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Hello, my name is Carmen and I´m going to talk about alcoholism in young people.

I have decided to speak on the alcohol, because I think that it is a drug that is damaging lots of people. Nowadays we see many young people who are addicted alcohol.

The consumption of the alcohol, has been recognized like a factor of social integration which makes easy the social relationships. Alcohol is one of the drugs, that has become in a true social problem in almost all the countries and it is consumed by very young people. It is really easy to get it.

Perhaps many people think that if they aren´t typical alcoholics, the consequences of drinking frequently and in high doses is not so alarming, but the damage of the alcohol can be serious and in many cases irreversible.

Alcoholism is a chronic, progressive and often mortal disease; alcoholism is a combination of a wide range of physiological, psychologic and a social and genetic factor.

The reasons why young people consume alcohol are:

·To feel better

·To rest and to forget stress.

·To escape from the routine.

·Because they like the flavor of alcoholic drinks.

·To be more comfortable in meetings.

·To be part of a particular group.

·To get drunk

·To look more mature and so on.

People with alcoholic familiar backgrounds have bigger possibilities to drink before the age of 19 and of becoming alcoholics. But any person who begins to drink during adolescence is at risk. People whoi begin to drink soon are also at risk of taking drugs. It is important that the young people think and analyze it so that they realize that they are growing in a world where alcohol is causing to serious damages. Many young people are destroying their lives under the effects of alcohol. We can see many people in the street whose lives have been ruined by their addiction to the alcohol. The problem is terrible.

I cannot understand why alcohol, which is a very dangerous drug is not seen like that, just the other way round you are encouraged to have a drink continuosly. For example here in Spain we celebrate everthing with alcohol: when we baptize a baby, a wedding, when we buy something, when we pass an exam and so on.

Young people must change of attitude and decide not to have alcohol. We must love ourselves. Alcohol doesn´t help us to be happier just the other way round, if we drink too much alcohol we can destroy our lives and the lives of those around us.

Alcohol has direct toxic and sedative effects on our bodies, advanced cases often require hospitalization. Alcoholics have got digestive-system disorders such as ulcers, inflammation of the pancreas, and cirrhosis of the liver. The nervous system can be damaged, they can also suffer from blackouts, hallucinations, and tremors.

And of course, we must mention delirium tremens, when an alcoholic suffers from Dt´s, he or she cannot stop his on her body from shaking, is unable to think early, and may see and feel things which do no exist. I have heard that heavy drinking during pregnaury can cause serious damage to the unborn child. So, sometimes I wonder why knowing this, people continue drinking. Something curious is that sometimes Alcoholic´s children also become alcoholic. That´s something I have never understood, because they have suffered all the consecuences of alcohol at home. They have seen how alcohol is more important than work, family, personal relations and so on for their parents. They have suffered from ill treatment. I suppose that psychological factors must have a great influence.

Although here in Spain there are laws to prevent children under sixteen from buying alcohol, I have to say that some shops sell alcohol to adolescents. Sometimes the tallest in the group is the one who goes to the shop to buy alcohol, and the shop assistant doesn´t ask for his or her identity card because the only thing she is interested in, is selling.

But just to finish I would like to be positive and say that it is possible a treatment. The treatmen of the illness recognizes alcoholism as a primary problem needing attention.

First of all the alcoholic must be aware of his or her problem and he must want to stop drinking. It is not only a physical problem but also a psichological help. There are association such as Alcoholics Anonymous which are really helping both alcoholics and their families. So I think that they can get it if they want.

Alcohol is good for our health if we only drink a little, but all the excesses are bad.

Enviado por:Carmen Peña
Idioma: catalán
País: España

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