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Nowadays we live surrounded with people from different cultures. Immigration has become a usual event in our country. Unemployed people go away from their native countries, they move into other to find a job or in search of a better life.

Some people is against the immigration and very often they may be very cruel with the immigrants, they only think in throw them out of the country, in get them to come back home.

The racists think that immigrants are stealing their jobs, but really, they do the jobs which nobody wants to do.

It's true that several immigrants are robbing bugs in the streets. However, they do it because they cannot do another thing for living if they don't find a job. Immigrants don't earn enough to live on.

Nobody likes to be stolen, but when you are poor and without a job, you have to steal as a last resort.

I'm against the racism and I approve the multiculturalism.

What would we feel if, whenever we travel abroad, everybody watches us with contempt?

We have to believe in the mixing of cultures. This is good for everyone because we can learn very much from other cultures and they can learn from us, too.

Different races are today mixing together and we have to accept it.

Racist people won't achieve throws the immigrants out from their country making attempts on their life. What is more, they only achieve difficultly the relationship between people from different cultures and races. There are a lot of racist groups in every country. There aren't any safe places without racism.

We have to accept and approve of the relationship with the immigrants, due to it's impossible to stop the immigration.

Gloria Alarcon

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