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killer Whale

Killer whale it's a very big animal, and it is black and white. It is
the most dangerous animal of the sea. In the zoo killer whale is a
domestic animal.
This animal is carnivore, eats fish. It is a mammal and live in the sea.
There is a lots of films about killer whales: Willy, killer whale,...
and there is a lots of books about killer whales: Aydin, Movi Dick,...


Dog it's a domestic animal (pet). It is a mammal. It's good friend of
man. It's obedient. It's playful. This animal eats feed, and likes bone.
People has got a dogs in her houses.
There is a lots of breeds: dalmata, cocker, San Bernardo, dog water,
canigche... and other dogs are very dangerous: Pit Bull, Doberman,
Bulldog, Boxer.
The pigs live in the farms, it's domestic animal. This animal is a
mammal. The pigs eat feed. This animal is good to eat.
The pig is an animal likes mire. This animal weight 200/300 Kg. It is a
pink animal. This animal has got a big head and big ears, her tail is
small and spiral.  


The horse is a big animal weight 200/300 Kg. There is different types of
horses: salvages and domestics.
This animals likes sugar. Are herbivores. The horses are strong and
agile. It has got 40 teeth, small ears, long legs, big head and long
tail. This animal likes run. The owners of the horses put horseshoe in
horse food.

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