The picture of Dorian Gray; Oscar Wilde



Lord Henry went at Basil´s house.When Lord Henry saw to Basil, Basil was painting a portrait.

Lord Henry saw a very beautiful portrait and he said that this portrait must go to art gallery. Basil didn´t want to do this, because he said that this painted had a part of him. Lord Henry asked to Basil about the painted and Basil said him that it is Dorian Gray. Basil was in love of Dorian Gray, but he didn´t know if he loves him. Lord Henry want that Basil intoduce him Dorian Gray, but Basil didn´t want.

While they were speaking, the servant arrived and said that Dorian Gray was right there.


When Lord Henry and Basil went on the house, Dorian Gray was here.

Basil spoke to Lord Henry and he said him that he, Lord Henry, must leave. Lord Henry asked to Dorian if he can be here, and Dorian said “yes”.

While Basil painted, Lord Henry talked, and the young man listened. Dorian was interested in Lord Henry. Lord Henry talked to Dorian about the youth. He said that the beauty spent and then you don´t like you.

After the conversation, Dorian felt strange, different.


Basil finished his work. At first, Dorian was happy, but then he remembered Lord Henry´s words. Lord Henry wanted to buy the portrait but Basil said that the portrait is Dorian´s. Basil asked to Dorian about the portrait, and he said “ I wish that I could always stay young and the picture could grow old”.

Dorian was angry, and he said to Basil that he changes but the portrait never change, and he wish that the portrait grow too. After that Basil wont to break the picture and Dorian said not. He said that it would be a murder, he was in love with it -the portrait.

Later, Lord Henry invited them to go whit him to the theatre that night. Basil refused, but Dorian was happy to accept. Basil invited to Dorian for have dinner with him, but Dorian wont to go to the theatre with Lord Henry.


The next morning Lord Henry went to visit his aunt Lady Agatha. He wont more information about Dorian Gray.

Lady Agatha said that Dorian was Lady Margaret Devereux´s son, a beautiful woman. She got married with a poor soldier and a few months later, he died. She died soon after her soon was born.

Lady Agatha did a party and she invited Lord Henry and Dorian.

Lord Henry was talking every minute, and when he went out, Dorian talked him. Dorian wont to go with he, and he accepted.


A month later, Dorian visited Lord Henry. Dorian said him that he was in love of an actress, Sybil Vane, he thought that she was very clever.

Dorian had discovered an old theatre in a poor street in London. The play had been Shakespeare´s Romeo and Juliet. Juliet was Sybil Vane and she was beautiful, and she sang very well, he loved her very much.

Dorian said to Lord Henry that he and Basil can go to the theatre with him the next night.

After the conversation Lord Henry thought that Dorian had changed, he was another, he thought “who have taught him how to do this”.

When Lord Henry returned home that night, there was a letter for him lying on the table. It told him that Dorian Gray was going to marry Sybil Vane.


Sybil Vane was talking with her mother about Dorian, her Prince Charming. She was saying that she loves Dorian, and he loves her.

The mother sais that Dorian was a gentleman and she was poor, but Sybil sais that she was in love of him.

In this moment, James Vane, the Sybil Vane´s brother, went on. James Vane spoke about Dorian and about his travel. He must go away because he was sailor.

When Sybil Vane went out of the room, James talked to his mother, and he calmed her


Basil and Lord Henry went to the theatre. Dorian was happy and Lord Henry said: “ When we are happy, we are good, but when we are good, we are not always happy”

When Sybil Vane appeared, Everyone became silent. She was one of the most beautiful girls that Lord Henry had ever seen,but, she was a terrible actress.

After half an hour Lord Henry and Basil went away.

Dorian was angry. Went the play finished, he talked with Sybil. He was very cruel, he said her that he lovees her by his art, and in this moment, she had killed his love.

After the conversation, he left.

When Dorian arrived at his house, he was surprised, his portrait had changed, it had a stranger smile, and then he thought that he had been very cruel with Sybil, he would go to see her, and he would marry her, try to love her again.


Dorian woke up, he went to see his portrait and he was changed yet. In this moment, he felt sick and ashamed, he didn´t know what to do, and he sat down and wrote a long letter to Sybil Vane.

Lord Henry arrived. Dorian said her that he will marry Sybil Vane, and Lord Henry asked her about his letter. Dorian hadn´t read his letter. This said that Sybil Vane was dead, she killed herself at the theatre last night.

Dorian told him about that he did last night. Lord Henry said to Dorian Gray that women becomes unfashionable and others excuses by he didn´t get married.

Dorian said:“How well you know me!”. When Lord Henry had left, Dorian uncovered the picture again, he had to choose between a good life and a bad life, he thought. The picture would grow old but he would stay beautiful forever.

After, he covered the picture again, smiled, and went to Lord Henry´s house.


Basil visited to Dorian Gray. Basil said that he felt bad because the poor Sybl Vane had died, and Dorian answered that Sybil Vane was in the past, that she finished.

Basil was surprised, and he thought that Dorian had changed.

Basil wont to see the portrait and Dorian didn´t want that. Basil said that he wont to exhibit it in an art gallery in Paris. Then, Dorian asked why he didn´t want to exhibit it before and Basil said his secret, he was in love of him, and in this picture were his feelings.

When Basil left, Dorian hid the portrait, and he carried its upstairs to a small room at the top of the house. He kept the portrait.

When he returned to the room downstairs, he picked up a book that Lord Henry had lent him.It was the story of a Frenchman, who had spent his life searching for beautiful and pleasure, it was a frightening book. Dorian felt that the Frenchman´s life was a mirror of his own.


The years passed but time did not touchDorian Gray´s face.Dorian loved very much the material things and his face, more and more interested in the ugliness of his soul.

The people told about the terrible Dorian Gray, they told a very bad stories about him, he was very beautiful but very bad too.

He was worried about the portrait, it wasn´t safe, and it grew very fast.

Now, it didn´t travelled away.


Dorian was thirty-eight years, he was walking home from Lord Henry´s house when he saw Basil. Basil called him. Basil left of England and he was going to Paris but he wait a time. Basil said Dorian that the people said a very bad and very cruel stories about him, and went Basil asked him about the real Dorian Gray,and went with him upstairs. Dorian uncovered the picture and a cry of horror came from the artist. He was very frightened. Dorian said why it was terrible, they remembered the day of the wish of Dorian.

Dorian turned and started at the face in the picture, and suddenly he hated Basil more then he had ever hated anyone in his life. He picked up a knife and dug it into the artist´s neck, and then, the blood ran across the table. The friend who had painted his portrait had gone out his life. That was all.

No one had seen Basil in Dorian´s house that night, he thought in Basil and Paris,and will pass six months before people asked where he was. After this he took out a book and began to search for a name, Alan Campbell.


The next morning Dorian wrote 2 letters. He put one into his pocked, and he gave the other to his servant. This letters was to Mr Campbell. He was a very clever scientist and five years ago he and Dorian had been good friends.

Alan Campbell arrived, but he didn´t like Dorian. Dorian said him that, in a locked room upstairs there was a dead body, and Dorian wont that he destroyed it.

Campbell said not, but Dorian wrote somehing on it and Campbell read it. Dorian said “I´ve already written a letter, and if you don´t help me, I´ll have to send it”.

Campbell, unhappy, accepted. When they went upstairs, Dorian saw that some blood was in the picture´s one hands, and he covered it.

Campbell was alone in the room, and ofter five hours he and the dead body went off.


Later the same evening Dorian was at a party and he went at house, because he wasn´t very well. At home, he wont escape from the prison of his real life. He went to the East End of London. There he knew place where he could get opium(a drug). There he went on in a bar, where a sailor was asleep and two women were drinking. A woman of those, called him “Prince Charming” and said that she remembered him.

The sleeping sailor woke up when he heard these words, and he stopped Dorian. He remembered this words, because his sister was in love of his “Prince Charming”, he was the culprit of his sister´s death. He was Jame Vane. He wont to kill to Dorian, but Dorian said him that it was very young and this ocurred many years ago, when he was a child. Dorian was very frightened, but James believed it.

After this, Dorian went off very fast and a woman asked to James Vane about why he didn´t kill Dorian. James said that he wasn´t the murderer of his sister, he was very young and she said him that he was the “Prince Charming”, and then James Vane ran to the carrer of the road, but Dorian Gray had disappeared.


A week later Dorian was at his house in the country, and Lord Henry, Lady Monmouth and her old husband.

Dorian was at garden, and he fall off. He was very frightened. The next day he didn´t leave the house. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw again the sailor´s face, but Vane´s brother didn´t know his name.

Two days later, Dorian joined his friends on a shooting-party. When the men were shooting, a man´s body was pulled from the trees. Dorian turned away in horror. People began to walk back towards the house. Lord Henry came over to tell Dorian that the man was dead.

After, Lord Henry, Lady Monmouth and Dorian were talking about the dead. Lord Henry spoke about the murderes, and then Dorian´s face was very white.

The servant said to Dorian that the death man was a sailor, and Dorian must see the body. He hurried to the house where the body lay, and he saw that it was James Vane.


Lord Henry and Dorian were talking. Lord Henry said him that did´nt change, that he was wondeful as he was. Dorian said that he wont change, that, the pass day, he was good, he abandoned a honest girl in the country, and Lord Henry joked. After he said that Alan Campbell has killed himself. They talked about Basil. Lord Henry said that the people thought that he was murdered, and then, Dorian said that he was it, but Lord Henry didn´t believe him and he joked. Lord Henry asked him about the portrait, and he said that didn´t want speak of this.

A moment later, Dorian left of house.



At home, he thought about his conversation with Lord Henry.

He thought in the deaths of James Vane, Basil Hallward, and Sybil Vane, but he had been good with a girl of country.

When he uncovered the portrait he gave a cry of pain, there was no change. He started at the picture with hate and fear in his eyes. He looked

round and saw a knife. He picked up the knife and dug it into the picture. There was a terrible cry, and the people heard it.

A policeman came to Dorian´s house. He wont open the door, but couldn´t it. They climbed down from the roof and got in throught the window

In the room, they saw a fine portrait of the young Dorian Gray, in all his wonderfull youth and beauty. Lying on the floor was a dead man, with a knife in his heart. His face was old. Only the rings on his fingers told them who he was.

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