Ghosts Stories



At Chritmas Eve, in a strange house.


-Tony Jackson

-Jack Sangton

-Violet Sangston

-Reggie Sangston

-Brenda Ford

-Mrs. Gorman


In Christmas Eve, Tony Jackson had had a good dinner with his friends, and when they finished the dinner they decided to play Hide and Seek; but Tony refused and he proposed to play "Smee" but without him. His friends asked him why not he didn't want to play Hide and Seekt and he explained that ten years ago a girl that was playing al Hide and Seek fell for the stairs and she broke her neck and she died. Then he explained what had passed playing "Smee" 5 years ago: after explaining all the rules and after 2 hours, when the game had finished, people that were playing with Tony told that they had found "Smee" and that was, incredibly, Brenda Ford, the girl who had broken the neck and died 10 years ago!



In a small town called Benchurch.


-John Moore

-Mrs Withan

-Mr Carnford

-Mrs Dempster

-Mrs Wood

-The judge


It was April, and John Moore decided to go to some town far away to be examined later. Just he arrived to the town called Benchurch, he want to a house and rented it for three months. When he spoke with the owner of the house, she informed John of the history that the house had: the judge's house. The people of the town says that the judge that lived in that house was very severe and a day appeared hung with a rope and anymore; the sirens and bells began to sound, but the boy ignored that history. After a period of time during the boy was having some strange feelings in the house, one day the sirens and bells began to sound in the town, the people went to the house and they found John Moore hung with the same rope as the judge, under the body there was a fallen chair, and the face of the judge painted in the picture showed a malignant smile...



A short holiday in Frablan Fawr, Wales.


-Giles Hampton



-Mr. Stevenson

-Captain Trevor

-Madog ap Rhys


Beverly has built a house in Wales and invites his friend Giles Hampton, to spend a few days there. Giles goes delighted, and one day he decides to do an excursion by the mountains and hills because he loves the geology, but the weather is really bad and a very thick fog it appears, Giles is lost. A man that speaks in Welsh appears through the fog and he's got a map to return to house, and he gives Giles. At the end of the day Beverly, his servant and Giles discover that the mysterious man that helped Hampton to return home was Madog ap Rhys, dead in the 1720. There are many stories about him, that say that he helps to the travellers who had lost their way.



In a prision of England.


-Charles Linkworth

-Doctor Teesdale

-Mr Dawkins(the prision chaplain)

-Prision Officer Draycott

-Mr and Mrs Parker


Charles Linkworth was a man who had never agreed with his mother and one day, when his wife went out, he decided to kill his mother and he buried her body in the garden. The time passed and nobody knew nothing about his mother because he had lied to everyone until a day that police discovered the body of his mother buried, they arrested Charles and condemned to death. In the prison, after he was executed, the chaplain and a doctor went to his cell to verify his death; but there wasn't rope to hung Linkworth. They decided to go to his house and they had the same feeling that in the cell:the spirit of Linkworth was there. During some second Charles appeared dead with a horrible face and with the same rope that in the cell and he was dispelled and all disappeared.



In the snow, then in the house of the elder, later in the "ghost coach" and finally in James Murray house's. ( in the north of England )


-James Murray


-Jame's Murray wife's

-The old man


One day James Murray was walking along the mountains of the north of England when it started to snow to lot, he was lost and very far from his house, and his wife was waiting to him. He found a man who took to house of his master in which he could take refuge of cold and he ate. The man of the house said that James could return to house taking a coach. Then in coach, the conductor didn't answer to him and when James watched to his face he saw green and luminous eyes as a death and the horses were completely crazy. After this, James woke up in his bed with his wife, who explained that there was lost the snow and he appeared near house, then James didn't remember anything but the next day he remembered all that happened. He never explain this storie to anybody, only to his docto, who says him that that storie is product of cold and the blow in the head, but he remember his experience very well...



The house called “fullcircle”


-Harry Peck


-Lord Carteron

-Juliand and Ursula Giffen

-Mary Elliston

-Mr Percy Blaker

-Doctor Swoper


Harry Peck and his friend Leither were of excursion until they arrived at the house called "fullcircle". Leithen explained Harry all the history of that house, who built it and all the histories of the people that had lived there, until the last habitants, the Giffen, friends of Leithen. Julian and Ursula Giffen invited the boys to spend a few days there, while, Harry continued being reported of the dense history of that house. They had a very good time drinking tea, fishing, etc. All the habitants seemed to have something in common: their transformation to Christianity. The boys deduced that could be for its first habitant... but the Giffen broke that tradition. After various months, the boys returned to fullcircle and Julian showed he, her new altar, that his wife want to build. It is a mystery the reason why she had also transformed to Christianity...


My personal opinion in general is good. I like the book a lot, because the stories were too interesting, although I don't like the end of some stories, because I think that there wasn't have emotion. The stories that I more like are "Smee" and "The judge' s house", because the development of the theme is good and the end is too exciting, better than the others.

I don't understand some expressions because the book isn't for my level but if it is of a higher level it can has better stories, in my opinion. In conclusion, I recommend the book to everyone because is interesting and it isn't heavy, the book can be read quickly.

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