Diare of Anne Frank


Saturday, 13 June 1942-Friday, 21 August 1942

Before you read

  • What do you know about the Second World War? Think of one date and one thing that happened. What happened to Jewish people in the War? Talk to another student.

      • Started with an invasion of Polonium in 1939. Mussolini and Hitler were friends and Stalin was an unfriendly.

      • In 1944 disembark of Normandy.

      • The Nazis killed the Jewish.

  • This story is the diary of a young teenage girl. What sort of thing do you think she writes about? Have you ever written a diary? What did you write about in it? Tell another student.

      • The war is a bad think of the children because always they are deeds.

      • No.

  • Here are some words about buildings. Find the words in your dictionary. Annexe, attic, warehouse.

      • Annexe is Anexar; Attic is atico o buhardilla; and Warehouse is almacén, deposito o guarda muebles.

  • Here are two words, which are used in wartime. Find these words in your dictionary. Concentration camp, ration book.

      • Concentration camp is campo de concentración and Ration book is cartilla personal.

Now write two sentences using the words.

      • I don't was in Concentration camp.

      • I have a ration book.

  • Find these words in your dictionary. Bookcase, store

      • Bookcase is armario o estante para libros and store is almacenar.

      • When and why so people buy extra stores of food for their houses?

            • When the war started

            • How many bookcases have you got in your house? Which rooms are their in?

                  • Three in my dining room, two in the bedroom and two in my bibliotheca.

              After you read

              6- Answer these questions:

            • Why do the Frank family move from Germany to Holland?

                  • Because started the war.

                  • When do things get worse for them in Holland?

                  • - When the Nazis went to Holland.

                  • Why do they decide to hide?

                  • - Because the Nazis persecute.

                  • Why is their hiding-place called “The Secret Annexe'”?

                  • - Because is hide.

                  • Who hides here?

                  • - Anne, Margot, Anne's parents, Mr. And Mrs. Van Daan and Peter.

                    7-What was life like for Jewish people in Holland after 1940? How would you feel if you had to live like that? What would you miss most? Tell another student.

                        • a happy life.

                        • Unhappy.

                        • My friends.

                    Monday, September 1942-Sunday, 13 June 1943

                    Before you read

                    • Look at the plan of the secret annexe on page 8. Imagine you had to live there with seven other people and never go out. What would be the main difficulties of living like this?

                        • There are many rooms and many bathrooms and is very difficult living eight persons in this house.

                    • Fine these words in your dictionary: air raid/arrest Allies/invasion quarrel/the authorities. Now write three sentences using the words.

                        • With the air raid my father was arrest.

                        • With the allies they were an invasion.

                        • My brother had a guarrel with the authorities.

                    • Find this word in your dictionary: prayer. What do you think Anne's prayers were about in the war?

                        • Because finished.

                    After you read:

                    • Put these sentences in the right order.

                    • Mr Dussel arrives to live in the Secret Annexe.

                    • Anne is frightened because someone knocks loudly at the bookcase door.

                    • Mr Van Dann hears that the English have reached Tunis, Algiers, Casablanca and Oran.

                    • Anne hears on the radio that the Germans are killing Jewish people with gas.

                    • Anne's father writes about her life in the Annexe on her birthday.

                      • B , D, C, A, E.

                  • How would an adults diary be different from Anne's? Give examples.

                      • The diary of Anne is different from the adults because the diary of Adults is more serious and the diary of Anne is more easily of read.

                      • Tuesday, 15 June 1943- Tuesday, 14 March 1944

                        Before you read

                        • Look at the photograph of Anne's mother, Edith Frank, on page 26. Now look at the picture of Peter Van Dann, on page 28. From the photographs, and from Anne's diary, what can you say about these people's characters.

                            • They appear a beautiful people and a optimist people. For the photograph appear a honest people.

                        • Find this word in your dictionary: period. Which is the correct meaning for period in the following sentence? Maria had her first period on Christmas Day.

                        • The time when a woman bleeds each month.

                        • A school lesson

                        • A length of time

                          • A

                          • After you read

                            • Are these sentences true or false?

                            • Some burglars break into the warehouse and steal some money. True

                            • Anne hears on the radio news that the British are out of the war. False

                            • Anne's father has a serious operation on his stomach and has to go to hospital. False

                            • Anne and Peter start to become close friends. True

                            • People in the Annexe are always in a good mood and never argue. False

                              • How does Anne feel about her mother? How do her feelings change?

                                  • She feel so angry then

                                  • She can't love her like a child any more.

                              Saturday, 18 March 1944-Tuesday, 11 April 1944

                              Before you read

                              • Look at the house on page 35, where Anne is hiding. Describe the house to another student. Have you ever been to Amsterdam and seen Anne Frank's house? If you have, tell another student about your visit.

                                  • Is a bad house because is destroyed, I supposed that this house was destroyed for some bomb.

                              After you read

                              • Answer these questions:

                              • Why does Anne's mother try to stop her going to Peter's room?

                              • On 29 March, 1944 Anne writes about life in the war. In your opinion, what are some of the worst things?

                              • What sort of food does Anne eat? Where does it come from?

                              • What does Anne want to do with her life in the future?

                              • What happens on the evening of 9 April? Why is it so frightening?

                                • Because Mr Van Dann is jealous.

                                • Listening the bombs and life hided.

                                • Potatoes, brown beans and soup. The eat come from the USA.

                                • Work in a newspaper.

                                • Have burglar in the house, and think to come the police.

                                • Sunday, 16 April 1944-Afterword

                                  Before you read

                                  • How do you think the story is going to end? Do you think the ending will be happy or sad?

                                      • I think that the ending story is sad because Anne died.

                                  After you read

                                  • How does the story end for:

                                  • Anne and her sister, Margot?

                                  • Anne's parents?

                                  • Mr and Mrs Van Dann?

                                  • Peter Van Dann?

                                  • Mr Kleinmann?

                                        • They died.

                                        • Mother was die and the father is still a life.

                                        • They die

                                        • He die

                                        • Go to a prision

                                    • Anne's diary is one of the most famous personal diaries in the world. Why do you think her diary has become so famous? What can we learn from it? Do you think everyone should read it? Tell another student.

                                        • Because In this diary is explicated all of the war, also is explicated the experiences of a young girl in one war this is important.


                                    27 Do you think that this is only sad book?

                                        • This book is sad but I think witch the diary have happy parts and this is well because she pass moments interested when she describes the love because she have feelings. This story I don't like because my don't like pass this moments of the War.

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