General characteristics:

  • Real name: The real name of switzerland is the “ helvetic confederation”; Switzerland not is a nation, is a union of diferent comunitys, is a “confederation” that want to govern himself and in the history lapse got the independence of foreigners countrys.,

In the word “helvetic” we find, the name of a celtic tribe, the helvecius, that has been inmigrate in that today is switerland

  • Surface:

The total surface of switzerland is of 41,288 km2.

  • Shores:

Switzerland no have maritime shores, is a confederation that is in middle of 4 very important conuntrys: France, italy, Germany and Austria

  • Politic division:

Switzerland is divide in 26 cantons

  • Capital:

Switzerland capital is Berna

  • Money:

The money that run in Switzerland is the Swiss frank

  • Lenguages:

The oficial lenguages that are speaks in Switzerland is Aleman, french and italian

  • National party:

August 1, adn is celebrate the fundation of the Swiss confederation

  • Population

6,938,000 (with the census of 1993)

  • Principal cities:

The principal cities of Switzerland as Zürich, Basilea, Ginebra & Lausana

  • Principal importations:

Prime materials

Consuption goods

Inversion goods

Energy resorts and conductors

  • Principal exportations:

Electronic and machines

Quimical products

Presitions instruments

Metalurgic industry

Textil industry

  • Religions: (between the census of 1980)

Catolic Protestants 44,3%

Romans 47,6%

Anothers 8,1 %

The state:

  • Valid constitution: the Switzerland constitution is the constitution of may 29 of 1874(enmended)

  • Ejecutive system: is the Federal council (seven members)

  • Legislative system: Is the Federal assambly.

  • Judicial system: Is the Supreme federal court

  • Subdivisional goberment: Every canton have her own writing

Constitution, her goberment and her

Legislative assembly.

  • Principal politic parties: The Switzerland principal politics parties are:

Democrat christianic P

Democrat radical P

Democrat social P

Popular P

Liberal P and anothers

  • Geography: Switzerland ocuped the central region of The Alps; The territory form a union of half mountains; In the Bernes Oberland or Bernes Alps, went up mountains with numerosly glaciers.,

Between the Tesino, Switzerland have the southern slope of the Alps, that reach even the orientals edges of the Po plain.,

The swiss Jura have the orientals edges of the massive that form the frontier with France;

In switerland born rivers like Rin, Ródano, Tessino, and the Inn; The most important lakes are: Leman or Ginebra, Mayor and Lugano; Others lakes are: Neuchatel, Zürich, Lucerna, Wallen, Brienz, Thun and anothers.

The weather in Switzerland is alpine and have sensibles regional and locals variations; The most low temperature registrate in the capital is of -23°C and the most high is of 38°C.

Switzerland no have maritime shores becase is a country with limits at the north, south, east and west.

At north: Germany

At south: Italy

At east: Austria

At west: France


  • A bit of history: 1981: The referendum approve the constitutional

That guarantee the equality of laws to the


1982: The goberment propose at the assembly the

entry to the OUN.

1984: The Papa Juan Pablo II visit switzerland.

1986: The electorate denegate the entry to the OUN.

1989: The federal assembly concord cancel the

proyect to construct 6 nuclear plants.

1994: Are be interview the presidents of U.S.A and

Siria to treat about the peace in Middle East.

  • Other important information:

The swiss banks:

Did you hear much about the swiss banks, and I will tell you what is

A Swiss bank:

The banks in Switzterland foment the industry in the country; Bring the money to the importation and the exportation; Like any another bank in the world, the swiss bank have the obligation to gave in secret the finantial information of their clients; But, the bancary secret of the swiss bank have a peculiarity: The swiss banks no say any information about his clients to the state or exchequer inspectors, and, however, have the limits good establysh; By criminal, fiscal defraudation or bussiness of herency the secret could be developing.

Recognizeds industries of switzerland world-wide:

Switzerland have the fame of the creation of the the atomic unity of time medition, create in a relojery laboratory in Neuchatel, have such presiton and now substitute the astronomical time indications; The time is now more presite; A miracle of the modern industry; Too the electronic meditor of time, the quartz wacht, that is the invention of a swiss.

Another swiss industry very recogize in Panamá and in the world is the lactian flour for childrens, best recognize by the name of Klim milk; Is creator is named Henry Nestle, he was quimicant and comerciant, and to he the cow milk and the flour are enough prime materials, and with this materials, he create the lactean flour for kids, best recognised by the name of Klim milk or in spanish, leche klim; This flour was created in Vevey, in the shores of the Leman Lake, and here they have the headquearters of the most big corporation in Switzerland.

Switzterland is the scenary of bigs discoverys and inventions that are admired by all the world; And this the case of a Aleman Boveri and the england Brown,(BBC:Brown and Boveri Corporation) both we construc in Baden, near Zurich, the first generators for a electric central and to the final of this century, we call the atention for the unique prime material: the hidraulic force; now the BBC construc between other things, turbogenerators that figure between the most big generators in the world.

Interesting things:

In the general world population, they are two (2) swiss for overy one thousand (1,000) persons, in other words, in the planet no are so much swiss.

In Switzerland no are prime materials, a bit of iron mineral, for the shortages, and we find on the areas of Enmental, uranium, but no much.

The “economic pilars” of switzeland, are the banks and the asegurating companies, and is for this reason that we say that a swiss is the most asegurated person in the world.

There are a war between the japaneses and the swiss(in intelectual concepts), becase the number of patents in Berna is considarable: 890 patents are be accepted of 10,000 habitants!, and so many of the swiss invention will famous in world-wide level.

A 30%of swiss popularion are foreigners.,

The population between the census of 1993 are of 6,938,000 habitants and of this cuantify, 1,300,000 habitants are foreugners, and so many people say this cuantify is exsesive, but, this is this from the starts of the confederation, becase:

The tunnels for the trains need foreig work hand, and the most cuantify of this workhand are italians, the swiss act in this constructions how arquitects; Without the Greek, spaniels, italians, yugoslavians and turks, is imthinkible who could be the life in switzerland after the world second war.

Two thirds parts of the country are formed by mountains coverds by snow, ice, rocks, mount, frondost forests, and alpine herbs; Only the forth part are cultibable, the massive and so many zones of the Jura; here is where is develop the cotidian life of the swiss; With 163 habitants by km2, the demografic density is high.,

In teory, switzerland only have 11.680 km2 to be habitable, and that is only the forth part of the total surface.

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