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The innocent victim; Simon Betterton


CHAPTER ONE: The first crime

The Richard went to the bank with her motorbike and when he came back any more it was not, he watched for all places, they had stolen it, he went to denounce the offense. He was very sad. It was the day of her birthday.

CHAPTER TWO: An unhappy eighteen birthday

Alison, her girlfriend congratulated, she dripping a new helmet, I she saw that he was very sad, he asked her that it happened, her explained her that they had stolen her motorbike.

CHAPTER THREE: Thoughts of revenge.

The Anthonywas a very good friend of Alison, but he hates Richard, because he wants the Alison.
The Anthony saw that in her birthday happy mole was not, and he decided to search the motorbike.

CHAPTER FOUR: A bus ride.

Later that day, Richard was waiting at the bus stop. He was depressed.

CHAPTER FIVE: Interesting information.

The old woman was still knitting and she talking as Richard.

He looked at the name of the street- Tower Rood. He would go back and see what he could find.

CHAPTER SIX: A second crim.

While Richard was at his interview. Alison decided to try and get the money back for the motorbike helmet.

CHAPTER SEVEN: Alison meets a friend.

The Alison found the Anthony and seemed embarrassed of something.

CHAPTER EIGHT: Richard investigates.

Richard was not having a good birthday.

Was stopped to Tower Road and is gone to him escaping the bus, he had to keep on walking, but he has a clue about where his motorbike was.

CHAPTER NINE: Anthony's decision.

Alison told him about the conversation in the motorbike shop.”There was a robbery this morning in a jewellery shop called Apple Number nine”

CHAPTER TEN: The newspaper report.

Anthony read a report on a theft in a jeweler's shop. He became very nervous and pale. Richard's reaction was a little different when he read the report. Alison said to him that the witness was the owner of the motorbike shop. Richard was more optimistic, he trusts in the police.


After having lunch the police go home of Richard with an inspector and they do different questions to him.

They accuse him of having been, which it has stolen in the jeweler's shop and they it arrest.


Alison telephoned Richard's family and they told their family lawyer. Before, Anthony he called, and she says. He quickly goes to the flat to console her.

CHAPTER THIRTEEN: More bad news.

Richard read the history in the newspaper and it extended his eyes hopefully and I fill with enthusiasm.

He continues saying that it is innocent.

CHAPTER FOURTEEN: The first step.

Richard had an experience of functioning with photofit of his studies of university.

Alyssum and Anthony wer for the Tower Road without knowing that to do, they walked along the streets, looking for something that could help to find the elderly one.

CHAPTER FIVETEEN: A piece of good luck.

Alison and Anthony saw to happen to a woman very similar to the photo of the thief in the newspaper. She was the wife of the thief. They went to speak with her.

CHAPTER SIXTEEN: The evidence.

The police continue thinking that Richard and another boy are the criminals.

In the judgment Anthony did not tell the truth, because but also it would have that to count the idea of stealing Richard's motorbike.


The decision of the judge was that Richard is guilty, and he says that not.

CHAPTER EIGHTTEEN: Alison's trip north.

Alison visited Richard the second day and it was tired and unhappily.

She saw something suspiciously on Suzuki purple 500, parked out of a pub. In Scotland.

She was there and saw a man similar to Richard, with an accent of London similar to his one. The man was trying to sell jewels.

CHAPTER NINETEEN: The discovery.

Alyssum recognized to the boy. For his voice, his accent of London, for the green purse and because it was selling jewels.

CHAPTER TWENTY: Richard's salvation.

The police discovered that the robber was travelling round Scotland, and all were out of danger.

Richard went out of the presound because  he| was innocent. The family prepared a party.
And the Alison and the Anthony remained like friends with the Richard.
Everything came off forgotten.

CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE: New beginnings.

Alison was very happy for Richard, but she didn't feel close to him any more.

She had some exciting memories, too, and she also had a new boyfriend. “I know that I'm going to miss Richard,” she thought, “but I know that I will be very happy with Anthony”.

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