Dawn and the Halloween Mystery; Ann M. Martin

Dawn and the Halloween Mystery

Ann M. Martin.

This story is about a girl named Dawn, that with her friends tried to solved a mystery of someone that robbed a Halloween store, because if they don´t solved it all the children from the town will have no Halloween.

Main characters: -Dawn


- Evelyn

Summary: This is the story about Dawn, a girl who's parents were divorced, so she lived in two parts: Connecticut and California.

Dawn had a club of baby sitters in the two places that she lived.

In the story, she is living with her father, California, and soon it will be Halloween, so all the children are very excited about it, and they had all prepared their dresses. (costumes)

One day, when she was buying the last things for Halloween, she saw the robery of a store, so she had to go to the police and declare all the things that she saw. One of the things that called her attention was his/her dressing costume because this strange was using a very special clown mask.

Like the robber was free, all the parents decided that their children couldn't get out for Halloween. Dawn and her friends got the idea of making a party in which all the children could use their dresses costumes and they could have fun, but they also got the idea that they had to find who was the one who robe the store. They started looking the very special mask that the robber used, one clue that they had was that this mask was in a store that only opened for Halloween: Jolly Roger, so they went to Jolly Roger and there they asked for the mask, but they were all sold, so they asked of the people who have bought it, when they told Dawn and her friends, there were 3 suspects: -2 boys and -1 women, they inmediatly thought about the boys so they went Hank's flower Basket, where one of the boys worked, there they saw a girl playing with the mask, so they thought that he couldn't be.

Then they join other day looking for the boy who was in the team of Palo City High, there they looked for the description of the boy, when they found him, they never lossed him of sight. They followed him until they loosed (lost) it of sight, but they decided that he wasn't the robber, because he was very good with everyone that had a problem.

They thought that the women wasn't so they stayed with no one to looked for.

They started to worried (worry porque el otro ya está en pasado started) about the party and they thought that Halloween was over.

One day, when she was baby sitting Cynthia's children, Dawn found with another boy, called Timmy, he was very shy and he had changed of house (moved of house) some days ago.

But, one day, when Dawn was going to baby sitt the same boys, she saw something strange in the neighboring back yard,where Timmy and his father lived, so she enter to looked and she found that the car that the clown robber used was there, this car had all the things that Dawn had seen, so she went to Cynthia's house, the mother of the boys who she was going to baby sitt, and called the police.

They all thought that it was the father of Timmy, the friend of the boys of Cynthia, so they could had Halloween.

Dawn had to baby sitt some girls for treak or trick, but when she was with the girls in the treak or trick, she saw something strange and inmediatly she thought that the robber wasn't Timmy's father, that it was another person, so she took the girls to Cynthia's house, where they called the police.

When they arrived, they found the robber in the neighbord back yard and they captured him, but him wasn't (a) him it was a her and it was the mother of Timmy Timmy's mother), Evelyn.

When all this had happened, all the children could go to the party and had fun once again in a day.


Dawn and her friends, just made the things that hey had to do. Tried to solve the case of the Halloween robbery at the store, they tried,but they couldn't arrive to the robber, they only could arrive there when they were baby sitting, it was very good when they found the robber, because all the children and the mothers wouldn't be worried They just made the right thing when they started preparing the party for the children, because if they wouldn't made the party all the children would had no Halloween and they would all be sad.

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