VOCABULARIO 440 palabras

1ºDays of the week: Monday, Tuestay, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 7

2ºMonths of the year: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December. 12

3ºNumbers: First, second third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth. 12

4ºSchool subject: Art, Cookery, Computer Studies, English, French, Geography, History, Library, Private Study, Maths, Music, Science, Sports. 13

5ºClassroom: Chair, table, desk, book, pen, ruler, blackboard, door, wall, map, light, window. 12

6ºCountries: Great Britain, the United Kingdom, Scotland, England, Northerm Ireland, Wales. 7

7ºLocations: North, North-east, East, South-east, South, South-west, West, North west, Centre. 9

8ºMember of the family: Parents, mother, father, children, daughter, son, sister, brother, grandparents, grandfather, grandmother, grandchildren, granddaughter, grandson, aunt, uncle, cousin. 17

9ºCountries and nationalities: Argentina- Argentinian, Brazil-Brazilian, tue U.S.A.-American, United Kingdom-British, Spain-Spanish, Poland-Polish, Greece-Greek, Turkey-Turkish, Egypt-Egyptian, China- Chinese, Japan-Japanese, Australia- Australian. 24

10ºFoot and drink: Bread, bananas, carrots, onions, potatoes, tea, beef, chicken, lamb, milk, lemons, rice. 12

11ºMathematics: Plus, minus, divided by, equals, zero, multiplied by, times. 7

12ºHouses and homes: Roof, balcony, garage, garden, bedroom, bathroom, shower, stairs, hall, dining-room, Kitchen, toliet/loo, basement, igloo, tepee, tent, farm, flats, house. 21

13ºClothes: sweater, anorak, gloves, jeans, socks, sweatshirt, tie, shirt, suit, coat, shoes, dress, blouse, skirt. 14

14ºColour: red, green, purple, orange, blue, white, yellow, black, brown. 9

15ºAnimals: Pandas, elephans, tigers, dolphins, whales, dogs, cats, birds, rat, canaries, peacock. 11

16ºParts of the body: Hand, arm, head, finger, thumb, chest, back, leg, foot, toe, eyes, lips, hair, face, ear, nose, mouth, teeth. 18

17ºSports and games: Athletics, baseball, basketball, cricket, gymnastics, hockey, ice-skating, rugby, sailing, volleyball. 10

18ºThe enviroment: Season: spring, summer, autumn, winter.Climate and weather: rain, cloudy, wet, hot, sunny, dry, wind, windy, snow, cold.Land and water: rivers, seas, oceans, trees, forest, deserts, hills, mountains. 22

19ºObjects and materials: Cotton, glass, leather, metal, paper, plastic, rubber, wood, wool, ruler, boocks, window, elastic band, coins, desk, scarf, T-shirt, belt. 19

20ºMusic: Pop music, rock music, classical music, folk music, bruk music, American music, jazz music. 7

21ºTime: Minute, hour, day, week, month, year, dacade, century, millennium. 9

22ºSouvenirs: Caps, carrier bags, videos, postcards, maps, guide books, pens and pencils, badges, mugs, sweatshirt. 11

23ºPast, present and future: The day before yesterday, yesterday, today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow. The month before last, last month, this month, next month, the month after next. The year before last, last year, this year, next year, the year after next. 15

24ºHobbies and interests: basketball, pop music, fishing, photography, computer games, windsurfing, climbing, cycling. 8

25ºMethods of transport: on foot, by helicopter, by bike, by boat, by bus, by car, by plane, by train, by undergrand/by tube, by motorbike. 11

26ºShops and shopping: the florist's, the bookshop, the newsagent's, the butcher's, the shoe shop, the greengrocer's. 6

27ºIn the restaurant: bowl, cup, knife, teaspoon, plate, saucer, glass, salt and pepper, napkin, tablecloth, tip, spoon, forks, menu, bill, *clean, dirty, polite, rude, hot, cold, fast, slow, broken. 25

28ºThe weather: could-cloudy, fog-foggy, wind-windy, rain-rainy, ice-icy, sun-sunny, thunder-thundery, snow-snowy, very hot, hot, warm, cold, cool, freezing. 22

29ºThe world of sport: Player, runner, goalkeeper, referee, spectator, boxing gloves, helmet net goal, tennis racket, water polo, the pole vault, gymnastics, the marathon, wrestling, bungee jumping, white water rafting, motor racing, parascendin, parachuting. 21

30ºThe muscles in your body: Ankles, arm, body, chest, face, neck, stomach, thigh, toes. 9

31ºScientific instrument: Calculator, floppy disk, microscope, ruler, test tube, thermoneter, glass, mercury, metal, plastic, wood. 11

32ºSustances: oxygen, mercury, carbon, glass, chalk, helium, water, carbon dioxide, acid. 9

33ºMusical instruments: Strigs: cello, double bass, harp, violin. Woodwind: basson, clarinet, flute, oboe. Brass: French horn, trobone, trumpet, tuba. Percussion: drums and eymbals, timpani, triangle and gong, xylofone. 21.

34ºIllnesses: A headache, a cold, a cough, earache, stomachache, toothache, her finger, his leg. 8


March is the third month of the year---Marzo es el tercer mes del año.

What's the third lesson on Monday?---¿Qué lección es la tercera del lunes?

There's a blackboard in the classroom---Hay un encerado en la clase

There are three countries in “Great Britain” They are...---Hay tres países en Gran Bretaña. Ellos son...

There are four countries in the United Kingdom. They are...---Hay cuatro países en el Reino Unido. Ellos son...

Where's London? It's in the south-east for England---¿Dónde está Londres? Está en el sur este de Inglaterra.

Who's this boy? That's my brother---¿Quién es este chico?Este es mi hermano.

What's his name?His name is Brian---¿Cuál es su nombre? Su nombre es Brayan.

She's from Spain. She's Spanish---Ella es de España. Ella es española.

I'm hungry. I want some milk---Estoy hambriento. Yo quiero algo de leche.

Would you like a sandwich? Yes please/No thanks---¿Te apetece un sandwich? Si, por favor/ No, gracias.

Is there any milk?Yes there's/No there isn't---¿Hay algo de leche?Si, hay/ No, no hay.

Four plus eight equals twelve---Quatro más ocho igual a doce.

Where's Sir Edward?He's in the living-room---¿Dónde está el señor Edward? Él está en el salón.

He lives on a farm. It's near a small town---Él vive en una granja. Ésta está al lado de un pequeño pueblo.

What colour is Sue's sweater?It's green---¿De qué color es el jersey de Sue? Es verde.

What's the English word for this?Head---¿Cómo se dice esto en Inglés? Cabeza.

In which country do you live?I live in Spain---¿En qué país vives tú? Yo vivo en España.

Which season is it at the moment?It's spring---¿Qué estación está en este momento? Es primavera.

Is the weather hot and sunny today?Yes, it's/No, it isn't---¿Es el tiempo de calor y sol hoy? Si, loes/ No, no lo es.

Is it windy today?Yes, it's/No, it isn't---¿Está el día ventoso? Si, lo está/ No, no lo está.

Is there a lot of traffic where you live?Yes, there's/No, there isn't--- ¿Hay mucho tráfico dónde tú vives? Si, lo hay/ No, no lo hay.

It's cold and there's a lot of snow---Hace frío y hay mucha nieve.

What's this called?It's a guitar.---¿Qué es esto? Es una guitarra.

What's it made of?It´s made of metal and wood---¿De qué está hecho? Está fabricado de madera y metal.

Do you like dancing to pop music?Yes, I do/No, I don't---¿Te gusta bailar la música pop? Si, me gusta/ No, no me gusta.

How many seconds are there a minute?There are sixty seconds in a minute---¿Cuántos segundos hay en un minuto? Hay sesenta segundos en un minuto.

What would you like? I'd like a sweatshirt---¿Qué desea? Yo quiero una camisa.

How much are the pens? Their seventy pence each---¿Cuánto cuestan estos bolis? Cuestan setenta peniques cada uno.

Can I have three?---¿Me podría dar tres?

What was the day before yesterday?It was Sunday---¿Qué día fue ayer?Fue domingo.

What day is it tomorrow?It's Monday---¿Qué día será mañana?Será lunes.

I like sports. I like playing sport--- Me gusta el deporte. Me justa hacer deporte.

She's keen on computer games. She's keen on playing games---Ella es aficionada a los juegos de ordenador. Ella es aficionada a jugar a los juegos de ordenador.

He's interested in boats. He's interested in sailing boats---Él está interesado en los barcos. Él está interesado en navegar barcos.

I enjoy music. I enjoy playing music---Me divierte la música. Me divierte hacer música.

How long does it take to go to school?It takes nearly on hour to get there---¿Cuánto tiempo te lleva ir al colegio? Me lleva casi una hora llegar allí.

I don't mind---No me preocupa o no me molesta.

How far is your school? My school is about one Kilometre away from my home---¿A qué distancia está tu colegio? Mi colegio está alrededor de un Km de mi casa.

How do you go to school? I go to school by bike---¿Cómo vas al colegio? Yo voy al colegio en bici.

I'd like to get some bread. OK. Lest's go the supermarket---Yo quiero comprar algo de pan. De acuerdo, vayamos al supermercado.

What's the weather like in Tenerife? It's sunny and the temperature is twenty-two degrees---¿Qué tiempo hace en Tenerife? Hace sol y la temperatura es de ventidós grados.

Which sport do you like doing? I like playing football---¿Qué deporte te gusta hacer? Me gusta jugar al fútbol.

What's it used for? It's used for measuring temperarure---¿Para qué sirve? Sirve para medir la temperatura.

What's the problem? I've got a headache---¿Cuál es el problema? Me duele la cabeza.

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