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The full monty


Gas and Dave live in Sheffield, a town where a powerful steel factory had employed a lot of workers until it was closed leaving all the workers unemployed.

Gas has got a son called Nathan and he is suffering because he cannot give his ex-wife the money she needs for Nathan´s education. On the other hand Dave has got some problems, too . He doesn't accept himself and is having problems with his wife. They meet Lomper (a young man who used the work in the same factory ) when he was ready to commit suicide. Lomper feels depressed because he has nobody to be with.

These three men don't know what to do change the direction of their life until they hear some women talking about the Chippendales, a popular male stripper's group. They calculate the money they earn and Gaz decides that he is going to form a stripper's group with his friends as a solution to their problems.

These three men form the group together with Gerald, Horse and Guy. Gerald, who was once their boss, is also unemployed. The problem is that his wife doesn't know it. He know dancing and the become their teacher. Horse is a quiet old man who dances very well and Guy is young and attractive; a good combination for a stripper's group. A group which in the name of money decide to be better than the Chippendales doing the full monty.

Dave is thinking about working as a security guard, he knows he doesn't want to dance but he doesn't want to work at asda either. At the end Gaz convinces him to try dancing.

They are very bad dancers so horse has got and idea: They have to move and dance as if they were imitating football movements, there were no more problems. And then they went to Geral´s house and they started to take off the clothes when two men came to Geral´s house to bring the television but Geral´s friend frighten these men because they think these people are Gays.

Gaz went to speak one of his friend to asked for club and they said that he is going to hire the club for him. Gaz didn't have the money and he went asked the money for his ex-wife and she didn't gave the money. Gaz went to the bank with Nathan because he has saved some money and

Nathan want to give money to his father but his father isen´t very sure but at the end he accepts the money.

Gaz went to receive the poster and they went to put the posters around the city. After there came two girls, they are Gaz ex-girlfriend and they started to bacillary for Gaz and his friend, Gaz said they are going to do full monty , but Gaz´s friends don't like the idea.

Next day they went to collect the money, because they are unemployed when the music start, they started to dance inconstant and Gaz started to laugh.

Dave started to work in the supermarket how security guard, Gaz went to speak for him but he didn't listening for him.

Gaz and his friend went to the factory, with Horse family because they like , Horse family sitting in a sofa. They started dance, Horse family were very scanting. A policeman was walking a long the street when she listen the music, and he went to see what happened in the factory. When the policeman enter the factory and see what happened two strippers started to run, the others three strippers were arrested.

In the comisariato, all policeman laugh for they. Gaz ex-wife came to draw out, she was started to speak with Gaz because he spend Nathan´s money. Next day the notice appear in the news paper and all the city know what happened. Geral bought all the news paper and throw to the bin. After Gerald go home but the are many mens and they bring the movable gerals wife was crying when he came, she said go from this house and never came.

He went to Gaz house to live. Before he inform Lomper mother have died, Gaz went to the supermarket to speak with dave they put two jacket and started run out the supermarket, they went to the funeral. After Gaz went to speak to his friend to said and they aren't going to do the show, and his friend said this is impossible because they buy 200 enters, when Gaz said that to his friend they decided to do the show.

Dave go home and see his wife crying because she found the tang, she think Dave have and adventure, but he explain he isn't have adventure, he is and stripper but he isn't going to do the show. His wife convinced to do the show and he went to the club and said he is going to do the show.

Nathan came to club and he is speak with his father, and said his ex-wife is in the public. The show started and the stripers take out but Gaz didn't take out but his chill convinced for him and he take out to dance and the show was fantastic.

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