John Doe

John Doe

Before reading

1. Look at the cover. What you can see? What do you think the book is about?

I see a face. I don't know the book is about.

2. Look at the blurb on the black cover and People in the story on page 4. Guess. Who is in the hospital? Why doesn't why doesn't he answer any questions? What does the doctor find out?

Is John Doe. Because he has got amnesia.

3. Look at the pictures on page 5, 7, 11 and 13. Where does the story begin? Tick the right one.

In a hotel In a hospital In a television studio

4. If you have the cassette, listen o chapter one 1.

I haven't got the cassette.

Check your reading

Chapter 1

1. True, false, or don't know?

The man in hospital doesn't know his name. DK

Doctor Cox is a nice man. T

The man's family are looking for him. DK

The man lives in Exeter, Devon. DK

The man saw a film called John Doe. T

2. Chapter 1 ends: `I need to ask you some questions.' `Ok doctor, ask your questions.'

Write five questions for Doctor Cox to ask the man.

Do you remember where you live?

Do you remember if you have family or friends?

Do you remember your age?

Do you remember somebody?

Do you remember something??

3. Look at the picture on page 7. Copy the form and complete it with your ideas.

Name: Albert Mascuñano

Adress: Av. Catalonia 32 19º 9ª

Age: 14.4

Job: Lazy-Man

Chapter 2

1. Who said what?

I have lots of names. John

I'm going on holiday tomorrow. Doctor Cox

And how are we today? Nurse Angela

You're going to be sorry. John

2. Guess. Where is Doctor Cox going holiday? Where is going to stay? Who is he going with?

I think he is going to go to some paradisiacal site, that Fiji Islands, or Caribe Islands.

I think he is going to stay in a hotel. I thin he is going with his family.

3. Imagine you are Nurse Angela. Write some notes about John for Doctor Cox.

John behave good, and he eats normally. He is nice and he never does or says bad things. He is friendly, and he isn't being found bad. His character is very good.

Chapter 3

1. Put the events in the right order.

Mary's friend went to the police 2

Mary died 4

Jenny went to the television studio in York 5

John Roberts had dinner Mary's house

Mary met a man called John Roberts 1

Jenny gave Susan a photograph of John Roberts 6

Mary wrote a letter to her mother. 3

2. Look at the page 19. Imagine you are Jenny on the TV programme `Crimeseek'. What are you going to say?

We are attempting to find a person: John Roberts. He is very dangerous. This is photography of he. If you know anything or remember anything, please, call to this number 911. Thanks. Remember that this man is very dangerous.

Chapter 4

1. Look at the words in italics. Who is I, you, he she?

I followed her home. John

She lives with anther nurse. Nurse Angela

Yesterday he went in holiday. Doctor Cox

I didn't say anything. But I was thinking. John

She wanted a hot bath and a drink. Nurse Angela

Ho no, he can't remember. John

I thought he was well. Nurse Angela/ John

You are very nice to me. Nurse Angela

2. What do you think is going to happen next?

I think John is going to kill Nurse Angela.

Chapter 5

1. Correct the summary.

Doctor Cox was on holiday in Exeter with his brother. Saw a photograph of John Roberts in the newspaper. He phones the TV studio to spoke to Susan Peters. Doctor Cox went to the police station. I was a long way from the hotel. Detective Brown said that John Doe had left the hospital two days ago. Someone knew where he was. Doctor phoned the hospital and spoke Nurse Angela.

Doctor Cox was on holiday with his wife. He saw a photograph of John Roberts in the TV. He phones the TV studio to spoke to Jenny Brown. Doctor Cox went to the police station. It was a long way from the hotel. Detective Brown said that John Doe had left the hospital two days ago. Nobody knew where he was. Doctor phoned the hospital but Nurse Angela wasn't here.

2. What do you think is going to happen next?

I think John are going to kill Nurse Angela, but he doesn't procure do it.

Chapter 6

1. True or false?

John went to the shop to get some milk. F

Angela talked to the police on the phone. F

John didn't want to talk to Doctor Cox. T

John wanted to kill Angela. T

The police knew that John was in the house. T

2. Who…

Was waiting for Angela at the kitchen? John

Phoned Angela at home? Doctor Cox

Was waiting outside Angela's house? The police

Didn't want John to know that she was afraid? Doctor Cox

Took John away? The policemen

Wanted to know Angela was OK? Doctor Cox

After Reading

1. Chose five of the pictures. Write a sentence about each one.

Page 7: Doctor Cox writes notes, but he hasn't the name, the address, and the job

Page 18: John works in a Italian restaurant.

Page 24: Doctor Cox was on holiday

Page 29: Nurse Angela is very afraid.

Page 32: This is the end of a nightmare

2. Make up a new title for the story and new chapter titles.

Book title: Psychopath

Chapter 1: The queer man

Chapter 2: Nice casualty

Chapter 3: The new John Doe

Chapter 4: Lies

Chapter 5: Bad disturb

Chapter 6: Fear

3. Which character do you like most? Why?

I like most the Doctor Cox, because I identify with him.

4. Look at the page 27.

Doctor Cox phoned the hospital. Write his conversation.

Or Jenny phoned the Exeter police. Write her conversation.

-Hello, good afternoon, is there Nurse Angela please?

-One moment please


-No, I'm sorry; she goes out around 3 hours

-OK, thanks. God bye

5. Imagine you work for a newspaper. Write questions to ask Angela

-Did you know he was a psychopath?

-Did you are afraid when he was in your house?

-Do you like return to see him?

6. Write a letter from Angela to a friend telling her about what happened.

Dear Lucy, I'm going to tell all that success to me this weekend.

A man called John Roberts was going almost to kill me. He was a patient that I have in the hospital.

Ok, if you like I tell more things call me.



7. What happens after the end of the story? Write about what happens to John Doe, Nurse Angela, and Doctor Cox.

John Doe ,went to the prison for 40 years

Nurse Angela, next a week, suicides, because she had got a very big trauma.

Doctor Cox take the fall because he have got much stress, and he went to “Cabo Verde”

8. Word search.

Sorry, Knife, Detective, Member, Day, Doctor, Nurse, Holiday, Photograph, Smile, Remember.

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