The great Gatsby; Francis Scott Fitzgerald

The great Gatsby.

Nick Carraway cames out of the war, doesn't want to study and visits his cousin Daisy, who is married to Tom Buchanan. They are very rich and have one child-a girl. Near them lives Jay Gatsby.

Tom takes Nicks to New York and in their way Nick meets Tom's mistress-a married women, called Myrtle Wilson and goes with them Tom's apartment in New York.

Here Nick understands that both Daisy and Myrtle don't love their husband and Myrtle has tom as a lover. She had met him in the train going to New York to visit her sister.

Nick's neighbour-Jay Gatsby- a very rich and powerful man was always giving parties and one day Nick was invited too. Nick and Gatsby begin very goods friends.

Later, Nick fin out a secret about his cousin and his neighbour Daisy and Gatsby are lovers. But the problems begin when everything find out, in a party. Where Tom, Jay and Daisy told the true.

Later of this party Daisy take Gatsby's car and drive too fast. In her way she run over accidentally Tom's mistress and don't stop. Mrs Wilson died.

Mr Wilson full of anger go to find the owner of the car. He find out that the owner was Jay Gatsby. Mr Wilson kill Mr Gatsby. Later commit suicide.

Everything had ended. Jay Gatsby was famous for meet a lot of people in his parties but anybody go to Jay Gatsby's funeral.

Description of the characters.

-Nick Carraway: He was born in the Middle West. He was at Yale University and then he fought in the Great war Nick is in his thirty's and he is good-looking.

-Tom Buchanan: He is thirty years old. He is a strong, straw-haired man, with a rather hard mouth and big, cruel body. His voice is rough and patient.

-Daisy Buchanan: She is the wife of Tom. She is a slim girl, with grey eyes. She is a very beautiful women.

-Jay Gatsby: He is a very rich and powerful man. He is about 32 years old, very formal and had also be in the army

Personal opinion.

I think that the history is very interesting. But there are a lot of descriptions and it does very slowly.

However this descriptions have something positive. It find in the time, for this reason one can imagine easier the scene.

I think that this book is one better book of Mr Fitzgerald, because he touch something about the life in different times.

Alternative ending.

When everything find out, Tom abandon Daisy to begin a new life with his mistress.

Daisy and Jay come true their dreams. They get married in the summer.

They are rich people, but something is wrong. They are unhappy, because they aren't with their ideal couple.

But now everybody are happy, because they are with their lovers.

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