Turismo, Hostelería, Gastronomía y Restauración

Vocabulario de inglés técnico en turismo






AIRPORT HOTEL .—hotel aeropuerto— it is an hotel near the airport. Sometimes for turist that the next day will fly again

ACCESIBLE.—acesible— that can be acces

ADJOINING.—contiguo— next to each other

AIR-CONDITIONER.—aire acondicionado— instrument to controled the temperature

AMENITIES.—servicios, instalaciones—the things of house and the conforteble instruments

ADJUSTING.— ajustar—something that can be changed

ANNEXE.—anexo— it is an extra edification

ATTIC.—atico— it is the room at the top of a building

ACCOUNTS.—contabilidad—the departament which controled the money

ANSWERABLE TO .—responde de— responsible to

APPRENTICE.—aprendible— someone who is learning

ABANDNEDO.—abandonado— noone live here

AGENCY.— agencia—place where give you information aln organiced travels

APARTAMENT.—apartamento—it is an small flat that you use for live in

ACOMODATIONS.—alojamiento—place to stay in


BED AND BREAKFAST .—cama y desayuno— in the price of the bedroom is incluyed too the brekfast

BUNGALOWS .—small houses whit one storey

BROCHURE.—propaganda—informative paper for the tourist

BILL.—cuenta—displatch note

BUFFET SERVICE.—servicio de buffete—where guests serve themselves for a number of dishes

BEACH UMBRELLA.—sombrilla—you use it to protec under it of the sun

BONUS.— plus, prima—something pleasant in addition to what was expected

BUDGET.—presupuesto— a inicial price before do something

BUSSINES CENTER.—centro de negocios—it is a room to do bussines

BARGAINING.—trato, pacto—it is an agreement between some people

BELL PERSON.—it is the person who is in the recepcion

BARGAINING.—regatear—argument between the buyer and the seller about the price of somethinhg. The buyer want the object more cheaper

BIG ROOMS.—habitaciones grandes— room with a lot of cubic meters


COMMERCIAL HOTEL.—hotel comercial—it is an tipe of hotel

CONGRESS HOTEL.—hotel de congresos—it is a hotel in which the clients are mainly people of bussines that are going to give lectures

CURRENCY EXCHANGE .—cambio de divisa—it is a service that offers some hotel, so you can pay with the city currency

CAR PARKING .—aparcamiento -it is the place wher you park the car in the hotel

COURTESY COACHES.—vehículo de cortesía—it is a service which give the hotel. It is a bus which take you to some place

COTTAGE.—casa rural—house of field to enjoy the rural tourism. house in a country

CABIN.—cabaña—small hutmade of wood

CANOING.—piragüismo—a nautic deport

CRECHE FACILITY.—guarderia—a place where somebody care for the babys of the workers

CELEBRATED.—cerebrar— famous

CHAIN.—cadena—group of hotel by the same company or person

CONVENIENCES.—facilidades— facilities

COMMUNAL ROOMS.—habitaciones comunes—romos used for everyone

CONFERENCE.—conferencia—formal meeting for discussion or excahnge of views between people who have the same interest or are in the same bussines

CONVERTED INTO.—convertir en - changed in to

COOKING.—cocina—food.there are a lot of tipe of cooking: french, itanlian, chinese...

CUISINE.— cocina— a french and sofisticated metod of cooking

CORTEOUS.—cortes—a education person

OMFORTABLEC.—confortable, amable—a pleasant person

CAFETERIA.— place to drink or eat

CAMPSITE.—camping—area qhere you can intall your tent

CUSTOMER.—cliente—people who stay in a hotel or recive the the service of something

CLAIMS.—reclamar— ask or demand something

CONCIERGE.—conserje—person in charnge of a lot of things in a hotel like buying tikets for a concert or a thetre, informs to the customers

CHAMBER-MAID.—camarera, señora de la limpieza— member of the staff in a hotel in charge of cleaning

CHEF.—cocinero—person in charge of the restaurant

CLERK.—atención al publico—it is some one en charge of attens the needs of the guets


DOUBLE ROOM.— habitacion doble—a room with two beth or two person

DE LUX.—de lujo—luxurious

DESIGNATED AREAS.—areas designadas—areas marked out for a particular purpose

DEPARTAMENTS.—departamentos—the differents seccion of a hotel

DETAILS.—detalles—adorments that are used to make something more beautifull

DUTIES.—deberes—task that you must to do


EYE-CATCHING.—atrayente— atractive to seee

EARLY SUPPER.—cena para niños—an early dinner for childrens

EFFICIENT.—eficiente—person who do his job well.

ELEGANT.—elegante—something beautifull

EXTENSION.—extension—part of a building that you have added

ELEBORATE.—elaborado— carefully made and highly developed

EXPAND.—ampliar— grow


FLY-DRIVE HOLIDAY.—viaje aire tierra—means that you contract a service of fly and car for your travel in the agency

FRIENDLY STAFF.—amistoso—when the service is high-quality and competent

FACILITIES.—servicios del hotel—Set of characteristic and equipment on which it counts a hotel.

FEE.—tarifa-Price's table.

FOYER.—vestibulo—Main entrance of hotels where the clientele can wait

for being attended.

FORTMIGHT.—quincena—15 days

FORNISHING.—mobiliario—furniture in rooms

FIVE STARS.—cinco estrellas—a hotel very luxurious

FULLY LICENCE.—licencia de alcohol—the the hotel has a licence for serving alcohol

FLOOR.—planta.—group of room in a buiklding which are in the same height

FIRE ESCAPE.—salida de incendios—exit by which people can leave a building in case of fire

FOLK DANCING.—música del pueblo.— traditional dancing of a community or country


GUEST HOUSE.—casa de huéspedes—it is a house which rent some rooms

GUIDE BOOK.—guia turistica—a book in which appears something about tourism

GET A PERMET.—TO dar permiso— to get a permission

GOURGEOUS.—magnifico—wonderful, great

GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY.—buena relacion calidad-precio—a good relation between the price and the quality

GENERAL MANAGER.—presidente—hotel's presidet

GUEST.—huesped—person who stays in a hotel

GUEST'S NEEDS.—necesidades de los clientes—something that the guets in a hotel need during their visit


HIGH CHAIR.—trona—a trone for babys

HIGH SEASON.—temporada alta—the part of the year with most guests

HALF BOARD.—media pension—it is a service contrated of bed, breadfast an lunch or dinner

HOTEL .—a building where people who travel can eat and sleep there

HONEY MOON.—luna de miel— holiday taken by a newly married couple

HOISTS.—barandillas para discapacitados—delices used by people who aren't able to lift themselves

HOMALY.—sencillo—simple but comfrtable

HOSPITALITY.—hospitalarios— friendly and generous treatment of guests

HOUSE KEEPER.—personal de mantenimiento - member of the staff in case of hotels maintenance

HOTELIER.—hotelero—person who own or manages hotels

HEAVY WORLOAD.—mucho trabajo— a lot of work to do

HIGH LABOUR TOURNOVER RATE.—when you hire a lot of people to work there very frecuentl


IN ADVANCE.—de antemano—ahead in time


JOURNEY.—viaje—go to a place, usuallyu far from the place you live


KING-SIZE.—habitacion pricipal—principal roomL

LAUNDRY SERVICE.— lavanderia—Hotel's service where you can lend your

clothes for washing and iron.

LOUNGE.— salon—sitting room

LUXURIOUS.—lujoso— very comfortable

LIVE MUSIC.—musica en vivo— music thatis performed(i.e.not recorded)

LODGE.—casa de campo— country house or cabin

LOW SEASON.—temporada baja—the part of the yaer when ther aren't the most guests

LOG BOOK.—registro.—oficial written record of guests' request

LARGE ROOM.—habitacion grande—a big room in the hotel

LEAFLET- PAMPHLET.—folleto— Pamphlet to promote a certain product or service.


NIGHT PORTER.—portero de noche—person in charge of clossing and caring the hotel's principal door

NAPPY CHANGING.—servicio de cambio de pañales—equipament and place qhere a baby can be changed and claned


OCUPANCY RATES.—plazas ocupadas—it's the number of room that are being used by the guets at the moment



PRICE.—precio—amount of money that something cost

PERMITS.—permisos.— official documents that give sb the right to go somewhere or do somethings

PORTER.—portero.—person in charge of keeping the hotell's door

PERSONAL TOUCH.—trato personal.—something that has a personal detail


QUALITY.—calidad—when something is good R

RESORT HOTEL .—complejo hotelero— This is a type hotel that he has many facilities. Found in place where tourists usually go, they can enjoy of room service, security for valuables, doctor, hairdressing, shop, disco and all they can to require. Guests book in advance and generally stay for one or two weeks.

ROOM SERVICE.—servicio de habitaciones—This consist that employees to look after all. They to carry the things your room and they to tyde up it.

RECREATION LOUNGE.—sala de entretenimiento—Place of hotel where you can realize several activities of leisure.

RECEPTION.—recepcion—the place in a hotel to registration or revived information abaut something reletined whith the hotel


REDUCCTION.—abaratamiento—to be more cheaper

RUSTIC.—rustico—something that is relatioed to contryside

RATE.—tarifa—price, charge

ROUGHING IT.—vivir sin comodidades—when you live without comoditions

ROCKY BEACH.—playa rocosa.—a beach with a lot of rocks

ROOM HOTEL.—habitacion de hotel—one of the part in a hotel where you sleep

RECOMENDATION.—recomendacion—you advise someone about something

REGULAR CLIENTELE.—cliente frecuente—when a place recived people during all the year

REQUEST.— peticion—you want someone to do something

RESERVATION.—reserva—request in advence a seat in anywhere booking

RANGE FROM...TO—colocar frente a— vary between specified limits


STAFF.— trabajadores—people who are engage in a bussines or a hotel

SERVICE.—servicio— people who work in a hotel

SINGLE ROOM.— habitación sencilla—a room with only one beth or only one person

SUITE.— a very big room with livingroom

SELF-CONTAINED.—autosuficiente—self sufficient

SANDY BEACH.—playa de arena— a beach of sand

SUN-LOUNGER.— sitio de relax—place of relax

SOLARIUM.—solario—plece to recive UVA-rays

TO SUPPLY.—suplir—give someone something that he need

TO STOCK UP.—suplirse—to supply themselves

SING POSTED.—poste informativo—poster when you can look for some information

SEET .—plazas—whole of room that there are in a hotel

SWIMMING POOL.—piscina—place to go to swim

STORIES HIGH.—plantas—floors

SEE WALK.—paseo por la playa—avenu near the see

SITES.—amplazamiento—places of ground where the building are pleaced

SEASON.—estacion—a part of the year

SMALL HOTEL.—hotel pequeño—it is a hotel with a few cubic meters

SUNBATHING.—tomar el sol—when you go to the beach to exposed to brigh sunlight

STURDY—robusto— strong and solid

STABLES—establos— buildings in which horses are kept

SPLIT INTO— dividido en—divided into

SPACIOUS—espacioso— with a lot of space

SPARSELY FURNISHED— poco mobiliario—with little funiture

SANITARY FACILITIES—aseos— toilets,washrooms,etc


TREK.—pasear—walk arround the country

TOURISM.—turismo—travel for pleasure

TERRACE.—terraza—place situated out side of a cafeteria in summer

TOUR OPERATOR.—person in change of organizing tourism pakets

TRIAL.—sendero—small track where people can go to walk

TIP.—propina—a small amount of money that is given for a good service

THE BIG RUSH.—mucho trabajo—have a lot of people and work

TRAIL—visita— path through the country

THOUGHOUT— everywhere


UNWIND.— relajante—relax,especially after hard work


VACATION.—Vacaciones—time whithout job or class


WAITER.—camarero—person that servis in bar o cafeteries

WELL-FITTING.—buen servicio—with good facilities

WEATHER PERMITTING.—si el tiempo lo permite—the weather permit do something

WORKAHOLIC.—adicto al trabajo—when someone cannot stop working

WITHIN(EASY)REACH—facil alcance— at a distance that can be (easily) travelled


YOUTH HOSTEL.—hotel para jovenes— plece to past the nigh

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