Conditional clauses # Claúsulas condicionales


Conditional clauses are used to talk about a possible situation and its results.

A conditional clause begins with IF.

A conditional clause needs a main clause that expresses the result of the condition and makes a complete sentence.

The conditional clause can come before or after the main (result) clause.

There are three types of conditional clauses.

FIRST CONDITIONAL (Real Conditional)

If + Present ! Future

- General truth If you add oil to water they won't mix

- Real condition If I work hard I'will pass my exams

- Real condition + If you want to stop the lift you must press the red button

ability (or possibility) I'll call you if I need you

SECOND CONDITIONAL (Unreal or Hypothetical)

If + Simple Past ! would + Infinitive

- Hypothetical conditions If you stole the Mona Lisa it would be difficult to sell

- Unreal conditions If I were rich I'd have my own cook


If + Past Perfect ! would + Present Perfect

- Hypothetical conditions about the past

If I had known that you were coming I would have bought a bottle of wine

- Present result of a past action

If he hadn't stolen the money he wouldn't be in prison now

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