The Ghost of the Green Lady; Caroline Stevens

Chapter 1

  • Why was Billy Harrison surprised to see his father when he came home?

  • -He was surprised because his father usually arrived home late in the evening.

  • What did Billy`s parents decide to do?

  • -They decided to send Billy to a boarding school.

  • What did Billy decide to put in his case?

  • -He decided to put his electronic inventions in his case.

  • What did Billy see when they arrived?

  • -He saw the enormous gardens, a small forest, a lake and an old church.

  • What did Billy want to do at the new school?

  • -He wanted to row in a canoe.

    Chapter 2

  • Who were Billy's new roommates?

  • -James, Alan and Mark were his new roommates.

  • What was the tradition at the school?

  • -The tradition is to play tricks on the new boys.

  • What story did Alan tell Billy?

  • -He told Billy Duke Sebastian of Coxley's story. Duke Sebastian died in a big, bloody battle and his wife killed herself, but before she died, she promised to haunt the lake each year on the anniversary of her husband's death.

  • What did Billy decide to do in the morning?

  • -He decided to investigate the legend in the morning and ask Mrs. Ward for more information.

    Chapter 3

  • What did Alan tell the boys the next morning?

  • -Alan told them his plans.

  • What was Billy's plan?

  • -His plan was to go to the lake on 1st February and wait for the ghost to appear.

  • Where did Billy go that night?

  • -He went to the teacher's room.

  • What did Billy want to discover?

  • -He wanted to discover which teacher will be on duty that night.

  • What did Mr. Evans do when he found Billy?

  • -He took Billy to the headmaster.

    Chapter 4

  • What was one of the inventions Billy brought with him to school, and what did he want to do with it?

  • -One of those inventions was a bugging device. He wanted to put it near the old church, next to the lake and they will hear something there.

  • Why did the boys put pillows in their beds before they went to the lake?

  • -They put pillows in their beds because Mr. Graham will think they are in bed when he will check their room.

  • What did the boys take with them to the lake?

  • -They took with them torches, blankets and food to the lake.

  • Who did the boys see at the lake, and what was he doing?

  • -They saw Mr. Evans.

  • What surprising thing happened at the end of the chapter?

  • -There was a green light coming from the church.

    Chapter 5

  • How did Billy's friends feel at the lake?

  • -They were scared.

  • Why did Billy join his friends?

  • -Because the green light disappeared and he didn't feel so brave any more.

  • How did the boys get back into school?

  • -They could get back because there was a hole in the fence and they climbed through it quickly.

  • Who was Mr. Edwards and why did Billy want to meet him?

  • -Mr. Edwards was the author of the book on local history and Billy wanted to meet him because he wanted to know more about the Ghost of the Green Lady.

  • According to Mr. Edwards, what should Billy do about the Green Lady?

  • -He should leave her alone.

    Chapter 6

  • What did Billy decide to do?

  • -He decided to spy on Mr. Evans.

  • Where was Mr. Evans when Alan saw him?

  • -He was near the lake.

  • What was Mr. Evans doing when Billy saw him near the tree?

  • -He was talking on his mobile telephone.

  • What did the thief take from the dining room?

  • -The thief took the school's sword.

  • Who agreed to follow Mr. Evans with Billy and how did he feel about it?

  • -James agreed to follow Mr. Evans but he didn't want to get into trouble.

    Chapter 7

  • What time did Billy and James leave the school?

  • -They left the school at 9:30 pm

  • What was Mr. Evans carrying, and where did he go?

  • -He was carrying a long package to the church.

  • Who did Billy phone?

  • -He called Mr. Hopkins.

  • How did Mr. Evans discover that Billy and James were watching him?

  • -Billy's foot hit a can on the floor and it made a loud noise.

    Chapter 8

  • What surprised Billy about Mr. Hopkins' behavior?

  • -Mr. Hopkins didn't phone the police.

  • According to Mr. Hopkins, why could he expel the boys?

  • -Because the broke many rules and they called their teacher a thief.

  • How did Billy feel about the events of that night?

  • -He was very angry.

    Chapter 9

  • What did Billy decide to do the next morning?

  • -He decided to use his bugging device and hear the conversation between Mr. Hopkins and Mr. Evans.

  • Who offered to help Billy, and how?

  • -Mark offered to help him he will stick it under the table in the headmaster's office.

  • When did Billy listen to the tape?

  • -He listened to it after school.

  • Billy heard somebody enter Mr. Hopkins' room. Who was it?

  • -It was Mr. Evans.

  • What did Billy discover about Mr. Hopkins?

  • -He discovered that Mr. Hopkins was also a thief.

    Chapter 10

  • What did Mr. Hopkins plan to do, and why?

  • -He planned to say Billy is the school thief.

  • Where was Billy when he phoned his father?

  • -He was in the end of the football field.

  • What did Billy's father decide to do?

  • -He decided to call the police department in his area.

    Chapter 11

  • What did Mr. Hopkins tell Billy to do?

  • -He told Billy to go outside.

  • What did Officer Hamilton do in Billy's room?

  • -He opened Billy's cupboard and quickly found the laptop.

  • Who did the police arrest?

  • -He arrested Mr. Hopkins and Mr. Evans.

  • What did Billy feel and see at the lake?

  • -He saw a green glow moving across the water and he was very scared and he couldn't move.

  • What mystery must remain a little longer?

  • -The Ghost of the Green Lady must remain a mystery for a little longer.

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