The Crown of Violet; Geoffrey Trease

While Reading

Read Chapters 1 to 3. Choose the best question-word for these questions, and then answer them.

What / Where / Who / Why

  • Where did Alexis go with his family?

  • He went to the theatre.

  • Who wanted to sit in Leon's seat?

  • Hippias.

  • Who had to leave the theatre when the comedies began?

  • Alexis's mother and Nico.

  • Where was Corinna born?

  • In Athens.

  • Why did Corinna hate Athens?

  • Because she can't do anything.

  • What did Alexis and Corinna agree to teach each other?

  • Corinna will teach Alexis to play the flute, and Alexis will teach Corinna to read and write better.

  • What did the riders have to carry in the relay race?

  • A burning torch in one hand.

  • What was unusual about the stranger with Hippias?

  • He had deep eyes and a long nose.

  • Why was Alexis angry with Lucian?

  • Because Lucian said that Alexis prefers talking to girls in inns.

  • What did Alexis and Lucian decide to do about Magnes?

  • They will keep an eye on Hippias, because if Magnes does something bad, Hippiaswill help him.

  • Who saw that democracy was a stupid idea?

  • Hippias.

  • What was special about Socrate's voice?

  • It could work magic on those who heard it.

  • Why did Alexis prefer Socrates's voice?

  • Because milon wants clever speakers, even if they are lies in it.

  • Where did Alexis and Corinna meet for their lessons?

  • At the secret case.

  • What did Alexis' father, Leon, think for Socrates?

  • He thinks that Socrates is a dangerous man.

    Read Chapters 4 and 5. Who said this, and to whom? Who, or what, were they talking about?

    1. “He thinks your ideas are dangerous”

    Alexis said it to Socrates. They were talking about the opinion that Leon had about Socrates.

    2. “It's beautiful... The audience will love it.”

    Corinna says this to Alexis. They are talking about the play.

    3. “I want the best of everything.”

    Hippias said this to Gorgo. They are talking about the party.

    4. “His father doesn't give big parties.”

    Gorgo says this to Corinna. They were talking about Leon.

    5. “Will you let me send the play in under your name?”

    Alexis says this to uncle Paintbrush, and they are talking about the play.

    6. “But I didn't write it - I haven't read it!.”

    Uncle Paintbrush says this to Alexis. They are talking about the play.

    7. “You know the play almost as well as your uncle”

    The minister says this to Alexis and they are talking about the play.

    8. “He lives very simply, but he has plenty of money”

    Uncle Paintbrush says this to Alexis. They are talking about Conon.

    9. “Our own child was nearly the same”

    Demetria says this to Alexis and they are talking about Demetria's son.

    10. Someone's been here. There are footprints in the snow”

    Alexis says this to Corinna and they are talking about the footprints around the cave.

    Read Chapters 6 and 7. Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)? Rewrite the false ones with the correct information.

    1. Corinna said she would go to Hippias' party as a flute-girl.

    False. She wouldn't go to Hippias' party.

    2. At the party Corinna picked up a lot of information.


    3. When someone chased Corinna up the stairs, she climbed out of a window.

    False. She jumped into the tree.

    4. Alexis dressed like a farm boy when he followed Hippias.


    5. Magnes, Hippias and the others were planning to kill the Council chiefs with heavy stones during the carnival.

    False. They went to kill the council chiefs with knives after the carnival.

    6. Magnes wanted to kill Alexis but Callibius didn't agree.

    False. Callibius wanted to kill Alexis and Magnes didn't agree.

    7. Lucian had followed Alexis to the cave.

    False. Corinna followed Alexis to the cave.

    8. Corinna knew a secret way out of the back of the cave.


    4. Read chapter 8, and put these sentences in the right order.

    1)Alexis told first Conon, then the army general about the plans for the revolution.

    2)At the same time the general sent soldiers to every exit of the theatre.

    3)Alexis wrote new lines for the play and Glaucus learned them.

    4)From the stage Glaucus spoke the lines which warned the people of Athens that their democracy was in danger.

    5)Hippias and his friends left the theatre ina hurry.

    6)The soldiers arrested everybody who left the theatre during the play.

    7)The winning play in the festival was The Gadfly.

    8)Conon gave a big party for everyone after the play.

    9)Corinna discovered that Conon and Demetria were her real mother and father, and that she was an Athenian.


    1.Corinna is telling Lucian about her plan to get Alexis out of the cave. Put their conversation in the right order and write in the speakers' names. Corinna speaks first (number 3).

    (3) Corinna' Listen, Lucian. There's a secret way into the back of the cave from the top of the hill.

    (10) Lucian' is there? And you think we can get into the cave and get Alexis out that way?'

    (5) Corinna' Yes, but not both of us. I'll go in by myself.'

    (12) Lucian' But Corinna, won't it be better if we both go in?'

    (1) Corinna' No, it won't. The men will probably be in the cave with Alexis so I won't be able to get near him.'

    (6) Lucian' Yes, that's true. So what do you want me to do?'

    (8) Corinna' I want you go down by the river, and crash around among the trees, making a lot of noise.'

    (2) Lucian' Right! Then the men will come out to find out what's happening _

    (7) Corinna' And while they're out of the cave, looking for you, I'll get Alexis out through the back. But make sure they don't catch you!'

    (4) Lucian' Don't worry - they won't catch me! And where shall we meet afterwards?'

    (11) Corinna' At the theatre. Alexis and I will go straight there. Right, let's go. Good luck, Lucian!'

    (9) Lucian' Ance you too Corinna

    2. Use the words below to complete this text about the theatre in Athens.

    Alexis' play was a part of the theatre festival in Athens. The actors stood on the stage to make their speeches, and the audience sat opposite them on the terraces. Some of the plays were tragedies, or sad plays, others were comedies, which had jokes and were about politics. People who went to see the plays could also enjoy watching the dancing and listening to the music.

    3. Here is Magnes telling his Spartan friends what happened in Athens. Complete his report with these linking words.

    Last night we found a boy who was spying on us. We tied him up and planned to leave him in the cave until the festival was over. Sometimes in the night the boy escaped, but I don't know how he did it. We couldn't warn Hippias because he was already back in Athens and in the theatre. A friend told us what happened. In one of the actors' speeches, there was a warning that a revolution was coming. When the actor spoke of danger from men who carried long knives under their cloaks, our friends got very worried. They left the theatre, but there were soldiers at every exit and they were all arrested. Without friends inside Athens, we can do nothing, so the revolution has failed, my friends.

    4)Perhaps this is what some of the characters in the story were thinking. Which six characters were they, and what was happening in the story at the moment?

    1.- Demetria is watching her daughter, and Gonon is thinking how she is doing it.

    2.-The minister knows that this is Alexis' play and not Uncle Paintbrush's. The minister wants to put the play on the stage.

    3.-Gorgo is thinking that he has to invite Corinna to the party, or not.

    4.-Lucian is angry with the mistake of Alexis in the race.

    5.- Alexis is thinking in the good play.

    6.- Hippias is afraid and he thinks the best thing is get out of there.

    5) How was a boy's life different from a girl's life in ancient Athens? Use these notes to write a short paragraph.

    Boys and girls are allowed to go out in public, but it isn't very good to see a boy and a girl going out together.

    Sport can be played only by a men. Boys and girls can go to the theatre, but ladies aren't allowed to see comedies when visitors come at home, women must stay in their room. Girls can't write plays, and even less talking about politics.

    6) The stick-message on page 38 was in group of 8 letters. Can you find the hidden sentences in the two stick-messages? (The group are not less than 3, and not more than 8.)

    First: I know nothing but I know that I know nothing.

    Second: I am a Gadfly sent to bite Athenians and make them think.

    Now answer these questions about the stick-messages.

    1.- The same person said both sentences. Who was it?


    2.- Who was the person speaking to, and when?

    -He was speaking to Alexis

    3.-How was the second sentence useful for Alexis?

    -He decided to make his play, the gadfly

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