The red pony; John Steinbeck

“The Red Pony”


Jody Tiflin:

He's the main character. He is ten years old, he is curious and eager to know about life. Sometimes he feel alone, he is friendly, and he likes to help to the others. He obeyed his father in everything without questions. He isn't very interested in his studies. His favorite pastime, is to take his rifle and aim it at things, as if he were shooting

Carl Tiflin:

He is Jody's father. He is a strict disciplinarian and he want that Jody grows to be responsible and independient to running the ranch. He has strong character, and he is a little angry man. He doesn't spent time with his son.

Billy Buck:

He is little, he has a mustache and almost always he wears a hat. He lost his mother when he was young, he know a lot about horses and animals, he work in the ranch of Mr. Tiflin, he understand to Jody, and he answer all the questions that he had.

Mrs. Tiflin:

She is Jody's mother. She is a simply lady and understanding mother, she is always busy in the kitchen, and she always encourage to Jody. She is quiet, kind, and supportive of Jody.


He is an older man, skinny and weak, he is alone and he came to Salinas, to die near his birthplace.


He is Mrs. Tiflin's father. He is old, he always tell stories about the Indians and crossing the plains.


The story take place in Salinas. The Tiflin's family live on a ranch. Billy Buck work at the ranch, and he convinces to Mr. Tiflin to give to Jody a pony, to teach him responsibility. Someday, Mr. Tiflin calls to Jody to the barn, there he give him a red pony... It was little so he can't ride it still. When he was to school, he tells to all his friends about his new pony. He protected his pony so much, and he was always he can with him. Billy Buck taught a lot of things to Jody about the horses. One night, it was raining, and Jody wants to get in the pony to he didn't become ill, and Billy said that it not was going to happened him nothing, but the next day, Gabilan the pony falls sick and Jody and Billy did a big effort to the pony will be all right, but he died. Jody was so sad, and angry with Billy because he said that it was his fault. It make that Jody shouldn't trust in nobody.

The mountains to Jody, were something mysterious. He wanted to know what was there, but his father says that there was nothing. Once, Jody saw walking down from the hill, an old man. He was a paisano that his name was Gitano. First, Jody was so afraid, and Gitano told him that he was coming to die there, because he was alone and somewhere near to there, he was born and live with his father. He said that he will stay there at his death. His father refuses to keep to Gitano at the ranch but he only permit him to stay at the bunk house just one night, but he stay there. Gitano said that he can't work because he was an old man and he was week. Gitano try to answer all the question that Jody had about the mountains. Some day Jody saw behind the window, a thin ray of dark light, coming from the bunk house. He got out, and he saw that Gitano has in his hand a deerskin… In the beginning he wont show him what does he have, and then he tell him that it was present from his father. One night, Jody's father told to Gitano, that he has to left the ranch because he wasn't economically capable to maintain an other person.

The next day in the morning, Gitano takes an old horse, and he went. Jody saw how does he left them, he was sorry to have lost a friend and sad that the old man has left the ranch to die alone.

One morning, Mr. Tiflin calls to Jody to the barn. There were Billy and his father. His father told him, that Billy said him that he took good care of the pony before he died, and he asked him if he wanted an other horse, and if he will be arranged to work to obtain it, and Jody said, yes.

He start to work at the ranch. To earn the colt, Jody is given a pregnant mare, called Nellie, to tend. Billy tried to win back the trust of Jody, so he spends time with Jody, and help him to take care of Nellie. The time to him, was passed very slow. He was very worried about the colt. He ever asked to Billy if the colt it will be O.K. and he want be with the mare, when she got the colt. Some time, Jody couldn't sleep, so he awoke and got to the barn to see Nellie. Billy get inside the barn and told him that he has to back to bed and when she will get ready to have a colt, he will call him. When he was in his bed, Billy came and takes Jody to the barn, because Nellie was ready. Nellie cried with pain, something was wrong. The colt wasn't in the right position, and he can't get out, so Billy had to kill Nellie, but the colt lives. Jody felt guilty, about the death of Nellie, because he was selfish cause he wanted that the colt lives.

At the end, his grandfather came to visit them at the ranch, and to stay with them some days. His father doesn't want that his came, because he said that ever he tell the same stories about the Indians, etc.

Jody listened for the stories with emotion. Jody offers his grandfather a glass of lemonade, and he went to the kitchen and he made it. And Mrs. Tiflin think how much does Jody maturate, and she felt pleased.


I like the novel so much. It was very interesting but so sad. In each chapter, happened something bad, and it made the book some tragic. It is a good book to learn a lot of things about the life and his mysteries and it learn that we can find and obtain, all the things that we want, but we need to make an effort. This book teach us, that the loneliness it's a very bad feeling, that can destroys our life.

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