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Domain War at Internet

The domain war

If you listen to the news or read the newspapers or the Internet news, you can learn about "the domain war".

But, what is certainly the domain war? The domain war is a war done by companies and corporations who want to expand their products via Internet and they want to create a web page whit the name of the company for create virtual shops, sell their products and explain information about thyself. And too the Internet searchers, the Internet servers and companies interested on create their web page.

Why this war? I'm going to explain what exactly is:

The domain is the name that uses a company or anyone who wants an Internet page for others access to the web page, for example www.rincondelvago.com (whit http:// and a / at the final) if you want to access to this page, you enter the name and you will go to the specified web page. If you wanted to create a new web page for example of English teaching, your ideal way is enter the name of your company, school or corporation for others to learn about your page. Then, you will decide which name you will use and then, register it to a domain company. But, when you go to register this name, you could have a surprise: the name for the domain that you are going to register was registered before!

For example, if you want to register your domain with www.ces.com for CENDRASSOS ENGLISH SCHOOL, you discover that before, another one had registered it with the same name as you would pretender, but he sells other things and he is got another name (CORPORATIONS EXPANDED of STYLE). Then, there is another solution, register the domain as large as your company's name, for example www.cendrassosenglishschool.com. But, this in the only case as you wanted to register your domain as a company (.COM). So, you can register as a stately company and you can register as www.ces.es or the final domain word of your country. Also you can register as a service on-line but isn't a good idea (www.ces.net ) or like an organisation (www.ces.org ), but the latest one is finer for organisations. You can register too by your simple name (ces.com ). The only one non-recommended is to register as a governmental organisation (www.ces.gov). Finally, if those options aren't available, you can take two ways: one, wait for the close of the domain that you wanted or two, register the domain as a name of your products.

But, if I've not explained so much, here it is a real example, happened 2 months ago...

The Internet server AOL (America on Line) decided to register a web page with named www.aolsearch.com, a service for their partners for search web pages on the WWW (World Wide Web or Internet). They had the computers prepared, the money, the sponsors and the launch day, but in the moment for register another one had registered his domain with the same name. The AOL Search Service was unable and it couldn't start. It was the end of the AOL searching project.

It was so a plate in a case in a video-gaming company wanted a domain name registered by a searching service, and they wanted to force the searching company to close their web page and have the domain name. The winner was the forced searching company and the video-gaming company paid 200.000 $ to the searching company for immorality.

Everyday, 15 domain names disappeared on the net. Your company name could be registered in every moment...

Could someone stop this war?

Eloi Tremols

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