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The Man in the Iron Mask

The Man in the Iron Mask


The Man in the Iron Mask

This story takes place in the1600 when King Louis XIV was in power of France. In this time there was Monarchy and King Louis ruled in a very cruel way. Some of the video is true and some of is legend.

King Louis XIV had absolute power of France. To control the nobles he spent a great amount of money in parties. This way he kept them in his palace. While the nobles in the court were living in total luxury, the peasants in France were starving. Louis spent all his money in parties (or other silly things) and in wars and gave the peasants rotten or no food at all.

He did not only abuse of the poor. When a noble told him about the rotten food, he orders that the one who gave it out be killed and he had ordered him to give out the food. The Jesuits were a group of people that were fighting against hunger and absolute power. Louis wants to get rid of them because they are causing problems to him so he asks Aramis, a priest, to kill the leader of the Jesuits but he doesn't know that Aramis is was the leader of the Jesuits. Louis has a crush on Christine, but she is engaged to Raul, Porthus' son. He sends Raul to the war so he can seduce her. Raul loves Christine, but to Louis she would mean nothing to him once he has her. Then Raul dies at war and Christine goes with Louis.

The four Mousqueteers are Porthus, Athos, D'artagnon and Aramis. Their motto is “One for all, all for one.” Porthus tells them about his son and Aramis had a plan to exchange Louis for his twin brother, Philipe. He tells them about Louis' twin brother who was sent away to hide his identity. When Louis XIV, at the age of 16, got complete power of France he put an iron mask on his brother and sent him to prison. Aramis' plan is to rescue Philipe and exchange him with Louis. D'artagnon, which is Louis' personal servant, disagrees to do this.

Athos tries to kill himself but the Mosqueteers rescue him. Their plan continues and they go to get Filipe from prison. By dressing-up as priests the get away with him and nobody knows. After taking his mask of and cleaning him they tell him who he is. They tell him their plan. To convince him to do it Porthus tells him about their dream: to serve a good king. He tells him that he taught this dream to his son and now he is dead. After hearing this Filipe agrees to do the plan. They will make the change at the mask dance Louis is organizing.

Porthus and Athos dress themselves up for the party with an iron mask under their party mask. At the party they show their mask in the crowd when Louis is looking to scare him. When he gets very scared he goes to his room. Filipe and the three Mosqueteers get into his room. They change Filipe and Louis's clothes and put Louis in a sack. Then the mosqueteers go with the sack and Filipe, dressed as King Louis, goes back to the party. He acts differently and d'artagnon finds out so he asks him to come with him and along with some Mosqueteers he goes to save Louis. They have almost escaped, but D'artagnon stops them and gets both twins, but Porthus, Athos and Aramis escape.


I had already seen this movie, but I have enjoyed anyway beacause it is one of my favorite movies. It is a very entertaning story and shows how livewas in the times of Louis XIV.

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