The growing pains of Adrian Mole; Sue Townsend


Adrian Albert Mole was a fifteen-year old boy who lived in London with his parents and his dog. As he was a teenager, he had many pimples and they annoyed him very much. He really liked to write poems but he also was really obsessed in sex. Having known this, he wanted Pandora to show him her breast. Pandora thought that their relation was going too fast and she broke up with him. After that, things became worse.

Firstly, Adrian found out his mother was pregnant and he didn't like it because he didn't want the child to become just like him.
On the other hand, Nigel arranged a date between Adrian and Sharon Botts (a nice skater), but there wasn't any chemistry.
One day, Queenie, the wife of Bert Baxter, an old friend of Adrian (he took care of them every day because they were too old), had a stroke and she had to go to the hospital so both Adrian and Pandora went to take care of Bert. Eventually, they got together again.
When summer holiday arrived, Adrian and his parents went to Skegness where he got really bored. Here, Adrian found out that Doreen Slater, his father's ex-girlfriend, is also pregnant from his father. As a result of this, his father left home to live with his new family at his mother's home. He spent the rest of the holiday totally bored as her mother was depressed.
When school classes began, new teacher came to their school: Mr. Lambert. He was very interested on students, and he wanted to help everybody with their family problems. He did the same with Adrian.

As months went by, Adrian's sister was born: Rosie. Unfortunately, his mother hadn't got any money because she was only earning money from the Government, so there were many problems.
One day, Adrian wrote a poem on the toilets' wall at school, so he got grounded for a week. As he thought that anyone was worrying about him, he decided to become a member of Barry Kent's club (a thug bog), so he spent all day at Barry Kent's wondering at the streets, but he thought that was a little boring.
It was over again between him and Pandora, and Pandora got a new boy-friend, a nerd called Henderson.

Having known this, Adrian decided to walk away from home to get attention. He was feeling really bad, because he was sleeping on the streets. Fortunately, after a week, the vicar's wife picked him up from the front of a church and put him into a bed. He thought that their parents were not returning back, but he realised that they were very worried. When he arrived home, he got checked by a doctor who said that he had got a deep depression. His parents realized that they had to live together and not divorced. Finally, Pandora thought that Adrian was the only man she loved.

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