The Secret Garden; Frances Hodgson Burnett




1 Read the sentences and decide if they are true (T) or false (F). Then correct the false ones.


  • When Frances Hodgson Burnett wrote The Secret Garden India - ×

  • controlled all of Britain.

    b. Hundreds of British people went to live in India. × -

    c. Many British people lived very well there. × -

    d. British children looked after Indian nursemaids. - ×

    e. Things were very different in Britain for rich families. - ×

    f. Rich children in Britain saw a lot of their parents. - ×

    g. Poor families lived in houses with no bedroom. × -

    h. Younger children wore old clothes. × -

    i. Poor children started work after finishing school. - ×


  • When Frances Hodgson Burnett wrote The Secret Garden Britain controlled all of India.

  • Indian nursemaids looked after British children.

  • Things were similar for rich families.

  • They started work at an early age.

  • i. Poor children started work after finishing school.

    Chapter One


    1 For each question, mark the letter next to the correct answer - A, B, C, or D.

    1. Who liked Mary Lennox? A - Mrs Medlock

    B - her ayah

    C - her mother

    D × no one

    2. Who looked after Mary? A × her ayah

    B - her mother

    C - her father

    D - no one

    3. Where did Mary's uncle live? A × Yorkshire

    B - London

    C - India

    D - Devonshire

    4. What was the name of Mary's uncle? A - Mr Medlock

    B × Mr Craven

    C - Mr Lennox

    D - Mr Misselthwaite

    5. Who was Mrs Medlock? A - Mary's new nanny

    B - Mary's aunt

    C - Mary's teacher

    D × Mr Craven's housekeeper

    6. What happened to Mr Craven after his A - He went to live on the moor

    wife died? B × He became even stranger than

    when he was a young man

    C - He got a crooked back

    D - He became rich

    2 Would you like Mary to be your friend? Why/why not? Do you think that Mary was happy to go to Misselthwaite Manor?

    No, I wouldn't. Because I don't like his character. No, I don't.

    3 a. People thought that Mary was `spoilt, rude and bad tempered'. Complete these sentences. Add the names of famous people, or of people you know.

    a. Jorge is kind, generous and friendly.

    b. Laura is young, pretty and rich.

    c. Angel is strong, handsome and brave.

    d. Alex is intelligent, hard-working and successful.

    b. Now write similar sentences using these words. Use your dictionary to help.

    Carlos is strange, good and amusing.

    Adrian is clever, weird and attractive.

    Juan is old, gentle and tired.

    4 The beginning of Chapter One talks about a little girl named Mary Lennox and her life in India.

    Listen to the text and for each question, fill in the missing information in the numbered space.

    Mary's Life in India


    Mary's father was always busy with his work.

    Mary's mother loved parties.

    What Mary was like

    Mary always did what she wanted.

    She was a spoilt and rude child.

    How Mary left India

    The house was silent because Mary's parents and the servants were dead.

    This happened when Mary was nine years old.

    6 What are the numbered objects? Use your dictionary to help.

    Number 1 is a bed.

    Number 2 is a fire place.

    Number 3 is a table.

    Number 4 is a plate.

    Number 5 is a knife.

    Number 6 is a fork.

    Number 7 is a glass.

    Number 8 is a candle.

    Number 9 is a picture.

    Number 10 is a carpet.

    Number 11 is a chair.

    Number 12 is a pillow.

    8 Put the following sentences in the correct order.

    a. 6 They travelled by train to Yorkshire.

    b. 4 She was sent to England to live with her uncle.

    c. 8 Mary's uncle didn't want to see her.

    d. 5 Mary was met in London by her uncle's housekeeper.

    e. 7 It was dark and rainy when they arrived at Misselthwaite Manor.

    f. 1 Mary Lennox was spoilt, rude and had a bad temper.

    g. 3 Everyone in the house, except for Mary, died of a terrible disease.

    h. 2 She lived in India with her mother and father.


    1 Some questions about India.

    a. Which Asian country has more people than India?

    It's China.

    b. How many seasons are there in India?

    There are 3 seasons.

    c. When did Queen Victoria become Empress of India?

    She became Empress of India in 1876.

    d. Who was Mahatma Ghandi?

    He was the leader in India in 1947.

    e. What is the main religion in India?

    It's the Hindu.

    f. What is the Taj Mahal?

    It's a mausoleum built by an Indian emperor.

    g. What do Europeans especially like about India?

    They like Indian food.


    1 Listen to the beginning of Chapter Two. For each question, put a cross in the correct box.

    1. Mary woke up when the housemaid came into her room to

    A bring her breakfast.

    B help Mary get dressed.

    C light the fire.

    2. In India, Mary spoke to her servants only to

    A give them orders.

    B say “Please” or “Thank you”.

    C ask them for help.

    3. How many shillings a week does Martha's father earn?

    A six

    B sixty

    C sixteen

    4. How old is Martha's brother Dickon?

    A two

    B twelve

    C thirteen

    5. The closed garden was

    A Martha's.

    B Mr Craven's.

    C Mr Craven's wife.

    6. Mary thought that the gardens looked ugly because

    A gardens in India are much more colourful and interesting.

    B she did not like plants.

    C it was winter and the trees had no leaves and there were no flowers.

    Chapter Two


    1 Decide if each statement is correct or incorrect. If it's correct, mark A. If it's incorrect, mark B.

    A B

    1. Martha understood that she must not be rude to Martha - ×

    2. Martha's brother was always outside. × -

    3. Misselthwaite had many gardens. × -

    4. The old man was very happy to see Mary. - ×

    5. Mr Craven's wife died ten years ago. × -

    6. Mary found the garden with the locked door. - ×

    7. The robin came when the old man whistled. × -

    8. Mary had no friends in India. × -

    9. Mary asked the old man to be her friend. - ×

    10. The old man became angry because Mary wanted to find the door to the

    locked garden. × -

    2 Now correct the incorrect statements in exercise 1.

    1. Mary understood that she must not be rude to Martha.

    4. The old man wasn't very happy to see Mary.

    6. Mary didn't find the garden with the locked door.

    9. Mary asked the robin to be her friend.

    3 Answer the following questions.

    a. What did Ben Weatherstaff help Mary to discover about herself?

    She thought about her angry face and bad temper, she didn't have friends.

    b. How did this make feel?

    She felt uncomfortable and sad.

    c. In Ben's opinion how did Mary talk?

    Ben thoughts that Mary talked as an old woman.

    d. How did she talk to the robin?

    She talk gently.

    4 There were flower gardens, tree gardens and vegetable gardens in the grounds of Misselthwaite Manor. Look at the words in the box and put them into the correct gardens - vegetable words into the vegetable garden, flower words into the flower garden and tree words into the tree garden. Use your dictionary to help you.

    1 potato; pea; swede; carrot; turnip; runner bean.

    2 oak; elm; plane; ash, sycamore.

    3 rose; daisy; pansy; sunflower; butter cup; carnation.

    5 Write down the opposites of the words below. You can find them all in Chapter Two.

    a. easy - hard/difficult f. full - empty

    b. weak - strong g. beautiful - ugly

    c. ill - healthy h. sad - happy

    d. bad - good i. terrible - wonderful

    e. tiny - enormous j. tame - wild


    1 Listen to the beginning of Chapter Three. You will hear a conversation between Mary and Martha about the locked garden and Martha's brother Dickon. Decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect. If it is correct put a cross in the box under A for yes. If it is not correct, put a ray in the box under B for no.

    A B

    1. The locked garden was Mr Craven's × -

    2. Mrs Craven died after falling from a tree in the locked garden. × -

    3. Mary thought she heard someone crying. × -

    4. Mary liked staying inside when the weather was bad. - ×

    5. Martha's brother went outside even when the weather was bad. × -

    6. Martha's brother had a crow and a fox. × -

    2. Now read the beginning of the chapter and correct those sentences that are not correct.

    Mary was bored when the weather was bad.

    Chapter Three


    1 Answer the questions.

    a. Who looked after the garden before it was locked?

    Mr Craven and his wife.

    b. Who, according to Martha, was crying?

    The wind or the scullery maid.

    c. What did Mrs Matlock do when she found Mary exploring the house?

    She took Mary by the arm and pulled her away.

    d. What was Martha's mother like?

    She's kind and good tempered and works hard.

    e. Why, according to Martha, did nobody like Mary?

    Because Mary doesn't like herself.

    f. What did Mary find?

    She found a rusty key.

    g. How did Mary discover the door to the secret garden?

    She found it because of a gust of wind blew and moved some of the ivy on the wall, and let see a door.

    h. Why didn't Mary tell Martha about the secret garden?

    Because she wouldn't let Mary to go into the secret garden again.

    2 Changes.

    a. How is Mary changing physically?

    Now she eats all of her food. When she receives the skipping rope she doesn't stop jumping, so she became stronger and prettier.

    b. Who is Mary sorry for? How does this show us that Mary is changing?

    She's sorry for someone who is crying. She is interested about all and everyone.

    c. What does Mary wonder when she receives the skipping rope from Martha? How does this show us that Mary has changed since her arrival at Misselthwaite Manor?

    She wonders how Martha's mother could find the money to buy her the rope. Mary's happier and has who to talk with in the house, now she has friends.

    3 Why is a little girl like a garden?

    a. How does the author describe the garden when we first see it?

    The author says that it's the loveliest and most mysterious place that Mary's seen.

    b. How does the author describe Mary when we first meet her?

    The author says that she's spoilt, rude and bad temper.

    c. Why is the garden in that condition?

    Because anyone has looked after it for ten years.

    d. Why was Mary in that condition?

    Because she was very surprised of the garden.

    e. Why is Mary beginning to change?

    Because she begins very happy when she finds the secret garden and work in it.

    f. Why is the garden beginning to change?

    Because Mary works with her hands each day in it.

    g. What does Mary think of the garden when she first sees it?

    She thinks that she's the first person who has spoken in there for ten years.

    h. What do you think Martha and her mother think about Mary?

    They think that Mary's a child who starts to live when she arrives to Misselthwaite.

    4 Put the verbs in the Present Simple or Continuous according to the context.

    a. Do you see that door? That is the door to the locked garden.

    b. Martha isn't working. Today is a holiday and she is with her family.

    c. I understand French perfectly. I lived in Paris for ten years.

    d. Mrs Medlock: `What are you doing here?'

    e. Can you hear? A robin is singing on the wall of the locked garden.

    f. Mary feels sorry for her uncle.

    g. Martha brought Mary a skipping rope. Now every morning Mary skips rope in the garden.

    h. Mary is not in the house. She is pulling up weeds in the garden.

    i. I know it is raining, but I want to go out on the moor with Dickon.

    j. John: `Philip, what do you do?'

    Philip: `I'm a gardener.'

    5 Look at the pictures and complete the sentences below with the correct verb in the Present Continuous.

    1. Mary is going into the garden.

    2. Mary is meeting to Colin.

    3. Mary is eating an apple.

    4. Mary is going to bed.

    5. Mary is talking with Dickon.

    6. Mary is putting on her hat.


    1 Find the right answers. Remember, there is only one correct answer.

    1. What do gardeners do to win prizes for their fruit and vegetables?

    A - sell them to restaurants

    B - take photographs of them

    C × put them in shows

    2. Who gets the money which people pay to see small gardens?

    A - the gardens

    B - charities

    C × the National Garden Scheme

    3. What important event for gardeners happens in London each summer?

    A - The National Garden Scheme

    B - The Covent Garden Festival

    C × The Chelsea Flower Show

    4. What can you eat when you are tired of walking around the gardens?

    A × strawberries and cream

    B - fruit and vegetables

    C - pizza

    5. Where in London are The Royal Botanical Gardens?

    A - Chelsea

    B - Hyde Park

    C × Kew

    6. What can you do if you want to make friends with English people?

    A - give them a cup of tea

    B × say something nice about their flowers

    C - pick some of their vegetables


    1 Look at the six sentences about the beginning of Chapter Four. Decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect. If it is correct, put a cross in the box under A for yes. If it is not correct, put a ray in the box under B for no.

    A B

    1. Dickon had brown eyes. - ×

    2. When Mary first saw Dickon he was sitting under a tree playing a pipe. × -

    3. Dickon had never heard of the secret garden before. - ×

    4. Dickon thought that the secret garden was quite ugly. - ×

    5. Mr Craven asked Mary if she wanted a piece of garden. × -

    6. Mr Craven asked Mary if she wanted a piece of garden. - ×

    Now correct the text and rewrite the incorrect sentences.

    1. Dickon had blue eyes.

    3. Dickon has heard of the secret garden.

    4. Dickon thought that it was a strange, pretty place.

    6. Mary asked Mr Craven for a piece of garden.

    Chapter Four


    1 Read the questions below and for each question choose the correct answer - A, B, C or D.

    1. Who is Dickon?

    A × Martha's brother

    B - Mrs Medlock's son

    C - Mary's cousin

    D - Ben Weatherstaff's son

    2. What did Dickon bring for Mary?

    A × seeds and tools

    B - a key

    C - a squirrel and two rabbits

    D - a pipe

    3. Where did Mary take Dickon?

    A - out on the moor

    B - inside the house

    C × to the secret garden

    D - to the robin's nest

    4. What did Mary learn about the secret garden from Dickon?

    A - that it had a door

    B × that she had to pull the weeds out of the ground to make the flowers grow

    C - that the plants and trees were not really dead

    D - that it was Mr Craven's wife's garden

    5. When Mary finally met her uncle she discovered that

    A × he did not really have a crooked back and he was handsome

    B - he was going abroad

    C - his wife had died ten years earlier

    D - he never went into the locked garden

    6. What did Mary ask her uncle for?

    A - permission to enter the secret garden

    B - permission to go where she wanted in the house

    C - some seeds and tools for her garden

    D × an area of garden where she could grow her own flowers

    2 Here are some sentences from the chapters you have read. For each question, complete the second sentence so that it means the same as first, using no more than three words.

    1. Perhaps it's the key to the garden.

    It could be the key to the garden.

    2. Mary was very pleased to see them and she kissed them.

    Mary was so nice to see them that she kissed them.

    3. Go back to your room, or I'll tell the master that you disobeyed me.

    If you don't go to your room, I'll tell the master that you disobeyed me.

    4. He's going abroad tomorrow and he wants to see you first.

    He wants to see you before he goes away tomorrow

    5. I'll wait until the rain stops before I decide what to do.

    I'll decide what to do after the rain stops.

    3 Read the summary of the first four chapters of The Secret Garden and choose the correct word for each space. For each question, mark the letter next to the correct word - A, B, C or D.

    Mary Lennox lived in India, but when both of Mary's parents died during a terrible epidemic, she was sent to live with her uncle, Mr Craven, in Yorkshire. Mary arrived to London where Mr Craven's housekeeper, Mr Medlock was waiting for her. They travelled by train to Yorkshire. During the trip Mrs Medlock told Mary about her uncle. His wife had died ten years before, and he was now a sour man. The next morning the housemaid, a young girl named Martha, awakened Mary. She told Mary about her large family who lived on the moor, and about her brother Dickon, who loved animals. She also told her about a walled garden that had been locked up for ten years. Mary went out to look at the gardens. She found one walled garden without a door.

    One evening after dinner Mary asked Martha to tell her why Mr Craven had locked up the garden. She explained that his wife had fallen from a tree there, and hut herself so badly that she died. As they were talking Mary thought she heard a child crying. The next day in the garden, as Mary was watching a robin, she found a key. Then another day, the wind blew aside some ivy and she saw a door. She opened the door with the key. She was then inside the locked garden.

    Mary went to the garden every day. But she never told anybody about it until one day Dickon came to see her. He was so kind that she felt she could trust him. She took him to the garden. That evening she met her uncle for the first time. He was going abroad and wanted to know if she wanted anything. She said she wanted a piece of garden where she could grow flowers. He told her that she could have any part of the garden that was unused.

    That night Mary was awakened by the wind, and once again she heard a child crying. She decided to find out the truth. She left her room and finally found the room where the crying came from. She opened the door, and inside she saw a young boy lying on a bed. That was Colin Craven, her uncle's son.

    0. A into B on C by D in

    1. A both B either C together D two

    2. A in B at C to D from

    3. A for B on C by D to

    4. A after B then C last D next

    5. A which B who C whose D those

    6. A how B why C because D what

    7. A somebody B nobody C everybody D anybody

    8. A his B her C its D hers

    9. A out B in C over D by

    10. A She B it C This D That


    1 Listen to Chapter Five and for each question put a cross in the correct box.

    1. Who is Colin?

    A × Mary's cousin

    B - Mr Craven's cousin

    C - Mr Craven's nephew

    2. Colin's father is afraid that

    A × Colin will grow up to have a crooked back.

    B - Mary will stare at Colin.

    C - Colin will hate him.

    3. Colin wants Mary

    A - to go away.

    B - not to look at him.

    C × to stay and talk to him.

    4. Everybody at Misselthwaite must do what Colin says because

    A - if they don't he will send them away.

    B × if they don't he will become ill.

    C - if they don't he will become very angry.

    5. How old is Colin?

    A - eight

    B - nine

    C × ten

    6. When Colin hears about the secret garden he becomes

    A - sad.

    B × excited.

    C - angry.

    Chapter Five


    1 Read the chapter again and answer the questions. Write out your answers.

    a. Mary asks Colin why no one told him that she lives at Misselthwaite Manor. What is his reply?

    That no one told him.

    b. Why is Colin afraid to go out?

    Because he is afraid that people stare at him.

    c. Why does Colin think that his father hates him?

    Because his mother died when he was born.

    d. How does Mary know Colin's age?

    Because Mr Craven locked the garden when Colin was born.

    e. Why doesn't Mary want Colin to know that she's found the secret garden?

    Because Colin wanted to make the servants open the door of the secret garden.

    2 Use the Saxon genitive to show the relationship between the following people. Then rewrite each sentence using possessive pronouns.

    a. Mary and Mr Craven

    Mary was Mr Craven's niece. / Mary was his niece.

    Mr Craven was Mary's uncle. / Mr Craven was her uncle.

    b. Mrs Lennox (Mary's mother) and Colin

    Mrs Lennox was Colin's aunt. / Mrs Lennox was his aunt.

    Colin was Mrs Lennox's nephew. / Colin was his nephew.

    c. Mr Craven and Colin

    Mr Craven was Colin's father. / Mr Craven was his father.

    Colin was Mr Craven's son. / Colin was his son.

    d. Martha and Dickon

    Martha was Dickon's sister. / Martha was his sister.

    Dickon was Martha's brother. / Dickon was her brother.

    3 Look at the text in each question. What does it say? Mark the letter next to the correct explanation - A, B or C.

    1. We advise mixing powder in water and waiting until water is blue before giving to patient.

    A - Do not give the medicine to the patient without a glass of water.

    B × Put the powder in water. Wait for the water to turn blue, and then give it to the patient.

    C - Give the patient only blue powder.

    2. Mrs Medlock

    Prepare my suitcases for Thursday evening. I will be leaving Friday morning instead of Thursday as I had thought. Mr Craven.

    A - Mr Craven thinks he is leaving on Thursday evening.

    B × Mr Craven was going to leave on Thursday morning but now he is leaving a day later.

    C - Mr Craven wants to leave on Friday but he has to leave on Thursday.

    3. Plant daffodil and crocus bulbs in late autumn or early winter, and not in the spring or summer, otherwise plants will not produce flowers.

    A - Daffodils and crocuses produce flowers only in early autumn.

    B - If the daffodil and crocus bulbs are planted in the spring or summer they will produce flowers.

    C × If the daffodil and crocus bulbs are planted in the autumn or early winter they will produce flowers.

    4. From Mrs Medlock to housekeeper

    Clean Mr Craven's bedroom every day except Sunday, but only if I tell you.

    A - Mrs Medlock will tell the housekeeper if she can clean Mr Craven's room on Sundays.

    B × The housekeeper must clean Mr Craven's room Monday to Saturday when Mrs Medlock tells her to do so.

    C - The housekeeper can clean Mr Craven's room without Mrs Medlock's permission on Sundays.

    5. Dickon,

    I met Colin Craven. I am not going to tell him that we go inside the secret garden until I am sure I can trust him. Mary

    A - Colin wanted to know about the secret garden but Mary did not tell him anything about it.

    B - Mary does not trust Colin. That is why she did not tell him that she and Dickon have been inside it.

    C × When Mary feels that she can trust Colin she will tell him that she and Dickon go inside the secret garden.

    Chapter Five BEFORE YOU READ

    1 Listen to the beginning of Chapter Six and decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect.

    1 Mary was happy when Mary told her that she had found Colin. NO

    2 Colin once cried until he became ill because he thought a gardener was looking at him. YES

    3 Colin thinks that the moor is a horrible place. NO

    4 Colin always seemed frightened when he said that he was going to die. NO

    5 Colin thinks that his father will be happy when he dies. YES

    6 A famous doctor had said that Colin should go out. YES

    Chapter Six WET WEATHER

    1 Answer the questions.

    a. Why did Colin have a temper tantrum the last time he was taken outside?

    Because he thought that one of the gardeners was looking at him.

    b. How did Colin know that he was going to die?

    Because everyone said it.

    c. How could Colin get well, according to Mary?

    If he sees Dickon.

    d. How could Colin get well, according to Colin?

    If Mary is and talk with him.

    e. Why did Colin get angry with Mary?

    Because Mary didn't go visit Colin for a long time.

    2 Mary's cousin Colin

    a. How is Colin similar to Mary when she first arrived at Misselthwaite Manor?

    They both were spoilt.

    b. Why do you think Colin seemed pleased with the thought that he was going to die?

    Because he had a bad existence.

    c. Why do you think Colin had a temper tantrum in the middle of the night?

    Because he was mad.

    d. What do you think about Mary's reaction to that temper tantrum?

    I think that Mary talks to Colin too violently.

    3 Here are six mixed-up sentences from the story. Put the words in their correct order.

    a. very upset was Martha.

    Martha was very upset.

    b. the garden Mary not visit could rained It so week for a.

    It rained so Mary could not visit the garden for a week.

    c. a nest was robin building The.

    The robin was building a nest.

    d. Mary week since had gone Dickon had seen by whole A.

    A whole week had gone by since Mary had seen Dickon.

    e. crying and Mary awakened sound of screaming was by the.

    Mary was awakened by the sound of screaming and crying.

    f. ran into shouted him at Colin's and room She.

    She ran into Colin's room and shouted at him.

    4 Here are some adjectives that describe the characters in the story. Choose two suitable adjectives for each character, and write them under the picture.

    Mary: plain, sad.

    Martha: cheerful, happy.

    Ben: old, sour.

    Colin: sad, selfish.

    Mr Craven: handsome, grumpy.

    Dickon: kind, friendly.

    5 a. Martha is helping Mary choose some clothes to wear when she goes out to the garden. First label the articles of clothing.

    1. Boots 2. Hat 3.Gloves 4.Scarf

    b. Now complete the following sentences. The words you need are in the box below. Use your dictionary to help.

    a. She will wear the hat on her head.

    b. She will wear the gloves on her hands.

    c. She will wear the scarf around her neck.

    d. She will wear the boots on her feet.

    1 Listen to the beginning of Chapter Seven. You will hear three conversations: two with Colin and Mary, and one with Mary and Dickon. For each question, fill in the missing information in the numbered space.

    Colin and his back

    Mary looked at Colin's back for a long time.

    She discovered that it was like hers.

    What should be done for Colin

    Dickon thinks Mary should use her Yorkshire voice with Colin.

    That will make him laugh.

    Colin learns about the garden

    Dickon is coming to see Colin with his animals.

    Mary waited to tell Colin about the garden until she was sure she could trust him.


    1 For each question, mark the letter next to the correct answer - A, B, C or D.

    1. How did Mary get Colin stop crying?

    A She became angry with him.

    B She sang him an Indian song.

    C She told him about Dickon's animals.

    D She looked at his back and told him that it was straight.

    2. Dickon thought that it would be good for Colin if he

    A went to see his fathe.

    B went to see another doctor.

    C talked with Dickon's mother.

    D went out into the garden.

    3. Colin forgot about his jealousy and decided he wanted to meet Dickon because

    A Dickon knew a lot about gardens.

    B Mary told him that she would never talk to him again if he did not meet Dickon.

    C Mary told him about Dickon's squirrels.

    D Dickon had a Yorkshire accent.

    4. As Colin, Mary and Dickon walked to the secret garden, Mary told Colin about

    A how beautiful the secret garden was.

    B how she had discovered that the secret garden was really alive.

    C all the things that happened to her in the gardens since her arrival.

    D how Mr Craven had given her permission to have her own garden.

    5. That day in the secret garden Colin realised that

    A Dickon was actually a nice boy.

    B Mary was his best friend.

    C there was a secret garden.

    D he was going to have a life of his own.

    2 Complete the sentences below with going to or will according to the context.

    1 Mum: Has Mary decided about next year?

    Martha: Yes, Mum. She is going to study with a governess, but most of the time she is going to work in her garden with Colin and Dickon.

    2 Jamie: Carol. I lent you my bicycle a week ago!

    Carol: Oh, you're right! I'm sorry I'll bring it back this afternoon.

    3 Last week I discovered that my sister lied to me. I am going to talk to her about this tonight when she comes home from school.

    4 Sam: No, you can't use my computer I'm sure you will break it.

    Jerry: Please, Sam I won't break it. You can trust me!

    5 Martha: Mary, tomorrow is a holiday, and I am going to see my mother and family.

    Mary: Really? Tell your mother that I love the skipping rope.

    Martha: Sure, I will tell her.

    3 There are six rabbits hiding in the secret garden. Using one of the following prepositions, work with a partner to say where the rabbits are hidden. See which pair can be first to find all the rabbits: on; under; behind; in front of; on top of; next to. The following words will help you: flower pot; sunflower; hedge.

    1. There is a rabbit under a sunflower.

    2. There is a rabbit behind the flower pot.

    3. There is a rabbit on a chair.

    4. There is a rabbit in front of the hedge.

    5. There is a rabbit on top of the hedge

    6. There is a rabbit next to a chair

    1 Listen to the beginning of Chapter Eight. For each question, put a tick in the correct box.

    1 Who discovered Mary, Dickon and Colin in the garden?

    A Mrs Medlock

    B Mr Craven

    C Ben Weatherstaff

    2 What did Colin do when he saw that person?

    A He told him/her to go away.

    B He told Mary and Dickon to run away.

    C He showed that person that he could stand up.

    3 What did Colin think had made him strong?

    A his medicine

    B the magic of the garden

    C his friendship with Mary and Dickon

    4 As soon as he was really strong he wanted to

    A go into his father's study and show him that he was a normal, healthy boy.

    B leave Misselthwaite and look for his father.

    C run away with Dickon and Mary, and never return to Misselthwaite.

    5 It was not easy to keep a secret that Colin was no longer ill because

    A Ben Weatherstaff had seen Colin walking.

    B Dickon told Martha and Martha was not good at keeping secrets.

    C people could see from Colin's appearance that he was becoming healthier.

    Chapter Eight MAGIC

    1 Answer the following questions.

    a. What did Ben do when he saw Colin stand?

    He cried with happiness.

    b. What had Mr Craven been doing for the last ten years?


    c. What happened to Mr Craven by a stream in Austria?

    He felt relax and was happy and healthy.

    d. Why did he decide to come back home?

    Because he had a dream with his wife.

    e. What was Mr Craven thinking about when he finally saw Colin again?

    That it was a wonderful history.

    f. What did Mr Craven do for the first time in many years when he was with Colin again?

    He gazed at him, without speaking.

    2 What's in a name?

    a. Look up the meaning of the surname of Colin and his father.

    Craven mean's “covarde”

    b. Do you think the author chose it on purpose? Why or why not?

    Yes, I do. Because the father and the son were people who had problems and weren't able to confront them.

    3 The Magic of the Garden.

    Say how the following people and things helped Mary become a happy little girl.

    a. Ben Weatherstaff: He showed Mary that she could also have friends.

    b. Martha: She taught Mary how to behave with her servants and to be pleasant with them.

    c. Martha's mother: She made Mary a present, a skipping rope.

    d. Dickon: He helped and worked with Mary to turn the Secret Garden in a beautiful place.

    e. The Yorkshire weather: It made Mary happier and stronger.

    f. The robin: Mary discovered the Secret Garden thanks to the robin.

    g. The secret garden: It was the best what happened to Mary, she became happier because she loved the garden.

    4 Say how the following people and things helped Colin.

    a. Mary: Colin became happier talking with her about the Secret garden and they became friends.

    b. Dickon: He gave Colin his lamb.

    c. The secret garden: There, he learnt to walk without the wheelchair so he became happier.

    6 Father and son

    Colin is the happiest boy in the world now that he is with his father again. But do you think he will ever really forgive him for having ignored him for ten years? Pretend that you are Colin and that you are now 21 years old. You have just received a letter from your cousin Mary in which she wrote: I often think about Dickon, you, me and our secret garden. Still, I often wonder if you have ever really forgiven your father. Have you?

    Now write your letter in about 100 words. Include the following information:

    • how your mother died

    • how your father reacted to her death

    • what happened to you

    • why you have or have not forgiven him

    You can begin like this:

    My dearest Mary,

    I still think about how when my mother was pregnant whit me and one day she fell from a branch of a tree and... she died. All started in that moment. Since that moment, my father felt some angry to me. I think I was no guilty for that, but my father didn't think about it. So at first, I obviously wanted to die because I was really displeased but luckily, you appeared in my life. All changed with you, I discovered the secret garden and freedom's feeling. Nowadays, I continue thinking about Yorkshire; I'd like to return a day with you, to remember all those happy moments in the secret garden. So, I will phone you soon.

    Bye!! See you!!


    7 Complete the crossword puzzle. It contains words from the entire book. Some of them can be found in the notes but not all of them.


    1 Someone who is usually well is healthy.

    5 Mrs Medlock said that the moor was miles and miles of empty land.

    7 If your tooth hurts you have a toothache.

    8 A child. Kid

    9 Not straight. (Colin`s back was not) Crooked

    10 A Yorkshire word used to describe the sound the wind makes. Wutherin

    11 Somebody who only thinks about himself is selfish.

    12 An adverb that means to do something without patience. Impatiently

    15 “Ayah” is the Indian word for this English word. Nanny

    16 Peas, carrots, potatoes and cucumbers are vegetables.

    19 A spirit, a phantasm. Ghost

    22 A little boy who is allowed to do everything he wants will become spoiled.

    23 Not comfortable. Uncomfortable

    26 Nut and Shell were the names of Dickon's squirrels.


    2 If you lock a door, you close it with a key.

    3 Ask yourself, be surprised. Complain

    4 The area in northern England where The Secret Garden takes place. Yorkshire

    6 A beautiful little bird with an orange breast, and Ben's only friend. Robin

    13 Make happy. Give pleasure to. Pleasure

    14 “This” is used for things near us, and “that” is used for things far from us.

    17 If you don't obey your mother, you disobey her.

    18 A wild animal that looks like a small dog (Dickon had one as a pet). Fox

    20 If you believe that a person will not hurt you and is good, then you trust that person.

    21 A baby sheep. Lamb

    22 An unpleasant person is sour.

    24 Instruments for working are tools.


























































































































































































    25 “It is none of your business” means “This is private and does not concern you”.

    27 This covered the door to the secret garden. Ivy

    8 What parts of The Secret Garden are like a fairytale?

    Now read this “fairytale version” of the secret garden and say:

    -who the princess is: Mary

    -who the good fairy is: Martha

    -who the satyr is:

    -what the “sweet, sleepy land” is: India

    -what the “lovely land of roses and fruit trees” is:

    -what the evil spirit is: People who killed Mary's parents

    -who the wood nymph is:

    -what the magic spell is:

    -what the castle is:


    1 Pretend you are Charlotte and answer these questions.

    a. Where do you live?

    I live in a very big house in the country.

    b. How many brothers and sisters have you got?

    I have got two younger sisters and one brother.

    c. Do you go to school?

    Yes, I do. I go to boarding school.

    d. What work does your father do?

    He works looking after the land around our home.

    e. Who cooks and cleans in your house?

    My mother and the servants look after the house.

    f. How do you travel to see your friends and relations?

    I travel by carriage.

    g. Do you go out to play with other children?

    No, I don't.

    h. Do you like being rich?

    Yes, I do. Because I live in a beautiful house and wear nice clothes.

    2 Now pretend you are Sara, and answer these questions.

    a. What kind of house do you live in?

    I live in a small cottage in the country.

    b. Do you have your own bedroom?

    No, I don't. I share my bedroom with my three siblings

    c. How many children live in your house?

    There are six children.

    d. What work does your father do?

    He works on a far. He looks after the farm animals and works in the fields.

    e. Do you have any servants?

    No, I haven't.

    f. Who does the cleaning and cooking?

    My mother and we girls

    g. Do you ever play with Charlotte?

    No, I haven't.

    h. Do you get enough food to eat?

    No, I don't.

    3 Now make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of living in a rich or poor family. Fill in the table below.




    -A big house


    -Nice clothes

    -A lot of food

    -What ever you want

    -An education

    -No freedom

    -Almost no one to play



    -Siblings and children for play

    -A small house

    -No servants

    -No nice clothes

    -No enough food

    -No toys

    -Any education

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