The Great Gatsby; Francis Scott Fitzgerald


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  • Explain why the novel it is a piece a social commentary. Give examples.

  • The novel is a piece of social commentary because it shows the social relationship of rich people in the twenty's. The novel shows a decadent American high society in that period describing with details what were their practices. It shows the activities of high people with their interests, hobbies, parties, love, false relationships and the efforts to maintain appearance. These rich people have superficial relationships between them. These types of relationships are not based in true love and confidence in the other. To illustrate this reality, it is very important to consider the relationship between Tom with Daisy. Despite they are married, they are unfaithful each other because they have hidden affairs. In other way the favorite activities of these people, Ms Baker for example, are parties, in particular at Gatsby's house and to talk about superficial topics.

  • Which image of USA do you acquire from the novel? Give specifics examples.

  • We can see an image of USA where rich people enjoy their money, they like luxury and they don' t think about to work. As an example we can mention the big Gastby's parties, the life of Ms Baker who only plays golf and the life of Tom and Daisy who travel around the world and they have a luxurious life. In contrast, poor people can grow up and to reach better social positions even through illegal ways. For instance, Gatsby is a man who was poor but he could arrive to the highest social position in USA. Consequently we have an image of country with many opportunities for people to improve their economic situation.

    3-Give a complete account of the most important facts of the characters of Nick, George Wilson, Myrtle Wilson and Daisy.

    Nick: He is a very trustworthy person and a discreet man, because everybody told him their most hidden and dark secrets and he reserves all judgements about others. Nick is Daisy's cousin and he is the responsible to join Gatsby with Daisy. Nick is the narrator of the story in the novel.

    George Wilson: He is a pale and poor man. He does not have success with his garage. He is Myrtle's husband. He left his woman in to a locked room before he decided to move to other town. He killed Gatsby because he believes Gatsby killed his wife.

    Myrtle Wilson: she is Mr. Wilson's wife. She is fat, sensual but not very pretty and nearly thirty years old. She has an affair with Tom Buchanan. She is killed in a car accident, she is run over by Daisy.

    Daisy: she is a pretty, rich girl and she is very elegant and gossipy. She is married with Tom and they have a girl. When she was younger, she was the prettiest and most popular girl in her town. She does not love Tom very much because she has maintained her love for Gatsby.

    4.- Write six meaningful quotations and say when they were said, who said them and in what situation. Include page and why is important.

  • “I'm scared of him. I'd hate to have him get anything on me”.

    • This sentence was said at the beginning of the story, in a social meeting.

    • It was said by Catherine who was taking about Gatsby.

    • It was said in a social meeting at Myrtle's apartment.

    • Page 16.

    • It is important because it shows a general opinion of people who don't know Gatsby. This type of opinion is because Gatsby is quite mysterious for people at the beginning of the story.

    • “Neither Myrtle nor Tom can stand the person they are married to”.

      • This sentence was said at the beginning of the story, in a social meeting.

      • It was said by Catherine who was talking about Myrtle and Tom.

      • It was said in a social meeting at Myrtle's apartment.

      • Page 17.

      • It is important because it was said as an example of many couples were married for convenience and they didn't have lovely interest in their partner, consequently they had affairs.

      • “ I am of the one of the few honest people that I have ever known”.

        • This is a thought of Nick about himself.

        • It was thought when Nick was knowing Ms. Baker.

        • Page 29.

        • It is important because shows the attitude of Nick in opposition of the characteristics of people related with him. People around Nick are false and they try to pretend all the time. Nick knows this reality and he accepts it.

        • “ That's true. Well, I have had a very bad time, Nick, and I pretty cynical about everything”.

          • This sentence was said at the beginning of the story, at Daisy's house.

          • It was said by Daisy who was talking with Nick.

          • Page 9.

          • It is important because Daisy confesses, although one, she has not been honest, in particular with her husband Tom.

          • “ Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone, just remember that not every one has had the advantages you have had”.

            • This sentence was said at the very beginning of the story when Nick is remembering this advice of his father.

            • It is sentence said by Nick's father when he talked with Nick.

            • Page 1.

            • It's important because this advice helped Nick to understand many strange people like Gatsby and to be tolerant with people. This is the most important message of this novel.

            • “ She wanted her life shaped now, immediately and the decision must be made by some forces - or love, or money - that was close at hand”.

              • This sentence was said by Gatsby when he was talking with Nick about his relationship with Daisy.

              • Page 71.

              • It shows the importance of the “rules of that society” in those years about to take decisions between money and love to define the life.

              • 5. Compare and contrast the characters of Gatsby with Mrs. Wilson.

                Both were having affairs despite they were married. Additionally both knew to be poor in some point of their lives and both lied about their personal situation.

                There is a big difference between them. Mrs. Wilson has two different lives, one is poor and miserable with her husband and the other is full of luxury with Tom, her lover. She lies to her husband about this second life.

                On the contrary, Gatsby hides his past identity and he changes his story and name. He tries to show that he has always had a pleasure life. Also Gatsby is not married and he has always fallen in love of Daisy. He is honest with his feelings.

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