The innocent victim; Simon Betterton

Chapter 1

Why did Richard sometimes change the place where he parked his motorbike?

Because sometimes the place of his motorbike made more difficult to steal.

On which days did Richard park the motorbike at the bank?

When rained.

Chapter 2

What did Alison buy Richard for his birthday?

She bought a new helmet shiny and white.

Why does Alison feel jealous?

Because Richard called the motorbike “she”. She felt Richard was being unfaithful to her, thinking about his bike in the way.

Chapter 3

Why did Anthony hate Richard?

Because Richard had something that Anthony wanted - Alison.

Why did Anthony remember to look at the bank?

He remember that when it rained, Richard always left his motorbike outside the bank. Richard preferred a dry bike to a wet one.

Chapter 4

What did Richard read on the leaflet?

He only read at the leaflet three words, printed in big, green letters - APPLE NUMBER NINE.

Where did Richard sit on the bus?

He sitting near the front of the bus, at the next to an old woman.

Chapter 5

Who was the old woman knitting a jumper for?

She was knitting a jumper for her grandson, that he was at prison.

How long did the old woman's grandson spend in prison and why?

He was in prison for two years for stealing motorbikes.

What was the name of the street where the old woman got off the bus?

The Tower Road.

Chapter 6

What was the name of the shop where the robbery happened?

It was a jewellery shop called Apple Number Nine.

When did Alison change her plans?

When she heard the answer of the policeman's motorbike question.

Chapter 7

When Anthony walked past, who was Alison waiting for and where?

She was sat on the doorstep and waiting for Richard.

Why do you think Anthony is nervous?

I think Anthony is nervous because he loves Alison and also because he was thinking to steal Richard's motorbike a day ago.

Chapter 8

Why did Richard try to get on the bus again?

Because he saw the old woman was on the bus.

What did Richard decide to do when he got off the bus at Tower Road?

He decided to walk around the local streets to look fro something that might help him.

Chapter 9

What did Anthony see at the bank?

The last night, he saw the motorbike's lock broken in pieces in the street.

Anthony decided that the could live without Alison as his girlfriend. Why did he make this decision?

Because in this time he still wanted her as a friend. He think Richard was a good person.

What interesting information did Alison tell Richard?

Alison told Richard the information about the conversation of the policeman and the owner of the motorbike shop.

Chapter 10

Why didn't Anthony finish his breakfast?

Because he reading a newspaper report about a robbery in a jewellery shop.

Why is Richard more optimistic after reading the newspaper?

Because he think the police would find his motorbike.

Chapter 11

Why do the police think that Richard is the robber?

Because the police thought that perhaps Richard robbed the jewellery shop first and then went to the interview.

What did the police find in Richard's pocket?

A police find the leaflet in his pocket on which written “Apple Number Nine, 42 High Street, Enfield”.

Why didn't the police believe Alison?

They didn't believe her because she was Richard's girlfriend.

Chapter 12

What new piece of information does Alison tell Anthony?

She spoke about the arrest of Richard.

Why did Anthony go to Alison's flat?

Because she was alone and she needed consolation.

Chapter 13

How did Richard feel after he read the story in the newspaper?

He opened wide his eyes with hope and excitement.

Why does he feel this way?

Because the thought the other man could tell to the police he was innocent.

Why does he stop feeling like this?

Because the other man said he robbed the jewellery shop with he.

Chapter 14

Where did Alison get her experience of photofits from?

He had an experience of working with photofits from her university studies.

What did Alison and Anthony do when they got Tower Road?

They didn't know exactly what to do, so they walked around the streets, looking for something that might help them find the old woman.

Chapter 15

What was interesting about the woman who walked past Anthony and Alison?

The woman looked very similar to the photofit of the robber in the newspaper.

Who is the woman?

The robber's woman.

How does the grandmother feel? Why?

The grandmother was very sad because she think that the robber was a good chills, but he started making friends with the wrong kind of people, bad people. Then she said this, she started to cry.

Chapter 16

Who do the police think are the two criminals?

The police thought that Richard and the second man were the criminals.

Who shouted at Alison at the trial?

The wife of the jewellery shop owner shouted her.

Why didn't Anthony tell the complete truth?

Because if he told the court about lock, he would have to tell them about his idea to steal Richard's bike.

Chapter 17

What was the verdict and what was the judge's decision?

They declared Richard guilty.

Chapter 18

How Richard seem when Alison visited him?

He looked tired and very unhappy.

What did Alison she parked outside the pub of Scotland?

She saw something that made her think of Richard again - a purple Suzuki 500, parked outside the pub.

What made Alison pay attention to the man in the pub?

A man sitting at the next table has the same London accent as Richard.

What was the man trying to do?

The man was trying to sell some jewellery.

Chapter 19

Why did Alison offer to buy the drinks?

Because she wanted to saw the strange man's face.

How did Alison know that it was the robber behind her think this?

Because she listened a man's voice with a London accent, he had a green bag, he sell jewels and she recognize he.

Chapter 20

Why does the robber think he's safe in Scotland?

He thought he was safe because the crime was only a local story in North London.

Alison thought, “He's forgotten me already.” Why did she think this?

Because when Richard saw his motorbike, left Alison and go with the motorbike and rode off down the street.

Chapter 21

Why did Alison decide to leave Richard and be with Anthony?

Because she didn't love Richard any more. She only love Anthony.

Why was Alison happy? Why was Richard happy?

Alison was happy because the whole experience was over. The positive aprts are: she knew much more now about criminal law and this was really going to help her in her studies at university.

Richard was happy because he had another interview ina trvel agency and he asked all the questions well. Richard knew he can get experience for his studies in this job.

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