The client; John Grisham


This story started when two brothers, Ricky and Mark Sway, saw a Mafia lawyer, Jerome Clifford, who was trying to kill himself by putting one end of a rubber tube onto the tail pipe of his car, while the other end was hooked through the window. But Mark, bravely, pulled away the tube.
Clearly, the lawyer realised about it so he put the tube back into the tail pipe. Unfortunately, when Mark tried to pull it out once again the lawyer noticed him pushing into the car. Into this car, he told Mark that his client had killed a senator and hidden the body in his own garage (Clifford's garage), under his boat. Instead, the lawyer wanted to kill himself since he knew about the crime, and as a result, he put a gun in his mouth and fired.

His brother Ricky was in a shock so his mother took him to hospital. There, the police talked to Mark, but he lied saying he didn't know anything.
Being afraid of that crime, he desperately looked for a lawyer. This woman was called Reggie Love, who decided to work for him for a dollar. Meanwhile, the Mafia was looking for Mark, who was found by a man called Gronke sent by the Mafia. Mark was threatened by him with a knife.
As he got more frightened, he wanted to talk to the FBI less than he wanted before. As a result of that, they took him into custody, although he found it easy to escape. Taking advantage of this, he quickly met Reggie telling that perhaps Clifford didn't tell him the truth at all. Consequently, they were forced to go to the lawyers' house to check it up.

After having an incident in that house (meeting the Mafia accitentaly) they realised that the senator's body was there, by the boat, so having known the truth, Reggie advised him to tell the truth. Finally, she persuaded him to enter a witness protection programme.

To conclude with the FBI, they got Mark, Ricky and their mother new names and a new house in a distant place in exchange of telling where the body was hidden.

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