The Horse Whisperer; Nicholas Evans

That morning Judith and Grace were riding their horses over the snow. Grace was on Pilgrim and Judith on Gulliver. They were laughing happily while they were walking in a path looking for a bridge to cross a river. Judith saw a steep path to go up to the road. She climbed first and then Grace began to follow her, but suddenly she heard a strange sound from the road and a big truck came round the corner. The driver saw them but he could not stop before hitting them. Judith fell down and hit her head against the floor while Pilgrim tried to attack the truck.

Mrs Dyer, the stables owner, phoned Robert, Grace's father. Grace was in a hospital badly hurt so he went to the hospital in order to wait Annie Maclean. He was very sad and told her that Grace was going to miss her right leg. Then Mrs Dyer phoned Annie. They had found Pilgrim in a cold hole. Pilgrim had lost much blood and it was damaged. They thought it was better to kill the animal. Annie said no.

When Grace wake up, she knew Judith and Gulliver were dead and she began feeling guilty.

It was Christmas, Robert and Annie were going to pick Grace up and they argued about the Christmas tree. Robert thought it was better waiting Grace to put it and Annie was in the other side. At the end, they put the tree without Grace because they thought Grace was not going to be fine again. When they were coming back home by car Grace asked them about the tree and Robert said that it was just set. Then Grace became angry and she did not speak again in that journey.

They were thinking about sending Pilgrim back to Kentucky because Grace did not want to ride it again or to see other people riding it. Then, Grace and Annie went to Mrs Dyer's stables to see Pilgrim again. When Mrs Dyer saw them she felt unhappy and she tried to hide Pilgrim. At the end, they went to a dark house where Pilgrim was and Grace could see it again. Pilgrim was in a corner and Grace felt frightened about Pilgrim condition and the terrible smelt.

Annie was trying to solve Pilgrim and Grace's problem and she read at a library about horse whisperers. They were men who could speak with horses and know what they thought. One day, Annie listened to a message. Harry Logan, the veterinary had heard about Tom Booker, a horse whisperer. He worked in California at a clinic for nervous horses. He had been working all his life with horses and when he was younger he moved to Chicago and knew Rachel, his wife, although many years later, they got divorced with a child, who lived with his mother.

Tom received a calling from Annie and, next morning, he received a packet with some photographs of Grace and Pilgrim besides a return ticket to New York.

Tom went to New York and arrived to the stables before Annie. He walked around and saw Pilgrim into an awful stable. He became very angry and, then, he saw Mrs Dyer's sons hitting a horse. He defended the horse by attacking the boys while Annie was arriving. Annie tried to stop Tom but he thought it was too late and he went into the taxi in order to come back to his house.

Tom said the horse couldn't go on like this. So, he refused to help them.

Annie worked in a magazine and she asked to her boss to move to Montana. She promised working with her computer there. Annie rented a little house in Choteau, a village near to Tom's ranch. In that way, Tom couldn't refuse to help them.

Grace's feelings were confused and she always tried to hurt her mother. They travelled 2000 miles to Montana and Grace didn't speak. Finally, Annie stopped the car and asked her about what was happening. No answer. Then Annie went out and sat on the top of a hill. She cried for Grace and for the other babies that had never been born. At night, she drove again and they arrived to Choteau.

At Booker's lands there were two houses, a big house down hill, where they lived, and a little one up hill which was empty after Tom's divorce. Tom was with his brother's boy, Joe, when a car arrived and Annie went out. When Tom knew Annie had carried the horse by car he decided to see it.

Grace didn't want to see Tom and she stayed home alone. Grace's feeling about Pilgrim were strange, she didn't want Pilgrim to get better at the beginning but, later, she changed her mind.

Tom went to see Pilgrim and he disliked what he saw. Then, he drove to Annie's house. There, he talked to Grace and he began to understand that if he helped Pilgrim, he would help the two women too. At first Grace didn't want to cooperate but finally they agreed to work together.

It was cattle-branding day at the ranch. Later, they ate all together and they agreed Annie and Grace would live at the hill house. In the dinner, Joe told Grace about some wild horses in the forest.

Next morning, Tom made a strange training with a rope and a flag. Pilgrim's hurts were becoming better. That day, when the training finished, Tom asked Grace about what had happened the accident day. When Grace was ready, she told him all about that horrible day. Robert was missing them in New York.

Annie said to Crawford that se was going to be no more than a month away. That morning, she was beginning to work when she saw Tom with two horses. He wanted to ride with her, and she finally agreed. Before leaving the house, Annie asked Tom for three telephone lines. When Tom arrived, Diane was very unhappy, so Tom finished the dinner and went upstairs. In his room, he looked for a strange magazine. When he found it, he could understand what was the problem with Pilgrim: it was not sure about Grace's intentions.

Tom and Annie were riding and talking together. She told him about her past life. Annie was an unhappy, troublemaker girl, so she began to be the better in her work. Because of that, she had troubles with Grace now. Sometimes, she was too hard with Grace.

Joe proposed Grace to ride again on Pilgrim, but she refused and Joe offered other horses.

Annie was back from shopping some food for a dinner party and the ranch was empty of people. She found a message from Robert which said he wanted to visit them.

Joe and Grace had a secret meeting at the river. Grace rode a horse again. Annie made a party. When the dinner finished, the boys went to use the computer. There, Joe and Scott had an terrible argument and the adults discovered Grace rode Gonzo.

Tom thought he was falling in love with Annie.

Annie went to Grace's room and they talked about the problems they have had, trying to solve them. At the end, they both cried and slept together.

Tom and Grace were going to train Pilgrim. When Tom entered into the arena Pilgrim went away, but Tom was doing strange things with a rope and Pilgrim came slowly close. Then Pilgrim let Tom touch his head and Grace felt better when she could touch Pilgrim. Annie knew that Gates had told Lucy to leave and she didn't want to let him to dismiss her. If Lucy go out, she was going to leave the magazine too.

Tom, Grace, Annie, Scott and Joe went to the cattle drive. At night Tom did a rope trick and Annie tried to repeat it unsuccessfully. Tom gave her the rope. Annie woke up in the middle of the night, and went to drink water to a river. Then, Tom appeared and finally they kissed each other.

Next day Tom said Annie they were going to visit Disneyland leaving the ranch alone and they must come back to New York. Later Annie listened to two important messages, the first said Robert was going to come to the ranch; the second one was from Crawford Gates saying that he was sorry that Annie was leaving the magazine.

Tom stayed away from Annie and tried not to show his feelings when he heard about Robert's visit. Annie and Grace met Robert at the airport. Tom wanted to dislike Robert but he was a very nice man and they went around the ranch. Robert asked a lot of questions about the ranch.

Grace's false leg was broken, but she decided to repair it herself. Next morning, Grace tried to ride on Pilgrim but she couldn't because she had a big pain in her leg. Robert only could get two tickets to travel to New York in order to get a new leg.

They were having a meal together and Joe showed them a trick with matches. Robert was able to solve it. Then Grace asked Tom to show Robert his trick but Annie didn't let him because it was between her and Tom.

All of them went away and Annie was alone in the ranch, but Tom felt bad, and came back to be with Annie, his secret love. They met and they kissed each other. Then they rode to the place where they kissed the first time. They found a group of wild horses; some females, two young horses and a large white stallion. Suddenly male horses became crazy and fought. Back at home they showed their feelings and Tom show her how to do the rope trick.

Grace was trying to ride Pilgrim again and Tom was preparing Pilgrim. At first, Tom rode him slowly and then Tom got down from Pilgrim and tried to bring it to Grace but it refused. Then Tom mentioned other way to do that. They tied the horse and make it lie down. Then Grace had to walk over Pilgrim. All of them were very nervous, at the end, all was ok. Grace could ride Pilgrim again easily. There was a party and Tom danced with Annie, but there was too much people and they met by the stables. Annie said that she was going to leave Robert and tom disagree with that idea. Then they returned to the amusing party.

The next morning, Annie was preparing the things for the travel, and realised that Grace and Pilgrim weren't at home. Tom and Frank tried to find them. Grace wanted to punish them. Frank said Tom that Grace heard the argument between Frank and Diane about Tom and Annie feelings. Suddenly they heard the noise of horses running and screaming. Then Tom knew that it was Pilgrim. When they found Grace, she was on the floor with horses and Pilgrim was fighting with the white stallion. Tom got down and went close to Grace. When he arrived he asked if she was ok and then he ran towards the stallion pushing Pilgrim away from the stallion who became more angry and turned towards Tom. He continued walking with his arms opened like offering himself. Then the stallion kicked Tom's head. He fell down and the stallion went away.

Annie had a new baby. He was very different because he had fair skin and light hair.

Annie couldn't remember about the week that followed Tom's death. Annie and her family took a plane back to New York.

Robert and Annie had the baby, and nobody asked for the father. They preferred to think Robert was the father. At first Annie and Robert went to live in two different places, but when Matthew, the baby, was born, they began to live again together at the weekends.

Tom Booker: he was a very friendly and kind person, but he did some strange things. He tried to be loyal, but he fell in a deep love with a married woman, the beautiful Annie. But when Annie wanted to leave Robert, he refused, so we think he wasn't too bad.

He was a learned man about horses and about life.

He had a son and an ex-wife.

Frank: he was knew much more about making a profit than his brother. They both always agreed in everything about the ranch. He married Diane.

Diane: she was Frank's wife. She loved Tom, but finally she married his brother. She was always complaining about Annie, so we think she was a bit jealous.

Robert: he was the good man in this story. He always tried to please Annie and he suffered all the stupid things that Grace and Annie made.

Annie: she was Robert's wife. She was a hard woman with her family and with her job. She always did what she wanted to do. She tried to help Grace by searching Tom. But we think she was an evil woman with her family, an harpy.

And she also couldn't have children.

Grace: since she had the accident, she became very strange with the other people, because she felt she was the guilty of the deaths of Gulliver and Judith. She tried to give pain to her mother. She was always unhappy

Pilgrim: it was a horse. He tried to save Grace, Gulliver and Judith's lives, but he had a lot of pain. Because of that, he couldn't trust in anybody. Finally, he became better.

We think it was a slow and boring book. The facts happened very slowly, and we think that's an impossible story because speaking with a horse it's an unbelievable thing. And that book doesn't teach anything about life, about the links between people and love.

We have spent much more time than at Dorian's book, which we consider as a great book.

In this stupid book, there isn't action and you can fall asleep easily while you read it.

We think that's a girl's book, not a book for us.

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