Adolf Hitler's New Order


The National Socialist Party headed by Adolf Hitler, tried to make a new world

following the instructions of Hitler's book Mein Kampf.

New Order was wide- spread Nazi policy, the signed to create a German Master Race, enslave eastern Europeans and exterminate undesirable elements (particularly Jews) In a nazi ruled Europe.

'Adolf Hitler\'s New Order'

Hitler's propaganda


Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn (Austria) in April 20, 1889. He couldn't finish the High School and he moved to Vienna were he asked to enter in the Art Academy, but he wasn't accepted. In Vienna he entered in contact with a anti-Semites government, probably was during his live in Vienna when he started to hate the Jews , because he believes that it was Jews fault that he couldn't have a decent job. With the start of the WWI he entered in the Bavarian Army and he showed that he was a good soldier but he only arrived to the position of guide. When the WWI finished he continued in the army for two years and the he entered in the National Socialist Party.


When Hitler entered in the Nazi Party in July 1919 he was responsible to extend propaganda against the communists and to promote the nationalist ideology. But in 1921 he eliminated the President of the Party and he named himself the president.

Hitler tried to do the same that Mussolini did by making a “coup d'ètat” but it failed and Hitler was imprisoned, while he was in prison he wrote “Mein Kampf” a book in which Hitler ideas were exposed:

  • Germans were the Master race, the Aryan race.

  • The German Empire (Third Reich) had to dominate Europe, and then the rest of the World.

  • They had to eliminate the “Untermenschen”, the undesirable people, as the Jews (principally), the Slavs, the people mental or physical ill and the people who were against Hitler's thoughts.

When Hitler exited of the prison in 1924 thanks to a general amnesty he recreated the Nazi Party and he continued with his extreme nationalists ideas, and with the help of the nazi private army, the SA, he afraid the politics enemies that he could have. Hitler arrived to the people because he was a good orator, he exposed the ideas clearly and the most important, he exposed the ideas that the people wanted to hear, in this period of Germany History, we found that there was a big unemployment, an economic crisis and a huge feel of revenge that the German people had against the treaty of Versailles so it moved to France, Great Britain, USA, and the countries that defeated Germany and declared it the guilty of the WWI, Hitler used all that and he promised the elimination of unemployment, the economic recuperation and of course the new era of Germany, in which Germany was going to be the great nation on the World. The Germans trusted in him and finally in 1933, Hitler was named Chancellor of Germany. Using this position Hitler named himself Führer of Germany. He took all the power and he put Nazi people in the government, he also created the Gestapo, his secret police, and he sent his enemies to the concentration camps.

Concentration camps


Hitler named his period of government Third Reich, his way of rule was the New Order. During the first period of Hitler's rule, the unemployment decreased because Hitler created new work places in the Army Industry, he didn't pay attention to the Points of the Treaty of Versailles and he began to rebuild the German Army, he moved troops to the Rhineland and he joined to the German Empire, Sudeten (natural frontier with Czechs ) and Austria. He also made a pact with the Italian dictator Mussolini and with him he sent help to the nationalists in the Spanish Civil War.

While Hitler was increasing the German power in Europe, the Jews, the Slavs (now only the Czechs) and all the people against his regime was being sent to the concentration camps, where they were killed, used as slaves until they died or they were used as animals in the nazi scientific experiments. All the money that this people had

Was sent to the German Treasure, to Hitler's own pocket, or to one of Hitler's hands, as Himmler, Goering or someone else.


A good part of a people's history is determined by what it has inherited, and following that the German society was divided in three groups:

  • The First was formed by a large group of people with average gifts, the most of us who are able to deal with the normal problems life presents us with.

  • The next one, was formed by a very small amount of people, this group had received a better inheritance than most of us, they are the leaders of humanity.

  • The third small group with particular traits: those who are sick or genetically defective.

As we know the Hitler's policy with the people that he didn't like was the extermination or, if these people were “lucky” instead of being killed immediately they were sent to concentrations camps. But we cannot forget the undesirable elements of the German society as were the mental or physical sick, the women or the homosexuals.

  • THE JEWS. The Jews are the group considered more discriminated of all of them. When Hitler arrived to power one of the first measures he took, was to begin to eliminate the Jews of the economic German life, if a Jew was the owner of a shop this shop was closed, if he was a writer all the books he published were burned, in short the first thing they did was to erase them from the everyday life, then they started to mark them, they made signals in Jew's houses, they prohibited the education of them, and finally they began to be sent to the camps, as Auschwitz, in the camps they were directly killed or they let them die by starvation or some illness as tuberculosis. Their possessions were sent to the German Treasure and after dead the nazis sent their hair, and other parts of the body to some industries.

  • THE SLAVS. The Slavs were the Eastern peoples as the Czechs, the Russians, and all of the Balkan zone. Hitler didn't consider them as dangerous as the Jews, and he decided to use them as simple slaves. Hitler prohibited them the education, the right to have children, but he tolerated them the religion as a diversion and of course they only could eat the food that was absolutely necessary, no more.

  • HOMOSEXUALS AND MENTAL OR PHYSICAL ILL. With these kind of subjects Hitler only ordered to kill them, they were Germans or not, they had to die because they weren't normal, and they couldn't tolerate their existence because maybe they would try to have children and they could transmits their ill gems.

  • GERMAN WOMEN. For the women, the fact that was against them was the idea of no freedom of speech, if we know that in Hitler's dictatorship the men (unless if they were important nazis) hadn't the right to say something, thinking that they were sexists, we can imagine that the women were much more oppressed than men, so in short the women were only machines of babies production, Hitler and the rest of the nazi rulers only wanted women in the German society, to create more German men, and if in the Germans women mind passed the idea of change it, they automatically were sent to concentration camps. And if they have some relation with a non German man, they also were sent to a camp.


After Hitler conquered Czechoslovakia, Hitler had already decided Czechs future, one half of them were to be “assimilated”, shipping them as slave labor to Germany, the other half were to be eliminated. The French and the British decided to made an agreement with the Poles, if Hitler would try to conquer Poland they would enter in war with the Germans, it was an indirect ultimatum to Hitler's actions, because the Allies knew all that was happening in Hitler's dictatorship and they wanted to stop him before the WWII started. But Hitler made an agreement with Stalin and he entered in Poland, so fast that the Allies couldn't do anything, they only declared war to Germany.

With Poland as another state of German Empire, Hitler could have more workers (slaves) to work in his concentration camps. Hitler believed that the Poles were born for low labor, there can no be no question of improvement for them Hitler decided to use them when they were needed, so if Germany needed someone to work, the poles would be sent.

After the invasion of Poland, came these of Denmark, Belgium, Norway, Netherlands and France, Great Britain didn't was conquered for two reasons, it was an island and the Royal Air Forces could fight and win the Germans ones. Hitler however didn't stop, he moved now his Army against the communism he hated. When the German troops first entered in Russia they were in many places hailed as liberators, because the Russians were afraid of the way of government of Stalin. But the savagery of the Nazi occupation and the obvious aims of the German conquerors, to plunder the Russian lands, enslave their people and colonize the east with Germans soon destroyed any possibility of such a development.

The Russians as the other Slav conquered peoples were to be the Germans slaves and the German animals for their experiments.

Was, when the Germans entered in Russia when the United States decided to enter the war, and also, when Hitler found out, that the war was military lost, but he instead of make an other Treaty of peace, continued to kill Jews, Slavs and the other undesirable elements of the society, because he still believed that a politic movement, or in short that Germany was the Master Race, and it was no possible to lost that war could make the war change into Germans side, but finally in April 30, 1945 in Berlin Hitler decided to suicide and he and his wife Eva Braun (they married the day before) received a shot of a gun.


We know that during the WWII the Jews were the people who most suffered, but the hate against them wasn't only in Germany, in France, Spain, Italy, Great Britain and in many other countries during all the periods of the History the Jews had been expulsed, why? Because the arrived very quickly to the powerful places of the governments and the different societies among these eras didn't want a country ruled by people who were not from this country. Hitler was only the man who made public the hate of the people against the Jews and with the end of the WWII and the creation of Israel they received a place where they could live in peace, but as this place, Israel, was before of Palestine, the “solution” of the ONU, created an other conflict, but now is not in Europe and with Hitler in the front, now is in Orient and with all the muslin countries against the Jews. Well I think that the Jews had been pursued in all the countries in all the times and is very difficult that an ideology that had be there during the times can stop now, so the wars in the country with the Jews as victims aren't going to stop.

In short the discrimination of the different cultures existed in the past, exist now and will exist in the future, because the nature of humans is that one, we are egoists, and we want all for us, and as we feel part of a society, we want all for this society, so is impossible, I think, end with the racial differences, the sexism, the feminism or whatever way of discrimination among the different peoples that form the world, so what Hitler did was only the wish of a society that was claming for revenge against a wrong document called Treaty of Versailles.


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