Lista de Irregular Verbs

Irregular verbs


Flee Fled Fled Huir

Gainsay Gainsaid Gainsaid Contradecir, negar

Hear Heard Heard Oír

Say Said Said Decir

Sell Sold Sold Vender

Shoe Shod Shod Herrar

Shoed Shoed

Tell Told Told Decir


Can Could Could Poder

Clothe Clad Clad Vestir, cubrir

Clothed Clothed

Have Had Had Tener

Make Made Made Hacer

Shall Should (to express obligation, etc.)

Will Would (to express future, volition, etc.)


Burn Burnt Burnt Quemar

Burned Burned

Dwell Dwelt Dwelt Morar

Dwelled Dwelled

Learn Learnt Learnt Aprender

Learned Learned

Smell Smelt Smelt Oler

Smelled Smelled

Spell Spelt Spelt Deletrear

Spelled Spelled

Spill Spilt Spilt Derramar

Spilled Spilled

Spoil Spoilt Spoilt Estropear, maleducar

Spoiled Spoiled

Swell Swelled Swollen Hincharse



Bend Bent Bent Doblar

Blend Blent Blent Mezclar, combinar

Blended Blended

Build Built Built Construir

Gild Gilded Gilded Dorar, dar una capa dorada


Gird Girt Girt Rodear

Girded Girded

Lend Lent Lent Prestar

Rend Rent Rent Rasgar, desgarrar

Rended Rended

Send Sent Sent Mandar

Spend Spent Spent Gastar


Bereave Bereft Bereft Privar

Bereaved Bereaved

Cleave (vi) Cleaved Cleaved Dividirse, to remain loyal/faithful



(vt) Cleaved Cleaved Hender, partir

Cleft Cleft

Clove Cloven

Creep Crept Crept Arrastrarse

Deal Dealt Dealt Dar, asestar, repartir

Dream Dreamt Dreamt Soñar

Dreamed Dreamed

Feel Felt Felt Sentir

Keep Kept Kept Mantener, guardar

Kneel Knelt Knelt Arrodillarse

Kneeled Kneeled

Lean Leant Leant Apoyarse, inclinarse

Leaned Leaned

Leap Leapt Leapt Saltar

Leaped Leaped

Leave Left Left Abandonar

Lose Lost Lost Perder

Mean Meant Meant Significar

Reave Reft Reft Robar, desposeer (plunder)

Reaved Reaved

Sleep Slept Slept Dormir

Sweep Swept Swept Barrer

Weep Wept Wept Llorar


Beseech Besought Besought Suplicar

Beseeched Beseeched

Bring Brought Brought Traer

Buy Bought Bought Comprar

Catch Caught Caught Coger

Dare Dared Dared Atreverse


May Might (to express capability/probability)

Seek Sought Sought Buscar, pedir

Teach Taught Taught Enseñar

Think Thought Thought Pensar

Work Wrought Wrought Trabajar

Worked Worked


Bet Bet Bet Apostar

Betted Betted

Burst Burst Burst Estallar, reventar

Bursted Bursted

Cast Cast Cast Arrojar, echar

Cost Cost Cost Costar

Hit Hit Hit Golpear

Hurt Hurt Hurt Herir

Knit Knit Knit Tejer

Knitted Knitted

Let Let Let Permitir

Letted Letted

Must Must (to express obligation)

Ought Ought (to express obligation)

Put Put Put Poner

Quit Quit Quit Abandonar

Quitted Quitted

Rid Rid Rid Eliminar, deshacerse de

Ridded Ridded

Set Set Set Colocar, poner

Shut Shut Shut Cerrar

Slit Slit Slit Cortar

Spread Spread Spread Extender

Sweat Sweat Sweat Sudar

Sweated Sweated

Thrust Thrust Thrust Empujar, clavar

Wed Wed Wed Casarse

Wedded Wedded


Bleed Bled Bled Sangrar

Breed Bred Bred Criar, cultivar

Feed Fed Fed Alimentar

Lead Led Led Llevar, conducir

Meet Met Met Reunir

Read Read Read Leer

Speed Sped Sped Acelerar, ir rápido

Speeded Speeded


Abide Abode Abode Soportar, habitar

Abided Abided

Bind Bound Bound Atar, unir


Cling Clung Clung Agarrarse, pegarse

Dig Dug Dug Cavar, clavar

Fight Fought Fought Luchar

Find Found Found Encontrar

Fling Flung Flung Arrojar, tirar, agitar

Grind Ground Ground Moler, triturar

Hang Hung Hung Colgar

Hanged Hanged

Heave Hove Hove Tirar de, levantar, mover

Heaved Heaved

Hold Held Held Agarrar, mantener, aguantar

Light Lit Lit Encender, iluminar

Lighted Lighted

Sit Sat Sat Sentarse

Shine Shone Shone Brillar

Shined Shined

Shoot Shot Shot Disparar

Sling Slung Slung Tirar, colgar

Slink Slunk Slunk Andar a hurtadillas

Slinked Slinked

Spin Spun Spun Girar, dar vueltas

Spit Spat Spat Escupir

Spit Spit

Stand Stood Stood Estar de pie

Stave Stove Stove Romper, abrir un agujero

Staved Staved

Stick Stuck Stuck Pegar

Sting Stung Stung Picar

Strike Struck Struck Golpear


Swing Swung Swung Balancear

Understand Understood Understood Comprender

Win Won Won Ganar

Wind (1) Winded Winded Olfatear, seguir el rastro

Wind (2) Wound Wound Hacer sonar

Winded Winded

Wind (3) Winded Winded Dejar sin respiración, tocar instrumento

Wound Wound

Withhold Withheld Withheld Negar, denegar, rehusar

Wring Wrung Wrung Escurrir, sacar


Begin Began Begun Comenzar

Come Came Come Vener

Drink Drank Drunk Beber


Ring Rang Rung Llamar

Run Ran Run Correr


Shrink Shrank Shrunk Encoger(se), retorcer


Sing Sang Sung Cantar

Sink Sank Sunk Hundir

Sunk Sunken

Spring Sprang Sprung Saltar, brotar, torcerse


Stink Stank Stunk Apestar, heder


Swim Swam Swum Nadar


Bear Bore Born Portar, llevar, soportar


Beat Beat Beaten Golpear


Befall Befell Befallen Suceder, acontecer

Bid Bade Bidden Pujar, ofrecer

Bid Bid

Bite Bit Bitten Morder


Blow Blew Blown Soplar

Break Broke Broken Romper

Chide Chid Chid Reprender

Chided Chided


Choose Chose Chosen Escoger

Cleave (1) Clove Cleaved Pegar


Cleave (2) Cleaved Cleaved Dividir, partir

Cleft Cleft

Clove Cloven

Do Did Done Hacer

Draw Drew Drawn Dibujar

Drive Drove Driven Conducir

Eat Ate Eaten Comer

Fall Fell Fallen Caer

Fly Flew Flown Volar

Forbid Forbade Forbidden Prohibir


Forget Forgot Forgotten Olvidar


Forgive Forgave Forgiven Perdonar

Forsake Forsook Forsaken Abandonar, renunciar

Freeze Froze Frozen Congelar

Give Gave Given Dar

Grow Grew Grown Cultivar, crecer

Hide Hid Hidden Esconder(se)


Know Knew Known Saber

Lie Lay Lain Estar tumbado

Ride Rode Ridden Montar

Rise Rose Risen Subir, levantarse

See Saw Seen Ver

Seethe Seethed Seethed Hervir, bullir, borbotar


Shake Shook Shaken Agitar

Shrive Shrived Shriven Arrugarse, resecarse

Shrove Shrived

Slay Slew Slain Matar


Smite Smote Smitten Golpear, castigar


Speak Spoke Spoken (arch. spoke) Hablar

Steal Stole Stolen Robar

Stride Strode Stridden Montar a horcajadas

Strive Strove Striven Esforzarse, afanarse

Strived Strived

Swear Swore Sworn Jurar

Take Took Taken Coger

Tear Tore Torn Rasgar, romper

Thrive Throve Thriven Crecer mucho, prosperar

Thrived Thrived

Throw Threw Thrown Arrojar, tirar

Tread Trod Trodden Andar, pisar

Treaded Trod

Wake Woke Woken Despertar(se)

Waked Waked


Wear Wore Worn Llevar puesto

Weave Wove Woven Tejer

Weaved Weaved

Write Wrote Written Escribir



Beget Begot Begotten Causar, generar, provocar

Begat Begot

Get Got Got Conseguir


Hew Hewed Hewn Tallar, labrar


Lade Laded Laded Cargar (to put a load on/in)


Melt Melted Molten Derretir, fundir

Mow Mowed Mown Cortar (el césped)

Rive Rived Riven Partir, hender violentamente


Saw Sawed Sawn Serrar


Sew Sewed Sewn Coser


Shave Shaved Shaven Afeitar


Shear Sheared Sheared Esquilar


Show Showed Shown Mostrar


Sow Sowed Sown Sembrar


Strew Strewed Strewn Esparcir


Swell Swelled Swollen Hinchar


Wake Woke Woken Despertar(se)

Waked Waked



Be Was/were Been Ser, estar

Go Went Gone Ir

In this list, the groups I to VIII are historically regular, while IX-XIII are the true irregular ones, coming from Indo-European.

Smelt-smelted-smelted: To melt or fuse, often with an accompanying chemical change usually to separate the metal. Refine, reduce.

Girt-girted-girted: to fasten by means of a girth.

Rent-rented-rented: To grant the possession and enjoyment of in exchange for rent. To take and hold under an agreement to pay rent. To be for rent. To obtain the possession and use of a place or article in exchange for rent. To allow the possession and use of property in exchange for rent.

Felt-felted-felted: To make out of or cover with felt. To cause to adhere and mat together. To make into felt or a similar substance.


Also: Rid, rode, rode.

Bound, bounded, bounded (vt): to set limits or bounds to, confine; to form the boundary of, enclose. (vi) to move by leaping; rebound, bounce.

Ground, grounded, grounded (vt): a: to bring to or place on the ground; to cause to run aground; to provide a reason or justification for our fears about technological change; to furnish with a foundation of knowledge; to run aground; to hit a grounder.

Spit, spitted, spitted (vt): To fix on or as if on a spit.

Won, wonned, wonned (vi): (archaic) dwell; abide.

Wound, wounded, wounded (vt): to cause a wound to or in; (vi): to inflict a wound

Also drank for past participle (rare).

Ring, ringed, ringed (vt): to provide with a ring; to place or form a ring around; to throw a ringer over in a game; (vi) to move in a ring; to rise in the air spirally; to form or take the shape of a ring.

Also shrunk (rare).

Also sung (rare).

Bore, bored, bored: to pierce with a turning or twisting movement of a tool;to make (as a cylindrical hole) by boring or digging away material; (vi) to make a hole by or as if by boring; to sink a mine shaft or well; to make one's way steadily esp. against resistance; to cause to feel boredom.

Bit, bitted, bitted: to put a bit in the mouth of (a horse); to control as if with a bit; to form a bit on (a key).

Fell, felled, felled: (vt) to cut, knock, or bring down; kill; to sew (a seam) by folding one raw edge under the other and sewing flat on the wrong side.

Lie, lied, lied: to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive; to create a false or misleading impression; (vt): to bring about by telling lies.

Vid. Lay (laid, laid).

Also Ride, rid, rid. Rid, ridded, ridded: (vt): (archaic) save, rescue; to make free: relieve, disencumber.

Vid. Saw, sawed, sawed/sawn.

This verb is semantically separated nowadays.

Slew, slewed, slewed: (vt): to turn (as a telescope or a ship's spar) about a fixed point that is usu. the axis; to cause to skid: veer; (vi): to turn, twist, or swing about: pivot; skid.

To delight or amuse immensely <slayed the audience>.

Spoke, spoked, spoked: (vt): to furnish with or as if with spokes.

Tear, teared, teared: (vi): to fill with tears: shed tears.

Also wrote for past participle (rare).

Laden, ladened, ladened (vt): lade.

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