The third man; Graham Greene

The third man

  • Summary of the story.

  • Rollo Martins is a novel writer, who travels to Vienna divided in sectors after the war, in 1919.

    He goes there to visit an old friend, Harry Lime, who has a job for him. But Rollo discovers that Harry has died in a strange traffic accident, that morning. He goes to his apparent funeral and there he meets Major Calloway, who is the investigator of the accident.

    They go to a bar to talk about Harry Lime. Calloway tells him that Harry was a racketeer and Rollo does not believe him.

    After this, Rollo goes to a hotel, where he has a reservation. When he is there, Kurtz, a friend of Harry, phones Rollo and they decide to have an appointment. Kurtz tells Rollo that Harry died when he was walking on the street and he saw in the other side of the road to a friend of him, Cooler, and Harry was crossing the road to go to him, when a car run over him. That car was his own car, which was being driven by his chauffer. Then, Winkler, Harry's doctor, appeared and he helped to carry the corpse.

    Rollo meets with Dr. Winkler, Cooler and also Harry's girl, Anna Smith, for who Rollo falls in love. Each person gives a different version of the facts, but all of them tell him that Harry was conscious before his death and he talked, when he was in the floor. Rollo begins to doubt about his friend's death.

    He goes to Harry's flat and he talks with his neighbour, Koch, who had seen the accident, and he tells him that there was a third man who carried the corpse, before Dr. Winkler and the Chauffer came and he also tells that Harry died instantaneously, and he said nothing after the car ran over him.

    Then, Rollo calls Anna, and he says that she must talk with Koch, but when they arrived to Koch's flat they find him killed.

    Calloway meets Rollo and he tells him that Harry used to commercialise with fake penicillin and because of this a lot of people died.

    Rollo goes to Anna's house to tell her about her boyfriend real job, and when he leaves the house, he sees Harry Lime in the street! He tries to follow him, but he disappears in a kiosk.

    Impressionable, he meets Kurtz and he tells him it, and he would like to have an appointment with him. Rollo meets Harry in the Big Wheel of Vienna. Harry tells Rollo that he had commercialised with fake penicillin because he only wants money.

    Rollo goes to the police and he confesses that he has seen Harry. They investigate the kiosk and they find a secret entrance into the sewers. Rollo decides to have another appointment with Harry and take him to prison, helped by the policemen, but Harry discovers the plan and he runs away. The police and Rollo follow him in the sewers and finally Rollo kills Harry with a shot gun.

  • Write a description of your favourite character.

  • My favourite character is Rollo Martins, who is very brave because he goes to Vienna, where he does not speak the language (Germany) and he knows none. He is extrovert, nice and intelligent. He is able to solve a strange mystery without help. He is also the story's protagonist although the book is narrated by Calloway.

  • What's the most important moment in the story?

  • I think it is the moment when Rollo finds out Harry is alive, and Rollo follows him to discover his real life.

  • Give your opinion about the book and say why.

  • This book I have liked, because is a story with mysteries and secrets. This book is written in the twenties of this century and afterwards it was carried to the cinema (a black and white film). I had seen thee film and I have read the book, and I have liked the book more, although there were parts that I did not understood.

  • Vocabulary. Report 40 words and expressions from the story and give the Spanish translation.

  • Allies aliados

    Corpse cadaver headquareters cuartel general Chauffer conductor quarrel discutir lonesome solitario Major comandante

    Challenge desafío charmers encantador Digger excavadora pin alfiler

    Confront enfrentarse awhile un rato thwart impedir Mood humor Murder Asesinato

    Pain dolor

    Lack carencia

    Forge avanzar

    Solve resolver

    Lithe ágil

    Sacred sagrado

    Scrap pedazo

    Racketeer timador

    Gangrene gangrena

    Sewer cloaca

    Bury enterrar

    Coffin ataúd

    Raid robo

    Sidewalk acera

    gatecrash colarse

    arrange ordenar

    slide resbalon

    Airfield aeródromo

    tax impuesto

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