The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole; Sue Townsend

Respuestas sacadas del solucionario para el profesor, de la editorial Burlington Books.

Answers to questions in the text.

1.While Adrian was making a model aeroplane, he tried an experimental sniff of glue and his nose stuck to the plane.

2.Because Barry Kent's aunt works as a cleaner in the hospital and told Barry about the model aeroplane incident. Barry has been telling everybody.

3.Because she has good legs. Adrian loves Pandora because she is intelligent and compassionate.

4.Adrian's father sais that it was Adrian's own fault, as he didn't go to his last three dentist's appointments. The next day he told Adrian to be quiet when he heard him crying.

5. Adrian wrote to her for advice about his problema with Pandora nad his obsession with sex.

6.Because he took out Adrian's front tooth instead of repairing it and now Adrian looks like a mass murderer.

7.Because he received a letter from Pandora in which she wrote taht she wanted to end theis relationship.

8.Because Adrian's parents had dressed up as these characters for the Braithwaites' fancy dress party.

9.Adrian's mother said to his father, “It's positive”, he got a strange pone call from the clinic and his gather asked him if he would like a brother or sister.

10.Because he wears a smart shit and a red bow tie with his grey uniform.

11.This shows that there was some democracry in the family.

12.Because he thought this would impress her and she would then show him her body.

13.Bert needs Adrian's help when he's got a problema adrian cares a lot about Bert, as he goes to Bert's house immediately.

14.Adrian's parents wnt to Bert's house immediately when Adrian phoned. Adrian's mother phoned fo an ambulance and went in the ambulance with Queenie to hospital. She also cleaned and cooked for Bert. Adrian's father promised to visit Bert every day after work. Pandora came to visit Bert and her parents took Bert to the hospital to visit Queenie.

15.Yes, she was. She said tha Skegness wasn't for privileged people like her.

16.Because he had already paid 400$ for the canoeing holiday for his family, and Pandora can't pay for herself.

17.Is a miserable-looking man. He makes latecomers pay a fine if they come after 11 p.m., he only gives one piece of bacon per plate and he shouts at his wife.

18.Think that the news of her son's illgitimae child was terrible. Adrian wasn't correct becayse Grandma gave some of theis baby clothes to Stick Insect's baby boy..

19.Because he wrote “I hope he has better luck with his skin than me”.

20. Adrian offers to feed the Braithwaites' cat while they are on holiday, but he's really planning to eat, whatch their TV and study in their house.

21.Because nearly everyone in the class made an appointment with him and it all became too much for Mr Lambert.

22.Mrs Mole was going to abandon Adrian by leaving him at Social Security office, and Adrians isn't worried about it because he goes along with his mother.

23.Because his voice started to break and he couldn't control it.

24.Because she was in pain. He timed his mother's contractions and he made all pone calls after the birth.

25.Because his father brought his mother and the baby home and then went back to Grandma's. He was also upset because he was no longer and only child.

26.Because he sits besides her at night, checking her breathing. He also helps to choose a name for the baby, he goes with his mother to register the birth and celebrates with her by going yo a café for meal.

27.Because his mother hadn't been paying any attention to him since Rosi'e birht and he felt emotionally deprived.

28.Because he knows he will have to look after Bert more than ever and he also has to study for his exams.

29.Adrian had to buy the turkey and yo the shopping. He bought lights for the Christmas tree, helped his mother decorate the room and helped prepare the meal.

30.Because after he was given a glass of wine, he wouldn't wtop talking.

31.Because she has and ugly rahs round her neck. She was allergic to the cheap "gold" chain that Adrian has given her for Crtmas.

32.Used to Used to mean "cheerful" and now it means "homosexual".

33.Because they can't have showers at school, which is a torture to Adrian, as everybody saw his inferior muscles.

34.Because he and Mrs Mole slept together in March 13th, when she went to a protest march in Sheffield.

35.The school doctor guessed that Adrian has problems at home, she promised not to tell that he'd been crying and she let him stay in the room until his eyes were normal again.

36.Because he wrote a poem on the toilet wall. The headmaster knew that Adrian has written the poem because Adrian has signed it.

37.Because he was feeling linely and depressed.

38. Pandora wrote Adrian a note in thich she wais that she wanted to finish their relationship, as he seemed to prefer the company of criminals.

39.Adrian's parents didn't realise that he was out of control for almost a month.

40.Because he felt his parents werer only interested in Roise and thes hadn't spoken to him for several days. He wanter to gets his parents' attention.

41.Adrians was away from home fr a day and a half before he called his parents. He didn't speak to them because they didn't answer the phine iimediately, so he decided that they were indifferent about his leaving home.

42.He misses his parents, he isn't well and he isn't happy. He's feeling lonely and he feels that nobody cares about him.

43.The vicar's wife let Adrian go to sleep in the bed. She phoned Adrian's parents and asked them to come and get him.

44.Yes, he did. His parents are now worried about him and are paying attention to him, and they're full of guilt.

45.Adrians was in bed for ten days, and finally got up because Grandma said he should go and shave and she wanted to shas his sheets.

46.Because he promised to study at least two hours a night and he studied for two hours before Bert phoned.

47.Because his father is so angry that hedidn't get the job on the oil rig that the house is intolerable.

48.Because May and early June are supposed to be a quiet time, while teenagers study for theis exams.

49.Because he wanted to tell Adrian that he thought it was his 90th birthday, but each time Adrian told his parents to teel him that he was out of town.

50.It was that he and Pandora did some extremely heavy kissing and caressin and he finally knew what having the love of a good woman was.

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