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Nowadays, freedom is a very complex concept which must be analized under many points of view.

First of all, from a philosophical point of view. During the Enlightenment, Kant strongly affirmed “Sapere Aude” by which he encourage man to use his intelligence and reason in order to be free and to be able to make his own choices.

Moreover, the true freedom is conquered during the Renaissance in which human being was not longer just a gear of a big machine but he gain importance as, for the first time, he had the right to mould his life as he wanted.
Man's destiny is no longer decided before since he could change it as soon as he made his own choices. That is why, in the occidental society, man plays a foundamental part since he is free to decide for himself.

Secondly, from a judicial point of view, freedom is the most important right man has got since he is born and it is recognized by all the constitutions in the world. In some cases, however, it is not completely respected by some countries where a sort of slavery is still present.
As an opposite term of freedom, it is a terrible system of human exploitation that, in the past, was considered a normal situation. In my opinion, it is an extant problem that has to be accepted by the public opinion since we are not able to block or solve it by ourselves.

Slaves have not got the right to say what they really think against their masters just because their lives dipends on the will of those who considered them as their own properties.

Thirdly, from a historical point of view, the achievement of Freedom was not automatic as, in the past, an inestimable number of people fought for it and died. To explain this concept, we have to take into consideration one of the most famous fights of our history: the French Revolution in 1789 whose battle cry was “Liberté, Egalité et Fraternité”. During this battle, people gave their lives for something they always dream, in which they strongly believed and wanted, something that has been denied for a long time. This is the reason why French people wanted to abolish the power of the King that obstructed their personal freedom and will.

Finally, from a bureaucratic point of view, modern man can be defined “free man” since he is free to profess his own religion, to expose his own ideas orally or written down, to vote the politician he likes, to listen the music he loves, to dress what he wanted, to choose what is right or wrong for himself, etc.

On the other hand, in my opinion, modern man is becoming more and more a slave since he cannot renounce to the confort, to the well-being and to concept of freedom itself.

It could seem a paradoxical situation but it is tragically true: people mourn about the society where they live and wanted to break few existent laws that “obstruct” their complet freedom.

It is fair to enjoy a certain freedom but everyone must respect not only social rules in order to live harmoniusly but also other people by accepting their different ideas.

Moreover, it is not important what we do but what we have done is what we wanted.

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