenedy Cape is not unusual that he forgotten tell to his wife, but he call her later. Or when he come back to his house and his wife is not in home because she is in her swimming class, he read the note that she left in the table and take the food she left him in the refrigerator.

When they have visits Neil cook with Janet, he made pizza, this is great because he learn all that stuff in a bakery when he worked there in his childhood.

His wife says that the disgrace and the excuses makes that he goes angry and this defects are not usual in their home, so his wife and their parent says that is very easy live with him.

He loves the books, but he doesn't have time, he loves too the music, with his saving he could buy a trumpet when he was in the quarter call Mississipi Moonshiners. He learn too to play the piano, and actually he and his wife played it together.

In occasions like that we can thinks that Neil Armstrong is a typical hero with seven life, _______(la cual) all have been put to the service oh his country, less one, ______(en la cual) he pass in his house, with his beautiful family playing and having fun.

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