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Verbos. Traducción. Interrogativo. Negativo. Números ordinales

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Inglés Básico Nivel 1: Elementary
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Inglés Elementary A1.2
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Unidad 1

  • Put this verbs in alphabetical order and translate

  • Break / start / map / place / pink / tower / towel / mouse / pupil/ cake.

  • Complete these sentences.

    • I write on a black board with a .................

    • I´m his pupil. He´s my .................

    • Between classes we have a .................

    • I draw with a red .................

  • Change to interrogative

    • They have got a new ball.

    • Nick goes to the park.

    • You are eight years old.

    • They play the guitar.

    4.Write an order for each situation.

    • It´s cold an the door is open.

    • Your hands are dirty.

    • It´s late and you are in bed.

    • Your partner has to read his book.

  • Change these sentences to negative.

    • They speak spanish.

    • She can speak english.

    • She plays with a doll.

    • We are in the playground.

    6. Write the ordinal numbers (figures and letters).