The pelican brief; John Gorisham

'The pelican brief; John Gorisham'

'The pelican brief; John Gorisham'



  • When I was a child I liked to play in the mud.


  • The other day they bought a new cupboard.


  • She denied his death.


  • I was reading when the doorbell rang.


  • I've got a witness, I think we'll win the trial.


  • For my birthday, he gave me a handkerchief, I liked it so much!


  • In England they use inches for measure.


  • She disappeared through the crowd.


  • Today, we will visit Sta Ana's marsh.


  • Stop the music!! It's so loud!!!


  • He was one of these shadowy people who we were talking



  • Mark was mugged in the bank yesterday!!


  • We need breath for live.


  • I poured water in the glasses.


  • I broke my knee….


  • When I was ill, I cough a lot.


  • He wrapped the present for my sister.


  • My fellow is the best student of his class.


  • I've got a gathering this afternoon. I'll be late!!


  • Your behaviour is badly than the other day!!!


This book “ The Pelican Brief ” is about a judges life… for me it's very

interesting, the murders and this world of investigation are great.

The last three chapters have been the most exciting part of the book

for me, because they come to the conclusion of the story.

I recommend this book because you can understand most of the

things it would say to you, but there are a lot of characters and for

me It's a little difficult to understand; one of the reasons is because

we don't read the book frequently and so I can't remember all.

But I like it so much, and if you want to spend some time thinking in

this world… read it!!!!!


An oil tanker spilt oil in the ocean. Then, the President was

implicated because of money. All these things have been registered in

a report: “ The Pelican Brief ”.

Some years later, the Supreme Court judges were killed. The

cause of deaths was the killer Khamel. On the other hand, Darby

started an investigation, and this lead her to the Pelican Brief.

At this moment, they pursued her for kill herself because she knews

so much.

Gray Grantham protected her and he helped her during the case.

At the end, the effort of Darby had his reward and the polluted zone

is considered a protected area.

  • It is six months after the end of this story. Write another chapter. Say what you think has happened to the characters in this story.

Six months later, all the magazines of the country announced the

death of the President. Gay Grantham wrote an article about him and

his dark past: “Someone killed him when he was having a bath in the

bathroom of the White House.” The citizens don't believe it.

Darby said that the killer of the judges was the same that the

President's murder: Khamel.

Some days later, Khamel appears hangman in the Central Park.

Then, all the accusations ended.

Gray Grantham rewrite an article, but this time it was about Khamel.

At the end of this, he confess: “The dead is a joke. I like to play with

it, with you lives! You don't really know what the Pelican Brief is…”


  • Gavin Veerheek:

He is Callahan's best friend. He helped Darby with the investigation of

Callahan dead. He found answers about The Pelican Brief.

  • Khamel:

He's the most famous and most feared killer in the world. He killed

the most of the judges.

  • Judge Rosenberg:

He is one of the nine judges in the Supreme Court. He was old and


  • Glenn Jensen:

He is an homosexual man. He died in the Montrose Theatre in Khamel


  • President:

He is trying to hide the truth because he did something wrong in the


  • Fletcher Coal:

He is the chief of staff and helped with the case. He had bad

relationship with Voyles.

  • Denton Voyles:

He is a FBI member and he wants to find the truth. He read all about

the case.

  • Eric East:

He found the list of the suspects.

  • Darby Shaw:

She is the main character. She is Callahan's girlfriend and is

investigating the Pelican Brief.

  • Thomas Callahan:

He is one of the most popular teachers on the university. He went out

with Darby and he was killed by a car bomb.

  • Gary Grantham:

He helps Darby with The Pelican Brief. He works in the Washington


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