The Stapler


Table of Contents

  • History of the stapler

  • Parts of the stapler

  • Types of stapler

  • How is used the stapler

  • description of how the parts of

  • the stapler are articulated

  • The stapler is ecology?

  • can you repair a stapler?

  • the stapler is safety

  • It is ergonomic?

  • how the stapler evolution

  • and how is now a days


    • The first stapler come from centaury XVIII in France, was invented by King, Luis XV.

    • It was invented by John Munford, English, in the centuary XX, who sell with few amount of money his invention to king, Luis XV. The inventor never was recognizing.

    • August 7 from 1866 the stapler was Registrar mark. Novelty Mfg. Co.

    • the stapler was useful for put many papers together, for example books.

    • In July 24 from 1866, license number of the stapler was given for United States, the invention was exhibit in many states.

    • August 13 from 1867 United States otorged license number 67,665 of a modern stapler, ancestor of the actual stapler.

    • In 1868, England ask the license of the stapler.

    • The stapler continue like this type up to centaury XX. In this centaury the first actual stapler start appearing, also with multi staple.



    Description of how the parts of the stapler are articulated

    All the parts of the stapler has a functionality, so all parts can work together with out making mistake.

    Now we are gone to see the parts and how they work together:

    • in front of the pusher you put the staples, so when you close the handle the pusher push the staples and you can close it, so the hammer can staples the staples to the paper.

    • The carrier that has the staples go down to the crimp area were is the paper, so it can join to the paper.

    • The base is were the crimp area is.

    • Some staplers has a pin so the stapler can open.


    Office Stapler

    Surgical Stapler

    Industrial Stapler

    Pocket Stapler


    • The stapler is used to join five or six paper at the same time. Of different sides of paper.

    • It has corchetes that are used to put many paper together, that can be made in different sides or shapes.

    • The stapler take a shape of a bait when you stap.


    No, because it is composed of different materials that are not renewable in this casa ,like: metal y plastic


    The stapler cannot repair because they are not place that you can repair.

    Also is more easy to buy a new stapler than fixing the stapler an it is more expensive


    The stapler is safety because you cannot get girt


    • Because you cannot put your finger were you staple

    • because the metal part that are the more dangerous are round so you cannot cut your self

    It is Ergonomic?

    Of the time that the stapler was created the stapler it been developing

    In safety mechanic and ergonomic.


    • Being more safety.

    • Reducing the shape and wait so there are more comfortable so you can transport.

    • Vein more comfortable like changing the shape of were you hold the stapler to the shape that is more comfortable for your hand.

    how he stapler evolution and how is now a days

    Of the creation of the stapler up to now a days the stapler evolution a lot.

  • First the stapler was a big machine that only very feud people have and don't have the same fanshion that we gave now a days to the stapler.

  • Then it reduce the size and only the companies have it

  • The size reduce and filly the people start having in the office or house, this one was heavy and no so comfortable.

  • Then there start viding more comfortable object for the workers so the stapler was changed for one more comfortable up to now a days

  • Now a days there are a lot of types of stapler for your choose.

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